HH Greggwill not honor reward card they sent for prior purchase

We Were not made aware the Reward/Rebate card they sent (That we got for purchasing our homes all new total Appliance Bundle package and Washer and Dryer) had an expiration date as we were told it was a, "Gift" for customer appreciation!
Excuse me but in my World HH Gregg, that is not honorable to all of a sudden declare a redemption limit on a gift you gave us for buying thousands of dollars from you! So $100.00 breaks you? What a scam. It's certainly not good business ethics.

I can say after purchasing several rental homes and redoing them in all HH Gregg bought appliances over several years, this never happened before ...so why would we think the card expired???

Much to Our dismay Our HH Gregg TV we bought a few yrs ago bit the dust out of warranty, and that happens and we were going to repurchase, of course, a brand new one happily with this, "Customer Reward for OUR LOYALTY" only to be meet with the teeny tiny expiration date of 6 months.

We still tried to work with HH Gregg to reissue the Reward or give extension as wasn't told of expiration and prior cards never expired but only to be curtly and rudely hung up on via phone and then thru their instant chat online on their website help section. So much for customer service or HH Greggs customer, "Loyalty"...hence we will avoid being, "LOYAL" to this company any further.

From now on We will take our business and $$$ to companies who wish to establish long term loyal customer satisfaction and relationships. Not too smart fiscally in a declining economy to lose such a loyal base HH Gregg. I see this company going bankrupt or reorganizing in near future, shame but I won't now lose sleep over it.


  • Wine Is Good Aug 26, 2016

    All rebates and reward cards have expiration dates. If it was a VIsa/MC or AMEX card, the expire date is on the card.

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