Hertz / dnr on my account because employee of hertz didn't turn in my gift certificate when I returned the car. he kept it.

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Years ago, about 5-7 years I do believe, we did a one way rental from Naples, Fl to Fort Myers. We were told there was no charge to drop off at the other airport but we were charged $200 for a one way rental drop off, of 35 miles away. I talked to the man in Naples and he gave me a gift certificate to pay for it in Fort Myers. We gave the gift certificate to the employee to pay for it and all was good. Then when we came to town the next time as we own two condos in Naples, there was a DNR on our account. We called regarding this and they said they were sorry but the employee who checked us in that day no longer worked for them, he was fired for theft. Well, we talked to Hertz to a manager and she said she was sorry and would make sure it was taken care of. Well that didn't happen as when we went to rent again around midnight we were turned down for the car and we ended paying over $100 for a hotel room and missed our event as we had no car. This has happened more than 3 times in the past few years. We stopped renting from Hertz because of this issue and because no one ever called us back from customer service. They sent us to collection and we sent all the paperwork to collection to show we didn't owe anything. Then about two years ago we were able to get the DNR finally taken off at Hertz. My husband for whom the DNR was on his account worked with the COO of Hertz and we are both very honest, giving, kind people who give thousands to charity every year, and he was able to get it removed. Well, here we are in Buffalo at midnight and we have a 50th Anniversary of a friend volunteering for Boy Scouts event and a 92nd birthday of my mother and low and behold they won't rent a car to him again. I am in one city waiting for him, and he now has to pay for a hotel again, he is exhausted as he flies daily as COO of Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread and again he can't rent a car, this time from Dollar. He also tried Thrifty and they also had a DNR on him because of Hertz who bought them. Today I finally got a number and talked to a lady who said, oh sorry there was one more step to remove the DNR and she could see they didn't finish it. We should be fine now In the meantime, we have had to pay for hotels, pay higher fees for our confirmed rentals as when we got there they wouldn't let us but they definitely let us reserve on line, and have missed some life events that has caused stress and tears and arguments due to Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty not taking car of business on their end and due to their employee stealing our gift certificate which we turned into them to pay the fee charged by the Naples rental car company of Hertz. We should be paid compensation and when I talked to a girl at Hertz today she basically said write to their customer relations of which I did a few years ago with a case number and no replies, no phone calls returned. This is very disturbing that a company like Hertz can put a family through all this stress due to their own employee stealing from us the customer. We have a credit rating of 830-860 at anytime and I was a police officer serving the public and also a Girl Scout volunteer for 33 years now. Where is the justice in all of this? They say it is removed now but I guess I have lost faith as I was told this before and when we go to rent it is still there. Where do I go for compensation on all the hotels we paid for, for the uncharges on other car rentals when we could get a car and for the stress and tears.
Bernard and Charmayne Platt

Feb 26, 2019

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