Hertzthrifty car rental spokane washington and purco fleet services

R Nov 16, 2018

Been on the phone with at least 4 different people with Thrifty numbers
including the supervisor at the Spokane location

Rented a car(Subaru) in 2017 or early 2018 - The car had extensive damage and also had the clear stickers denoting previous damage
I did take the time to denote the damage - thank heavens as a couple of weeks later I got a call that they were suing me for damages to the vehicle

Thank heavens I saved the damage slip I had filled out

Came back in May and rented another vehicle
Rental agreement Y36290623
White Jeep Renegade I believe

I walked around the vehicle as I usually do - looking for damage (dents or bad tires)
Not noting any damage that I might be charged for I went on my merry way

Upon returning the vehicle inspector saw a paint chip - Not a dent
I did tell them this was not caused by the driver

Imagine my surprise when once again I was being charged for something I as the driver did not do

I was at a long term jobsite where no cell phone service was available
I did contact Josh Krautner (PurCo Fleet Services) and let him know where I was.

I did file a claim through my credit card company to resolve this issue - Even though the paint chip was not the drivers fault.

I did tell him to send the information by Email that I needed to complete the claim through my credit card company - which give 90 days after the rental of the car to complete I believe

I did not receive the information requested until I got home from the remote job site well past my 90 days I had

additionally the pictures that I received from him show a much enlarged paint chip with a grease smear from the one that I took a picture of as I was dropping off the car

This is quite interesting don't you think?

I have spent more time on the phone being shuffled around
3 calls to thrifty - no one seems to care or is capable of getting me to someone who can help resolve this - last person gave me this website
1 call to supervisor at Spokane - Not his problem - call PurCo

PurCo - just wants money

now I did try to resolve this in a timely manner - Even though I don't believe that people should be charge for damage that was not incurred by the driver

Especially a paint chip
This in no way determines whether a vehicle is rentable at least in my opinion

I have been told that this mail will be taken seriously - I am going to hold my breath on this one

I have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with a lot of people that just want to say "this is not my problem"

The charges for the paint chip were:

268.08 for the paint chip
182.76 for loss of Use - I would like to know if the vehicle was fixed or is still currently in use and if it was fixed - were all the other vehicles rented out in the Spokane lot for the loss of use charge.
75.00 Administrative charge

soo in closing here is some additional information

Rental Agreement Number Y36290623
PurCo claim Number - 573413

Contact at PurCo
Josh Krautner

If I do not hear from anyone on this - I will more than likely pay for this
But in the future when renting a car I WILL not rent from Hertz, Dollar or Thrifty ever again or anyone affiliated with then EVER again at any location

Joel Christianson

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