Hertzstolen money and unknown bank holds

J Aug 01, 2018

I was in a car accident and totaled my car. Hertz was nearby and I needed a vehicle asap. I rented the vehicle on 7/21/18 and when and returned it 1/2 hr before closing on 7/30/18. I washed and vacuumed out the car right before returning it and forgot to take out $7 in quarters in the cup began raining and I was moving quickly to get my things out the car and into the building. Not long after I left, I realized I left the money and called but they were closed so I called first thing the next morning and was told there was no money left behind. The rep apologized and reiterated their policy of lack of responsibility for items left in the other words it doesn't matter they have a theft working for them. I'm concerned that the rep who inspected and moved the vehicle or the person doing the detailing of the car (I was told the car was currently being detailed during my call) took the money. It's truly not about the money, but about how this was handled and the fact that no one was concerned. To top things off...later that day I noticed two charges pending on my banking account, one for the exact amount of the rental and the other amount was for the rounded amount, both had two different release dates. I called customer service and was told the rounded amount was the hold I was responsible for and it would be released at some point. This was never explained to me, in fact I was told there would be a $50 hold and that it would take place at the time I picked up the rental ($37 was charged instead). The rep and her supervisor were unhelpful and also did not appear concerned...the supervisor (Mark) said it was my bank's fault. They also couldn't explain why the hold was placed on my account after the rental was dropped off and not during pick up. My finances are tied up in my attempt to purchase a new vehicle so details about the cost of the rental were critical and I asked all the right questions but was provided inaccurate information. I am very unhappy with Hertz and will never do business with them again.

I'd like a sincere apology, my money back, employees to be held accountable for stealing, for them to provide accurate information about what charges to expect & when to expect them, and for customer service to improve.

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