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S Sep 12, 2018

I was told to send this email to customer Relations because of the discrepancy with my bill. I rented car on May 17th and returned it on May 27th after receiving a flat on May 26 in the evening the tow truck guy did not get there until may 27th approximately may be 4 or 5 am in the morning (i have video of this) he towed the vehicle to JFK airport. I did not come and get a replacement vehicle being that I was returning it the same day anyway. I called Hertz roadside that same day or maybe customer service and was told that they could not view my bill But the lady assured me that the vehicle had been returned to JFK and had been rented To someone else. When I did get my bill days later I called on May 31st and spoke to a woman because I had concerns that the bill was too high I didn't realize at that time that I had been billed up until may 30th, 3 days after I had already returned the car. Because of Hertz mistake I wound up going over the limit on my credit card because Hertz kept billing me. Again I did not realize this until I try to use my card days later and there was a block on it. I called my bank MCU who told me they placed a block because of a charge from Hertz which was a over my limit. On June 8th 2018 myself and your customer service reps and the administrator from my bank were all 3 on a conference call the customer rep. told me that I had been billed up until may 30th which was a Wednesday I told her that the car had been returned Sunday, may 27th she was able to verify that On my account with Hertz as she was able to see that the vehicle had been towed and I was billed for 3 days in error she issued credits that day approximately $400 and something dollars That same day. When the administrator that was on the phone with us, from MCU, told her that they had processed a charge back she said that she had TO remove the credits at that time. since that day my bank and Hertz have been working on my account so I've been told. Neither Hertz or my bank MCU took into consideration that I had been billed up until may 30th. Therefore this bill probably would probably show a credit of those charges from May 27th to May 30th. So monies that were given to Hertz by my bank MCU are in fact incorrect. If you see the attached bill the date is showing may 30th as the return date and so are all the charges therefore showing I have a balance. This has been an ordeal and I patiently waited for you guys to rectify this for it to be the same results that led us to a charge back and me going over the limit on my credit card card to begin with. My summer has been ruined by this. I feel like I was victimized twice once by Hertz because you kept billing me for a car I no longer had and then by my bank MCU because the representative that was on the phone during the conference call On June 8th never put notes IN my bank account so whoever was working with Hertz to rectify this situation did not know that I was due credits of approximately 400 plus dollars. I have not received any correspondence from Hertz during this whole time the bill that I attached I have because the representative that I spoke with a few days ago emailed that to me. Nowhere on this bill does it show you guys received $1060.30 from MCU for this Bill. Then to top it off The bill says I owe you another 200 and plus dollars. Please can someone look into this thoroughly before I'm sent collections, as I was told by your representative the other day. And please rightfully credit me as I should be. Had notes been placed in my bank account and this rental agreement account by both my bank and the Hertz representative that was on the phone with us on June 8th the credits would have been reissued correctly, I would not have a balance, And I would not have to be dealing with this Still. Please someone help me also I prefer that I be contacted via phone In regards to this issue, I can be reached at [protected] anytime after 12pm EST. Thank you and I look forward to your quick response. PLEASE I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO REACH IT TO THE BBB FOR SOMETHING THAT IS A QUICK FIX SUCH AS DATES!!

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    I forgot to add that I sent this email almost a month ago and as of date I have still not received a phone call or an email other than the generated one I received when I sent this email that started I would get a response in 5 to 10 business days...
    If I don't hear a response by the end of this week I will be going to The BBB, MY LAWYER, AND I WILL BLAST HERTZ ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA telling people rent at your own risk and have groups of people protest and boycott all of the hertz businesses starting with the locations that caused this to screw up to begin with.

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