Hertzrental car booking no. [protected]_volvo v90_ car plate no. ai33779

N Jan 02, 2020

Dear Sir,

My name is Mr. Nuttajak, I have rented a car from Hertz company from Geneva airport, Booking No: [protected]. we got Volvo V90 instead of GLC model (See photo No.1 and No.2), we drove to Hotel Les Arolles in Lyon and stayed that hotel for 3 nights. After parking the cars for 3 nights, we checked out on Dec 30 and need to drive to check-in at Ritz Carlton hotel in Geneva, and this is the beginning of disappointing story of Hertz service as follow;

TimeLine on Dec 30 ;

10.30 am: We found that the car could not start, seem like the car and remote key could not be connected.

11.00 am: We think the battery in the remote key may be dead, we managed to change the battery in the remote key, unfortunately, it still not working.

11.15 pm : We informed the staff of the Hotel Les Arolles to help to contact Hertz at +410844804200, but no one picked up the phone even though this number is 24 Hr Emergency roadside assistance (imagine if this is a real accident, how to get support from Hertz, very disappointed.)

11.24 am: I start using my phone to call to +41 044212 2626 as shown from my Photo No.7_ My Phone Screen, luckily one staff pick up the phone and link me to Hertz office in France at the number: +33800824824

12.00 Pm: the hotel staff assist me to call to Hertz in France and the staff start to put our case in file/folder and informed us that they will send someone to come to the hotel within around one to one and a half Hr, and will call to my mobile phone number at +[protected]. At that time I feel that the problem is going to be solved soon and feel safe.

02.00 Pm: after two Hour, nobody contacted me and I start worried due to I need to have a long drive to Geneva which take me around 2 and half hr to reach there, my destination is to check-in at Ritz Carlton hotel in Geneva and I tried to reach the hotel asap.

02.00 Pm -03.00 Pm: I called to Hertz almost 20 times(see photo No. 7), keep asking them to update me on the truth that were they sending someone to me??
I did request them to give me a name and mobile number of Hertz staff who are coming, in order for me to contact them directly. One conversation, Hertz staff told me that the guy named Mr. Herpin was assigned and coming to see me, surprisingly I called Mr. Herpin and he told me he was not the one to come, I felt exhaust with Hertz, also very upset and feel that my patient was expired.

03.00 Pm: I talked to hotel staff that I cannot wait and cannot count on Hertz staff anymore, hotel staff help me to contact one garage which near to the hotel to fix the problem for me.

03.10- 03.45 Pm: within 10 minutes, the staff from the garage arrived to the car and help me to connect engine battery and also change the 12 V battery in the trunk, they charged me in total 380 Euro for this service (See photo No.3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 for the information)

Jan 1, 2020 till today: we found another problem, the display shown the tyre pressure low (see photo No.8), I already top up the tyre pressure at the petrol station, but this also very annoy me when driving the car, I got 5 years old daughter in the car and who is going to respond if any accident occur.

In Conclusion:

on the above explanation and clarification, I would say that I was extremely disappointed on Hertz service and support, I would request Hertz to refund me the battery changing cost at 380 Euro and also refund me all the rental cost at 43, 135.10 Baht. Please confirm back to me by this email: [protected] or Mobile No: +[protected]. Any further information required, you can contact me at any time.

Nuttajak A.

Email : [protected]
Mobile No: +[protected]


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