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Reviews and Complaints

HertzLost and Found

I recently rented a vehicle from your company on 21 Jan 20 through 15 Jan at your Las Vegas airport location. Long story short I left my golf clubs in the trunk of the blue Malibu rental car (RR #[protected] lost item #[protected]). I fully understand and take responsibility for my oversight leaving them in the trunk but... I called your Lost and Found and was treated badly and like your company no longer needs my business. I simply asked "if the cleaners clean the trunk prior to renting vehicles back out to other customers?" I was told very rudely "cleaners are NOT required to clean the trunk, armrest or glove box." So, I said to her "if someone left 17 pizza boxes and an arm in the trunk Hertz would be ok with renting that same vehicle back out to the next customer?" She again said "cleaners are not required to clean the trunk." I asked her to take down a note for me and simple said "unbelievable!" After hanging up and thinking about it a bit more I began to get more frustrated about how I was treated and the thought of her telling me "cleaners do not clean the trunk" that I am writing this complaint and follow-on reviews right now. You Hertz deserve better and I as a Gold member customer surely deserve better treatment. Lastly, they list a local phone number but no ever answers the phone (you call now and see). I started to call their local number soon after I realized I left my clubs with NO answer. I completed a lost and found report that night and continued to call back with NO answer. I am completely disappointed in your customer service and Lost and Found contract personnel. It is a direct reflection on you and your treatment of customers. Again, it is unreal that I am being told "they can not find my clubs there and I will have to wait up to 30 days for them to "show up."

Hertz Rentalbogus charges

I have been a Gold Member with Hertz for years, and have never experienced the issue of being overcharged excessively, until now. Getting to a Customer Service Rep. for probelem resolution is SO difficult. Hold times in excess of 30 minutes, yet to make a reservation takes less than 5 seconds, once you get past the annoying automated system that goes on and on. Nevertheless, always had NO issues with my rentals, fees, etc. I recently rented a vehicle for under one day, pre paid for fuel charges, was quoted a rate of approimately $216 for one day, unlimited miles, AAA discount, etc. I returned the vehicle to the 24 hour Hertz Location, and usually greeted by someone who will print and issue a receipt. This time, there was no one around, four others were returning their vehicles as well. There was a Hertz representative that waved over to all of us, but never came over to provide receipts. Long story short, I was charged an additional $237 to my credit card, with NO explanation as to why, until I called Hertz the next day. I was told that I would be credited back $118 however, this would STILL not explain why I was still being overcharged by over $200. It has been HELL getting in touch with ANY live person at this location, to discuss resolution, despite my leaving v/m after v/m. This not only put a bad taste in my mouth, but taught me a lesson as well. If anyone reading this can learn anything from this, NEVER leave without a receipt in hand. Totally my fault, however, I just had no idea that such a reputable company would gauge with excessive prices because they saw the clear to do so (no receipt). There's nothing that can explain their rationale with charging me well over the charges quoted. What's worse, is that it's taking FOREVER to hear back from anyone to explain any of this to me. Renting from Hertz is easy, they've always provided me with nice, clean vehicles to rent. I would suggest never having any issue of any kind, as it is apparent that their Customer Service and ability to reach someone for probelem resolution is non existent. VERY disappointed!