Hertzother charges


I rented a vehicle from 8/26-8/28 from Chicago Midway Airport Rental Agreement [protected] upon receiving my emailed receipt I noticed a $100. charge. I called & was told it was because I was smoking in the vehicle, I DON'T Smoke and no one was w/me. So I rented a vehicle from Chicago O'hare airport 10/21-10/24 Rental Agreement [protected] upon receiving me emailed receipt I noticed a $300 charge. I called & was told the vehicle was dirty, but before leaving the drop off and upon inspection I was told ashes was on the carpet a manager was called out because those were not ashes those were Pebbles from the parking lot of my job. The only time I have other charges added to a rental is when I return my vehicles to either one of our airports. Whenever I rent a vehicle from within the city limits and return it I never have a problem with extra charges, something needs to be done, someone needs to go out and see what is going on at these airport facilities . I will be writing the Better Business Bureau and I will be writing an letter to send to the Chicago Sun-Times.

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