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I was in car accident. MY insurance called in reservation, FAYETTEVILLE GA location. I pick my rental up on 10/29/2018, vehicle was nice and clean. Next day 10/30/2018 I was called to bring vehicle back for exchange I guess for maintance. Fayetteville location didn't have any more vehicles so I was sent to the Morrow GA location. I was told it was being replace with another SUV, that didn't happen instead we was given a nissian Altima, It was super nasty inside and out. We had to get to work so we didn't have the time to wait another hour. We get to work open up trunk and find someones whole bag of garbage on top of car being dirty. Then a tire pressure light pops on and its past the date of oil change. This is very very bad customer service,

car rental
car rental
car rental


  • [email protected] Jun 28, 2019

    I rented from Hertz in West Valley City Utah I originally had reserved it for 3 1/2 weeks I was keeping it son and u only had been able to see or hang out in the rental car.everything in my power of trying to build credit to purchase my own vehicle I've been divorced 20 years.i had spoken to the associate, the car was very lare being returned.i do recieve social security disability benifets at the time 16 months in total id been receiving benifits.. I went to a job interview I was homeless at the time staying at my x husband and sons home, police knocked on door and arrested me for thieft of a rental vehicle the local police had driven back to the local Hertz offuce.i went to jail 72 hours 3 days no charges were filed I was released.90 days later I was residing in the back of a vehicle and called the police to only assist me in going to my mother's address to pick up mail.she dont get my life a great woman and very sweet daughter.she is a lucky mom.but police come arrest me again for the same theft of a rental vehicle I was not transported to a court date for a protective order retained buy my mother and a police precuent was at that matter and not 1 time was a police number or case number gaven.i was asked to come back at later time.i sat in jail for 21 days before it was dismissed without prejiduce.i was facing 0 to 5 years and left my debit card phone number address and I'm from this city born n raised never been in trouble 1 time 9 years earlier.but huge I missed court date have to wait 4 years to speak to my children.or hire attorney. It damaged me.and with the mental illness I suffer jail was the last thing I needed.

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