Hertzcar rental

E Aug 06, 2018

I did not encounter a problem until I learned the credit card I had on file had been used in VA therefore Capital one close that account an issued me another credit card which would take 3-5 business days. I immediately call Thrifty to give them another card because I needed to extend my care rental. The lady explain she could not take a new card via phone or extend the rental. She stated I would have to return to Love Field (Thrifty) to update the information and add another card. I went into Thrifty on Sunday and spoke with Anant . I told Avant what happen and he told me he could not accept a new card until the account was closed. He said he would note the account and I could keep the car until Monday 8/6. I asked him again was he sure it would be ok. Anant assured me everything was fine because he made notes in the account. Anant went on to tell me to go on line and joint the club because I can receive free car rental. Because Anant customer service was outstanding I ask him to spell his name so I can give him good marks on the survey. Anant wrote his name and his coworker Jim on my rental agreement. I left the Thrifty with no worries because I was sure Anant had solved the issues when I left there on Sunday. Well a few days later I received a recorded message stating the car was 4 days pass due and it was URGENT that I return the care Immediately. The message were left in the late evening therefore making it impossible to contact them because of the conflicts in our schedule. On Friday 8/3 morning I went to work late so I could call the number left on the voicemail. Shortly after 8:00 AM I call the Vehicle Control Department and spoke with AL. I explained to Al that I had been into Thrifty on Sunday and Anant had made notes in the account and told be he could not add a new card but I was good to keep the car until 8/6. Al went on to explained what I needed to do which was return to Thrifty and have them to correct the rental agreement. I explained to Al that it was one young lady in the office from my observation was extremely rude. Al ask me to call from Thrifty if they refuse to update the account. I did what was asked of me and return to Thrifty. I park the car so it would interfere with the day to day operation but as I was rudely asked upon entrance by Karen was this my personal car. I politely said no. As waited in line I was hoping that I was not going to get her to assist me with my problem. Well I got Karen. . I began to explain to Karen the situation and she said I do not care what they said on Sunday that I could not keep the car. I ask her to read the notes that was left my Anant, Avant was working with a customer but I ask the young lady why don't you read the notes and honor was told to me. Instead going back and forward with Karen I said let me step out of line and let you help the next customer so your line will continue move forward. I step out of line call Al. I got back in line and told Karen Al from the controller's office would like to speak with you. She gave me a horrible stare but took the phone. AL and Karen had a conversation shortly after Karen handed the phone back to be with Al still on the phone. Al told me that Karen would update my account. Karen began to rudely tell me she had to close out first account and reopen another account. I said that will be fine as long as I am getting the same weekly rate. As long as she was talking with Al she use a pleasant voice but the as soon as soon as Al was off the phone she became her rude self. Before hanging up Al told me Karen will update the account. Karen began to explain she had to close out the current account and reopen another account for the remaining days. I said fine as long as you are using the same weekly rate. She said in now what is her normal rude voice with me is I cannot honor the same rate I ask for her manager again in which I learned she lied because her manager was there the entire time. Because of the treatment and the run around I call the Controller's Office and this time spoke with Ashley. Prior to Ashley getting on the phone Karen manager Solomon was not going to honor the current rate of my rental. I ask Solomon why was I not given the manager when I asked for one. I also asked why would you not talk to the person whom enter the notes and told me all the wrong information prior to you letting him leave. By the time I was talking with Ashley I as in tears. I was hungry, tired and felt not human to be treated the way Karen and Solomon treated me .After Ashley spoke with Solomon he update the account but his too behavior toward me left a bad taste in my mouth, I told him and Karen need training if they are going to continue to work with the public. Solomon charge my credit card incorrectly. He charge my credit card $672.00 and my Statement of charges says $598.27. I will dispute this charge. Not Only do I get the WORST treatment /Poor Customer Service put NOW you want to OVER Charge Me. I feel Karen and Solomon violated my rights as a human. I hope they both receive training prior to serving the public. I have the rental car until Friday and truly hope I do not encounter either one of them. In would like to thank Al although I think Karen made you think it was me. I wish I had recorded the entire ordeal. It was a nightmare at Thrifty. I would really like to thank you Ashley because without your help I am sure I would still there are in the hospital for hungry, fatigue, low blood sugar to name a few.

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