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My reservations with Hertz at the Atlanta airport have been changed from the time I made the reservation to the time I picked up the car 3 times out of the last 4 times I rented with them. I made a reservation for a 4 day stint and got a rate of $201 for the week on the reservation with my clear arrival time in the reservation, tied to my arriving flight. I arrived on time, went to pick up the car, but it wouldn't start so I picked up the rental agreement to go to the office to get another car. To my amazement the rental agreement hanging on my mirror waiting for me was for $155 per day for my economy car reservation!!!!

Since I"d found previously that they'd increased rates without notice to $144 and several other times over $120 a day, for ecomony cars, I should have checked and complained before driving off. However, I thought the point of being a Gold customer was that you got quick and accurate in and out!?
MY conclusion is that at least the Atlanta Hertz is screwing around with the rates and using bogus upgrades and other bait and switch techniques to increase their profits and that you can't trust Hertz to deliver what they promised in the reservation.

Their Customer Support people gave me a bogus response saying that the reservation was based on a 4 day rental and the time of arrival made it a 3 day rental, even though I arrived when I said I would, and that they adjusted the rate accordingly. Of course they didn't tell me of their action, and my reservation was for their cheapest car, and economy car, and they NEVER, NEVER rent for anything close to $155 per day.

I refused the rental and walked across the street to Budget and got a car for $45 a day as a walk in.
DON'T TRUST HERTZ!!! They will HURT you.


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    silveriosierra Dec 02, 2019

    Hertz in Katy (Houston) posted this vehicle below as available for purchase with an option to purchase online which I did, last night.

    Now they are telling me the car is not available (it really does not exist, they are using a stock picture), the salesperson insisting I come to see other similar models, same year, very similar mileage, but all for 2-3 K$ more.

    It is shameful to see Hertz falling this low... gone from premier to sleazy, not to be trusted, disgusted...

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