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veranda magazine

I am a professional who only pays professional/discounted rates and, I always pay upfront. I keep getting past due notices stating that my "renewal" is overdue. They keep getting more and more aggressive and now have become bullying. I have written them back, I have responded to their emails, I went online and "cancelled" subscription as suggested by customer service, and just today, Saturday 12/5 I received another aggressive and bullying email. Again, I sent a response explaining that not only did I not renew, but based on my experience with Veranda I will never renew this magazine again. Veranda is the only Magazine I have ever had this issue with. Both letters will now be turned over to my attorney. I have asked them to stop and they won't. VERANDA Service Alert. Pay now. PAYMENT NOW DUE ! YOUR ACCOUNT REMAINS UNPAID. PLEASE PAY NOW. MAGAZINE VERANDA TERM 1 Year AMOUNT NOW DUE $24.00 PAY MY BILL NOW Secured with SSL encryption GO GREEN! PAY ONLINE. It's the faster, easier, greener choice. Dear SHARON L CASHION, Several months ago your subscription was renewed for VERANDA. Unfortunately, we have NOT received payment for your subscription. As much as we want to keep you as a subscriber, unless we receive a prompt payment from you we will be required to terminate your account. Once we receive your payment, your subscription will be reinstated and your account restored to good standing. PAY MY BILL NOW › HEARST magazines If you prefer not to receive emails regarding the status of your Veranda subscription, click here. If you have questions regarding your VERANDA subscription, please visit our Customer Service Site. Do not reply to this email. VERANDA is a publication of Hearst Magazines Division, Hearst Communications, Inc. ©2015 300 W. 57th St. New York, NY [protected] Privacy Policy B1511DA0G This email was sent by: CDS Global, 1901 Bell Ave. Des Moines, IA 50315 US On behalf of: Hearst, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY, [protected] US I actually also did the "click here" to receive no further emails and, of course, it stated "their is a problem" and offered a Windows email to send my issue to-which I did. I only ever order a magazine through Publisher's Clearinghouse or on my own. Again, I always pay in full, in advance, I NEVER asked to be billed which is what they are doing. I have asked for proof where I renewed and they cannot show me. I also have a bill a received which I don't know how to get onto this email. I DID NOT RENEW VERANDA AND NEVER WILL PURCHASE THIS MAGAZINE again. And, when all of my other Hearst subscriptions run out I will stop them also. Sincerely, Sharon Cashion [protected]

  • Katland Kat Oct 01, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay I went online and put my name in for a contest that said no perchance needed
    Next thing I know I am getting a bill for a magazine I can not afford on my income and really if want to read a magazine I go to the doctors office
    So I want my account canceled and I returned your magazine with a note saying do not want ...didn't even read the magazine
    No matter what I do I can not seem to reach you to stop this
    I refuse to pay a bill on something I did not want
    End of story here just stop billing me for something didn't want and sent back with a note to cancel on top of that the same day I did the contest I got an email saying sending magazine ...I right away sent a reply back on the email saying this was not what I wanted. I have done everything I can except call but I am deaf so can't do that
    Listen to me ...I do not want the magazines and will not pay when you are not addressing my concerns on not wanting magazines or a bill I can not afford to pay

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payment charged in us dollars instead of candian dollars

I was offered a subscription to Country Living for $12.95 with an offer to pay a further $5 to receive another magazine. I paid this via Visa. This offer was mailed to my home in Canada and at the bottom of the form it states that the offer is only good in Canada. I mailed this form to an address in Markham, Ontario. There was nothing on the form about US dollars. When I received my Visa, the amount had been charged in US dollars, therefore, resulting in an exchange rate being charged. When I contacted the magazine to complain about this occurring. The email I received stated that their information states I paid $12.95 plus the $5 and to contact my credit card company if an exchange rate was paid. I replied noting that if the charge was made in USD obviously they were going to charge an exchange rate and that it had nothing to do with them. I noted that they would have other customers in Canada and each time they were charging in USD without telling customers it was fraud. I received no answer to that email. I have since sent another one asking them to cancel and to provide a full refund.

magazine subscription

This subscription service is by far the biggest group of bullies ever known. It's deceptive, it'...

unordered magazines

for the past year i have been receiving many magazines i never ordered and receiving bills for them i have...

fraudulent orders

My daughter and I ordered online through a company called QSP, which partners with schools to have part of...

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receiving magazines I didn't order

I keep receiving the Good Housekeeping Magazine every year without ordering them. I receive a bill in the mail to pay for it. There is no phone number, email to ask them to stop sending me this. I have not read this magazine for the last year, I give it to the local library. The last bill, I wrote on it and sent it out say I did not reorder this magazine, I will not pay for it and please stop sending it to me. I do not understand how they can just assume I want this magazine every year. Pretty BOLD of them, it looks like to me their company is not doing well so they just will keep sending the bill / magazine and people will just have to accept it. Well I am not going to. I would like this company to email that they have stopped sending me this magazine and will not bother me again. And I'm sorry would not hurt either. What every you can do would be a great help. I am sure there are other people out there with this same issue.

  • Ch
    chris moss Feb 15, 2012

    i have similar situation with everyone who is complaining with House Beautiful, i post on their facebook page and they have replied that it is part of their continuous subscription so readers don;t miss an issue. i do not like how they just continue without asking me. the worst part is their invoice are just mean and demanded money.
    anyway, they have provided this page and if you go on that, type in your info and you can see when you start your subscription and you can cancel the subscription. its actually very easy to cancell online.

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invoice for magazine not ordered

I received an Invoice in the mail from this Company thanking me for my order! And welcoming me to Popular...

sending magazines I did not order

I did not reorder the Redbook but when I have ordered the redbook I pay in advance, and never order any...

rodale books not accepting return

I had placed an order in March for some cookbooks and some fitness DVDs. Rodale’s offer, a very common one, was 21 days to preview with the option to return and nothing owed.

So, I returned an order via US Postal Service Priority Mail (2 day service) with Tracking and Signature Confirmation on April 6, 2010. (This was well before the 21 days was up.) It arrived at their post office on April 8, 2010 and has been sitting there since waiting for someone from Rodale to pick it up and sign for it.

The USPS Tracking number is: [protected] 08. The return shipping cost me $12.15.

Upon speaking with THEIR Post Office, I was told that Rodale was notified that this package needs to be picked up and signed for but that no one has yet bothered to retrieve it. I was also told that the items will be returned to me should no one pick up the items within 15 days of delivery.

Therefore, the post office will return the items to me after that time period, on or about April 23, 2010. If they think I’m going to pay for another return, they are very, very mistaken. In the meantime, I keep getting bill upon bill in the mail to pay for these items.

I have made numerous calls to their customer service department and they are like robots – telling me that it can take 4 weeks for items to be received – what?? I have tracking to prove it is sitting at their post office waiting for someone to pick it up. Because of this I also refused delivery of two other items. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I never knew this company was so unethical. Buyers beware!

  • Ro
    Rodale Customer Service Feb 25, 2011

    We are following up because we are concerned that we did not resolve your issue to your satisfaction.
    We sent you a letter on April 28th stating we cancelled the bill and removed you from our promotional mailings. Please contact us if you need further assistance. Your complete satisfaction is very important to Rodale.
    Rodale Customer Service

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they continue to ship unordered books

Rodale keeps sending me books that I have not ordered. I have received duplicates of many of their books and they are agressively mailing me bills for these books. I have written three times to them requesting them to stop mailing me anything but I still get books. What agency handles such unethical fraudulent business practices? Has anyone ever successfully stopped Rodale or received a credit from them?

  • Mc
    mcneillmama3 Aug 30, 2019

    Same here. They are phishing if you go on to look at free articles they post on exercise or nutrition, etc, somehow Hearst Media gets enough of you information to start mailing you books and DVDs. They sent me an exercise DVD for women over 40. I did n't order it. It was something that kept popping up as I was browsing a free article about exercise routines. I kept clicking to remove the pop up, but they sent me the DVD without me even ordering it. Now I'm getting a bill from them. I filed my own complaint on the BBB and this complaint board. I won't pay the bill. Also they did not supply me with a postage paid mailer to return in their "40 days" policy

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subscription scam

I am so sick of the Hearst Magazine Corp. I received 4 subscriptions with them as a birthday gift. I canceled the subscriptions before the automatic renewal and am now constantly getting their bullying letters trying to trick me into resubscribing. The latest one stating "Your delinquent account with us has been brought to my attention for collection. . . .Take a moment now to settle your obligation with us. . . " I have no obligation with them and despite liking their magazines doubt I will subscribe with them ever again and their letters that are on the brink of harassement.

  • Db
    DB2010 Mar 01, 2011

    Do the same as I do with that kind of junk mail. Use their own postage paid envelopes to send a note back to them stating that you do not desire to re-subscribe & to remove your name & address from their mailing list.
    It won't take long for them to get tired of paying postage for nothing & they will stop. Its always works for me.

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  • Sp
    Special777 Mar 01, 2011

    Hearst magazine did the same to me and I payed over the internet, I am not going to pay another thin dime and they can send the mazagines where they please. I payed $5.99 for a year and another $5.99 for a second year. I blame credit companies for putting things on a person's credit at the drop of a hat. So please be careful what you order and if you order anything, get a prepaid card for the exact amount.
    Thanks, Jade6

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  • Co
    cowboy6789 Sep 28, 2011

    I received an offer for Popular Mechanics (Hearst Magazine) for 1 year for $5. When I switched to their Canadian offer the price changed from $5 to $12 a year or $20 for 2 years. After completing the subscription process for a 2 year ($20) subscription (checking the option to pay later) the price changed to $30. I recently received a bill in the mail for the $30 which stated the subscription was for ONE year. So during the subscription process they went from $12 ayear to $30 a year! Needless to say I cancelled the magazine!

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  • Po
    Potterygirl Mar 22, 2014

    I originally ordered a renewal and two Holiday Gift Subscription offers for my mother and ex mother-in-law. To date my family members have NEVER rec.'d their issues, and now they are sending threatening / nasty collection letters to both members for Country Living magazine. What a scam that needs to be stopped. No wonder they are a $9 Billion company!!!

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false delinquent charges

My mother ordered a spanish language book about home remedies. It was sent on a trial basis with 3 smaller books that were to be kept as gifts if the book was returned. I returned the book within 3 wks instead of the 4 that I was told I had to try the book out. I have postal proof that the book was received; however, she continued to received bills for the amount of the book. The statements did not include a telephone # nor any other contact information. As far as I know, every reputable company has a dedicated customer service department and/or some type of contact information.

In addition, she has now begun to receive notices from a "collection agency" named North Shore Agency, which according to the complaints on this board, also seems to be a bogus agency.

Buyers beware. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH RODALE BOOKS. They do not stand by any guarantee that they offer. I hope that by my posting here, it will prevent others from the headaches and inconveniences that I'm incurring.

unsolicited books

Look, if you want them to pay for return shipping, all you have to do is call the number on your bill, enter your account number (on the bill) when prompted, then select the return option and then the automated system will mail you a return envelope. Mine better come with postage paid. And if they try to charge me a late fee...

subcription service patment request

We are receiving invoice for magazine subscription that terminated several months ego. We have not received magazines for long time. I have replayed by mail to PO Box 6093 Harlan, Iowa ( the address on the invoice) to the Hearst Corp subscription service advising that no further magazines are desired, and that any subscription for future magazines must be canceled. There is no phone or address on the collection letter to contact this company and stop this type of harassment letters to collect $19.97 for services that we don't want.

  • Ky
    Kyle McKenna Jul 01, 2014

    This is a Hearst magazine "subscription" scam. They're fully aware that you didn't renew your subscription, but they pretend that you did so that they can lodge a claim against you for money. NOTHING you can say or do will get them to stop, at least for the first year. They're hoping people will capitulate and send them money to stop their dunning letters & attacks upon your credit rating. Some way to save their dying business model, huh.

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  • Wa
    Watsh Rajneesh Jul 12, 2014

    I too am in the same boat. For me it is coming from PO Box 5474, Harlan, Iowa on behalf of Forbes magazine. Each time they send me some Forbes Photography magazine and state that i had subscribed for that. I have no interest for photography so why will i ever do that. And i too dont see any phone number to contact them. Anyway i will wait to see what they do next.

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subscription fraud, contest fraud

i entered a contest. i chose to NOT subscribe to their magazine. After submitting, it gave me a screen that i...

continuous service program

i received a letter with an invoice attached stating that i had chose to be part of a CONTINOUS SERVICE...

auto renewal

It only takes 2 injured parties to establish a class - I'm sure many others would jump on if suit was filed. Auto renewing subscriptions to which they have no signature and then sending threatening collection letters is a sleazy business practice. If any attorney wishes to take them on, you can contact me through this forum!

  • Je
    jenellen8781 Jan 31, 2010

    I am getting billed for Cosmopolitan magazine that I did not order. I do not know who to contact to straighten this out. I am recieving multiple invoices for a 2010 subscription and I never signed up. So frusterating!

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renewal scam

I received an email notice telling me that I would receive a renewal notice in the mail for Oprah Magazine. It simply said if I did not want to renew to write "decline" across it and return it. Today I received a BILL for my renewal THANKING ME for agreeing to renew. I am so angry about this kind of SCAM and the fact that it was issued by Hearst Corp. I suppose this is one way that Oprah is collecting all of her millions! No wonder she can afford to give away cars. I Will Never Ever subscribe to anything ever again. I think this is one of the dirtiest ways of duping people. They are preying upon people who are not paying attention and that think they have no way of fighting it. I will see these people in hell before I fork over any money to Hearst or Oprah. I will never touch anything that has Oprah's name on it and I am going to take all the back issues I have and DUMP them in a recycle bin. DO YOU HEAR ME OPRAH?? YOU and your company of SCAM ARTISTS are horrible and you hide behind all that stuff you say you do out of the goodness of your are such a phony! AND one other thing...all that "FAVORITE" stuff you list every month is way too expensive for the average person. You and your extravagant lifestyle ...bought by people like me who were stupid enough to listen to you. AND by the way...your friend Gayle KIng is another phony. There is no way that woman would have ever gotten her own radio show if she didn't have you as a friend. I have vented enough. NOW... stop taking advantage of people!!!

books not ordered

Received: Threat to My Credit Letter for books that I never ordered, something alomst like this happened with my last subscription to Mens Health, I spoke to a sales rep about weather or not their was a 2010 calender included with a renewed subscription; I was told no, so I did not renew my subscription.
Sometime later I received a new copy of mens health, I thought it was a gift copy so I did not think any more about it.
A month or more later I get a "reminder letter that my account to past due, I paid the fee for 2010, but this will not happen again, nor will I be intimidated into sending these people $43.29 for some books that I never ordered, or read for that matter.
I have enjoyed Mens Health, but I will not be renewing for 2011, and I definitly will not call to ask any questions.

how to get around the scam

I received the 2010 Mens Health Total Fitness Guide a while back. Since then i have received numerous invoices demanding that i pay for the book (which i never requested) or be turned over to collections. I have emailed my states Attorney General and am waiting to hear back from them. BUT, i did call Rodale's customer service and specifically asked for a prepaid envelope be sent to me so that i can return the book. The girl on the other end of the line said they would have one shipped there in two weeks and didn't try to heckel me or anything for the money. I've had this book for a good 3-4 months too...

Just thought i'd give everyone else a heads up. Maybe this method will work for more people. I cancelled my Men's Health subscription about 2 months back as well.

  • Fo
    ForYahshua Jul 12, 2010

    Yes, I called for a prepaid label right after I received the book "Natural Fat Loss Pharmacy" that I ordered for a free 21 day trial. I decided not to pay over $40.00 for this book because I learned very little that I did not know already. Also, there was a large section on preplanned meals which I do not ever follow. When I retrieved the package that it came in, I found it completely stuck together! My hubby helped me to use a warm hair dryer to unstick the insides so that I could mail back this book. (I could have avoided this by sticking another book in the mailer to keep it open.) I just wanted to share this hint. The book "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss is the best health book I have ever found (many pages!) It can be ordered for very littl new or used on eBay or Amazon.
    Wishing you the blessing of vibrant health!

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  • Ed
    Edgar Vilchis Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing happened to me. I called the 800 number and opted for the return lables. It has been about a month since I returned the book. Today I received another invoice indicating a four dollar late fee will be added.

    I never ordered the mens health book. E.A.V. Urbana, Ilinois

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  • Ba
    Barbara Fazzino Sep 14, 2017

    I have been receiving book that i did not order the first ones i sent back, but i am dealing with a family medical problems and do not need this now i am not returning anymore material and i am informing my lawyer. I have asked you not to send me anymore writing I going to talk to anyone that will listen to me about your business praticies . This must STOP

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