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Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] Complaints & Reviews

Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] / vacation stop/start

Sep 06, 2019

Thomas Snead 2452 Old Forge Court Marietta, GA 30062 I have tried every way I see to get to the vacation stop-start notification. I will stop the printed paper delivery on September 11, 2019 and restart the printed paper delivery on September 19, 2019. Your System? doesn't make it easy to...

[Resolved] Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] / sunday paper delivery

Sep 23, 2018

Here we go again, 2 weeks in a row and 3 times within 1 1/2 months the Sunday paper has not been delivered and it is now12:30pm. I called twice today about the paper and was told it would be redelivered but that is just to pacify me. There was a paper delivered down the street but somehow...

Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] / obituary: william allen moon

Jun 15, 2018

The obituary for my grandfather William Allen Moon that was put into the newspaper and online wasn't proof read before publicizing. There are so many typos in it. Absolutely absurd. Also, the grandchildren were put in with the brothers and sisters. Grandchildren; Amanda Mae & Chris Cannon and...

Atlanta Journal Constitution [AJC] / delivery

Mar 25, 2018

It's 8:15 on Sunday morning. I'm still waiting for my paper. I don't understand why the morning paper deliveries arrive midway through the morning. People want to start their day with the paper. I'm about to cancel my subscription because: --You forced me into a five day...

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) / atlanta journal constitution will not stop delivering paper to my house

Jan 12, 2018

Since September 2017 I have been getting the AJC thrown into my yard. I have called them and emailed them about this but the papers keep coming! I want them stopped! I did not order the service and do not pay for the service but they keep coming. I have called the customer service number [protected]...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Delivery Service

Oct 23, 2015

Two mistakes this week. (1) On Oct18 they were supposed to deliver an AJC and a NYT; instead they delivered two AJCs. (The NYT came a day later after I called their circulation office) (2) On Oct23 (today) they were supposed to deliver an AJC and delivered a WSJ instead. Please tell them...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution / delivery problems

Jan 06, 2013

I am tired of the AJC carrier not delivering my Sunday New York Times about 1 out of every 4 Sundays. They have a contractual obligation with the NY Times to provide this service, but they do not do it consistently. I have contacted the NY Times many times about this, but they cannot do...

Atlanta Journal Constitution / Dangerous Driver delivering papers


I was exiting my house with my dogs this morning at 7 AM and saw one of AJC's drivers speeding down my street backwards. He came within inches of hitting one of my dogs. I told him to slow down and turn around and go in the right direction and he totally ignored my request and kept...

Ajc Reach / littering


The AJC REACH has been littering the sidewalks and streets of my city for many months now and I'm over it!! We have asked them nicely to use another means of distributing their flyers but they insist on hiiring people who drive down the street and throw them on the sidewalk and street...

Atlanta Journal Constitution / Ajc Reach / AJC REACH Polluting Neighborhood


Atlanta Journal Constitution / Ajc ReachAJC is littering Lakes at Cedar Grove subdivision with the AJC Reach solicitations despite residents' repeated request that AJC stop throwing the solicitations in the streets, driveways, vacant homes, grass and vacant lots of the no solicitation Subdivision. Because AJC has not...