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lifetime membership

In November 2010, I became a Life Time Member of North American Hunting Club that cost me $400.00. I recieved my membership packet and was informed that I would Recieve a magazine and some items to check out and the only thing I recieved was two books to check out, which I had to send back and paid the shipping. I made a complaint to them and have not heard from they again. This company has not live up to what they said I would do for me, worst company I have ever had to deal with.

no magazine or anything promised since 2007

paid for life membership got gun case coins magazines then nothing no reason given real good company thought it sucked get gifts all made in china figured company office more than likely there communist pigs keep your crap i buy american now thanks for the lesson GO TRUMP2020 them years 2007 when i paid after economy crashed nahc got theres cause how could america screw me go figure never get my guns bet u that !

magazine, dropped life membership, no services remaining

Joined NAHC in the late eighties, became a "life member" in the late nineties, and a "trophy Life Member" in early 2012 . And yes, i was listed in the "membership book" for NAHC . Some where in the late nineties (?) my magazines got sporadic at best, then nothing at all. Well, some one once said "screw me twice, shame on you, but screw me a third time, shame on me !! After "upgrading "to "Trophy Life Member", it seems ALL communications from/by the NAHC ceased !! NOW a wiser member(??) !!! At this time i have NO intention of joining any hunting/archery/firearm club/association or group, as it seems they' r prime motivational factor is my money, and how much of it they can get !!!

life member benefits and tests not fulfilled

I became a life member for almost 400 bucks 7 years ago and got my initial welcome gifts. Knife and a rifle case. Applied for field tests every chance I could and nothing. As soon as they got my
Money I all the sudden didn't matter and was not eligible for anything. Then wanted more money to do the things that were "promised". I can't even find a website for them anymore. Someone help.

no contact, magazines or anything for several years

My name is Thomas Green. I became a life member August 2009. I haven't received anything from you guys in about 8 years. I enjoyed the magazines for the little while that I did get them. But it seems like all they really wanted was my money. As of now, I wouldn't recommend them, all I want is what I am supposed to be getting. And what I should have been getting for all these years. I paid for it, I didn't know that I was going to end up getting the shaft. No one has ever tried to contact me in all this time, my address hasn't changed.

haven't received anything in about 5 years now I am a paid in full life member

I have been a paid in full life member for almost 15 years about 4 to 5 years ago I haven't received anything, no magazines ect. I have tried to reach out to get answers as to where and when I would be getting anything and still nothing it is very disappointing that I have paid my membership dues in full and get nothing in return. It has been so long I can't even remember my membership number

failure on the part of the north american hunting club to fulfill their contract obligations.

Joined the club in 2008 and became a lifetime member shortly after. Boy what a scam put on by this group of individuals. I received 3 items, besides a belt buckle, fancy decal and a membership card. I have never received anything to test as stated in the contract and no magazines or anything whatsoever.
I would appreciate my full lifetime membership fees back or maybe a class action lawsuit should be brought about.
Nobody has taken the time to contact members at all with regards to why members aren't receiving products to test and keep as stated in the contract/agreement for lifetime members let alone a magazine.

A very disgrunted member!
A. Laro

Magazine delivery

I'm not really complaining, I just want to start receiving the magazine again.
good day, I have a lifetime membership to North American Hunter magazine and I move in 2012 and provided you with my new address, But never received anything since then, I just want to start receiving the magazine again please.
My Name is Denis Shank
my previous address was;
401-901 Lasalle BLVD
Sudbury ON P3C 1X8
its now
Denis Shank
411 Notre Dame St east
Azilda ON P0M 1B0
it shows on my last magazine that I found:
publication agreement #[protected]
followed by 42375L7E-HC000340563711

Magazine delivery
Magazine delivery

lifetime membership

I have not received anything from this club for the past five years. I have sent several letters to you at the address on the back of my membership card, only to have them returned by the Post office. I paid good money for my membership and I have nothing to show for it. This seems to be a problem as far as I can see by reading some of the complaints.

life membership, magazines, club privileges

Wife bought me a life membership in 1995 with the NAHC, and then upgraded me to The NAHC Trophy life member in Aug 22 2012 forget how many hundreds she paid and monthly installments on both they have stopped sending, communications, mailings, books, samples Everything!! Have not heard from either parties the standard club nor the Trophy club tryed to contact neither seems to care . They took our money as well as many others and now no longer living up to the agreements they sold us and we all are frustrated that they continue to lie and steal honest peoples money with no consequences, they should be held accountable for the 10s of thousands of dollars they gave stolen from hard working people.
Should there be a class action law suit be filed I wish to be added to the list of the many thats been taken advantaged of. Edward E Miller po box 377. 24 Hillside ave New Gretna NJ 08224 club membership #[protected]. Date Aug 1, 2019

north american hunter magazine

I am a life member of the North American Hunting Club. I have no magazine sense August 2013. There was a period between 2010 and 2013 in which I heard nothing from the Club. I would like to know if the Club is still active or has it been disband? If it still active then why the major lapses in communication with its members? Also if you are still active then please fulfill you comment to me and send me the magazine and all other correspondence that is relative and per tenant to my continued membership.

Gerald Ross
605 Jade Cir
Henderson, NV 98002
Member #[protected]

lifetime enrollment

I paid for a lifetime membership long ago and have not received a magazine for years. What is up with that?????

Scott Elias
Old address was :N15512 White Rapids Loop W Wausaukee Wi 54177

New address is : PO Box 551 Watersmeet MI 49969

I expect to hear from you !!! I am requesting a refund !!! I don't have the client number because have no more magazines to get it from.

lifetime membership, magazine subscription.

What happened to the North American Hunting Club and the magazine? Looks like they collected lots of money from Life memberships and disappeared in thin air. Does anybody know if this club is still around or what has happened to them? What happened to the guy who collected our money? How many of us got hoodwinked by this supposed hunting club? I would just like some answers. Jimmy J Fielding, 860 N 44th Street, Duncan, OK 73533.

lifetime membership

I became a lifetime member of the North American Hunting Club (also Fishing Club) in 2009. I received a plaque for being a lifetime member and reviewed some other small items and was allowed to keep a reversible hunting vest and a canvas gun case. At first I received the magazine monthly, then it became sporadic and finally no longer received any magazines. I signed up for lifetime memberships, not to have it discontinued without any notice after 4 or 5 years. If there is a class action lawsuit, please include me in this.

  • Updated by William Hazel · Mar 05, 2019

    I joined as a lifetime member in 2009. I received some fishing lures and a rod/reel combo engraved with my name. The tip of the rod broke with the very first fish I caught. They did send me a new tip but that one also broke the 3rd time I used it. I reviewed a few small items, mostly lures, but then those opportunities stopped. The magazines came monthly at first, then started getting sporadic, until they finally stopped. There is no way the few items I received was worth the price of a lifetime membership!! If there is a class action lawsuit against North American Fishing Club I would like to join it.

life membership not being honored

We too are life members since about 2003 and in the beginning got the few items promised, the plaque, a...

no longer get magazine/no correspondence

I've been a Life Member of the NAHC since 1992 and I actually joined the nahc in September 1987. But since about 2000, I stopped getting my monthly magazine and I have Not received any Correspondence from the NAHC telling me Why my magazine stopped. If the NAHC is no longer in existence, I think I deserve a Full Refund of the Life Member Dues I paid.

  • Ge
    Gene O. Harlan Jan 28, 2019

    i'm a living life member, have not received any magazines or correspondence since 2017. would like an cause or reason for having been dropped from the mailing list.

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  • Ge
    Gene O. Harlan Jan 28, 2019

    not getting magazines

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  • Bo
    Bob Kervin Mar 05, 2019

    Been a life member of the NAHC since about 1989, also a life member of the NAFC from the same time. Stopped getting magazines sometime in 2012 I think, haven't gotten any correspondence from them stating why. Did start getting a dual magazine a few years ago, they said it was to save money. Last one of those I seen was almost 2 years ago, maybe more. For what they charge for their membership you would think that they would treat their life members a little better.

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magazines and offers

I have been a Life Member since 4/1993; #95068. The magazines stopped coming about 2 years ago; I thought...

no products

I would like total refund. Life member #[protected]. Have been a member since August 2005. They did not follow...


Have been a Life Member since 2007 #[protected] and have not gotten the magazines for years. All of the thing...

lifetime membership

I have been a lifetime member since 02/97. I haven not received the magazine for several years now. Receiving the magazine is the reason i chose life membership. My membership no. is 171949. My address is PO Box 705, Spurger, Texas. My phone no. is [protected]. I need to start receiving the magazine again or i need a phone call explaining why i have stopped getting it, and a full refund.

  • Jo
    John Karam Oct 29, 2018

    I've also been a life member since 1984. Have not received magazines, promos, info of any kind for the last couple DECADES.
    [email protected]

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  • Rk
    rkelco Nov 14, 2018

    I"ve been a life member since 1993, I miss my magazine, I enjoyed the stories, and items posted.What happened to my subscription?I would appreciate a response. [email protected] member # 84892 Please!!!

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  • Jo
    John Rayburn Nov 20, 2018

    I have been a life member since 2001 and have not received anything in years

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lifetime member since around 1991.

I havent gotten a magazine in alot of years.No nothing from them.I moved and couldnt even get online to change my address.I paid alot of money for that membership.I dont remember my login stuff or member number its been so long.I think if they cant do better than what they have they should do refunds.Im not giving up im still trying to get what i paid for.


Been a Life Member since 10/1994, my Membership number [protected]. Have not received a magazine for around 3...

my membership

I have been a life member for quite a few years and a regular member way before that. For some unknown reason, nearly 3 years ago I was just dropped from their rolls. I get no magazines, no correspondence explaining why, absolutely nothing. I would really like to know what happened and once again be included. If that is not possible, then please return my money that I paid for a life membership and also the price I paid to join the club.
I am ( or was ) a
life member of the North American Fishing Club and was dropped from their rolls at the same time.

Please have someone let me know something. My new address is 6670
W. Green Acres St., Homosassa, Fl. 34446 and my e-mail is still [protected]

I have not received my magazine forever from the north american hunting club

I am a lifetime member since 11/96 member nr [protected] whats going on?? I am not getting what i paid for i used to like to receive the magazine to read at my lesiure i notice there are a lot of the same complaints i do not want to post negative statements if you can resolve this to my satisfaction. I would like a refund. Thank you, Edward whelan 778 sugar house hill rd guilford vermont 05301

  • Updated by edward d whelan · Apr 09, 2018

    I am very frustrated with this whole deal!

  • Tc
    t collins Aug 26, 2018

    My name is thomas Collins life time member 40079016 2 I have not received a magazine for years . What is the problem paid years ago to be a life time member ? My address is 9535 Meldale dr west Paducah ky 42086. Please give me a answer at [email protected]

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magazines/lifetime member benefits

I have not received any magazines in over a year. I had a problem a couple years ago and had gotten it straightened out.

i have never received any benefits from the club as advertised to me. I have been a life member since the 80's. Member # [protected]

The last time a Melissa JAY with NAHC said that things were returned deliverable, I have updated my address back when i moved 5 years ago.

At this point maybe refund all the money i spent on a Life Membership.


trophy life membership

I joined as a life member in 2007. (Trophy life member) member ship number [protected] I never received my...

lifetime membership

Lifetime member# [protected] Robert Pieper 17931 Eastland St roseville, mich, 48066 I'm a life time member...

nothing received in years, magazines or trial gifts.

I paid for life membership and do not receive as much as a magazine whats up with that and also all these years I have never received so much as a stick to try out and send a report on and keep. "I want my money back now" ([protected] [protected] here is my contact no darn excuses. Wow now to finish this complaint it might not get attention because it doesn't contain enough correctors is this for real im betting I do not get a response any how more less a refund I will post this on every darn web sight I can to let people know all about your multiple company lies.

fail to keep up magazine subscription

I have not received a magazine since the large spring/summer issue for 2014. I have been a life member for a long time. my membership number is [protected]. My name and address is still the same as when I sent you my lifetime membership dues! Why has your club done this to so many of its lifetime members. Also, they stopped the free test gear right after the first item shipped. I did all the proper reviews! What a joke

life member

I paid to be a life member around 2012. I havent received anything from them for years. I haven't been able to update any contact info with them either in quite some time either. I feel they take your money promising alot of things but in truth they take your money and that's about it. They don't follow through with magazines or free gifts. They can't even be contacted to request a refujnd due to lack of following through on their end.

bad service

Been with the club since 1994. Join life member ship. Have not received any magazines in years. Trying to...

subscription and membership

I am a life member!!! Have not received anything for years!!! Would love to know what is going on??? Please let me what I need to!!! You pay for the membership and expected the company to follow through!!! I hate that it might come down to a class action. North American Hunting Club used to be a top of the line membership and had an excellent magazine. That being said the powers to be should come back in and bring it back to the excellent level of service we expect and know they had. I am a retired Wildlife Officer who knows a great company that used to be and that can be again if they will just do the right thing!!! Let's see if we cannot work this thing out without having to go class action! Thankyou for any and allthe proper consideration!!!

life membership fraud

Looks like I am just one of many unsuspecting life members that have been the victim of this scam by the...

no magazines. life member patch is great looking... but why is it made in china?

Life membership given to me as a gift by my brother. The magazines were forwarded to me at my APO in Germany. After one year, they stopped coming. I didn't think much about I guess because I didn't pay for "the honor" but after seeing complaints on many sites I thought I'd add my 2 cents. Btw, although the patch is great looking I sought of resent that it's made in China. After all, it's the NORTH AMERICAN Hunting Club... right?

life member

I became a member in February 1996. Have not received any magazines or any corospondence in years. Thought...

cross contamination

Love, love most all of your shows! I've learned so much! I'm concerned above cross contamination and not hand...

have not received a thing from them in years no magazines or phone call

I've been a life member 1994 #106713 and was suppose to get a magazine every month but I have not received one for many year and I have call but no one will answer if I would of known then that you all were going to do something like this I would of never of joined I know it won't do any good to ask for a refund because you are going to ignore this anyway but if not please e-mail me at [protected] are you still operating?

Michael Metz/life member

  • Ke
    Kelly Tenpaa Nov 21, 2017

    same crap to my dad tried to find anyone to call no place and no one to call

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  • Da
    Dale Christophersen Dec 11, 2017

    I'am a Life Member and Trophy Member life since 1997, trophy since 2012, # 40208662, where are the Hunter magazines I was suppose to receive every mo.?, Any thing at all from you, nothing, lol, my E mail, [email protected], please contact me and explain why you are not sending them to me, I paid a lot of money for nothing lol,

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  • Ro
    Robert Green jr. Dec 20, 2017

    i've been a life member since 2009. my magazines quit coming in that same year what happened?

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  • Wi
    William Billett Jan 05, 2018

    I agree with the other member who are lifetime members. I have not received any thing for many years. Been a member since 1995 and member #139217. Please either send the magazine or send my membership fees back.
    William Billett
    [email protected]

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  • Fo
    Forrest A Feb 14, 2019

    I too am a life member. I stopped receiving the magazine a few years ago. I attempted to change my address and there is not provision for it! I as well, would like an explanation.

    Forrest G Adams Membership # 406454409
    11852 NE 155TH RD
    Red Oak, OK
    [email protected]

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magazine for life

I am a life member since 2010 and no longer get the magazine, why, membership number is [protected], keep up...

magazine subscription

Folks, I moved from Alabama to Virginia several months ago. I guess the
the post office failed to notify you of my move. I'm a life-member of NAHC,
and surely miss my magazines. Would you please change my address to the
following: Mr. Jon H. Clayton
46555 Harry Byrd Hwy.
Sterling, VA [protected]

My former address was:
355 Bowen Bend
Wetumpka, AL
I hope this info will help you identify my membership number and permit you to send me a new membership card to my VA address. If it's any help, my e-mail address is: [protected] you so much for your


they stopped sending the magazine I was supposed to get as a life member

Dear Sir, I have been a life member of the North American Hunting Club since 1989, my life member # i...