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sweepstakes "strike it rich"!

Got this notice, blah blah, you can win this amount for life, blah blah blah. Never hesrd of these people. I called the number listed to "register" my sweepstakes number, and asked how they got my information, just repeated We are National Magazine Exchange, we sent this notice as a courtesy. Then "Clark" persedes to ask personal information about"which of my credit cards" gave me the best service. Quickly hung up. The number on line has been disconnected. There is a website, I didn't bother to contact
Please can't some federal agency get on these scammers and put them away. This tobocsll/ mail fraud needs to be stopped.
Throw away this mailer from national magazine exchange, strike it rich sweepstakes. Its a scam.

magazine subscription

I've been trick way back September 20, 2017 by a agent through the phone, as I was cancelling it they told me that I can not and I have to finish the subscription I was being charge for $49.90 every month since then, when they called me I said no for renewing my subscription but yet they've been renewing my subscription! I never read any of the magazines I even move to a different state already too, and asked them to send those magazines to someone else or donate them as I never used them and it was just piling up on my parents house back home, I've called them several times and told them to cancel my subscription but they won't they always say they'll put me on a non renewal subscription list I've already paid $1, 147.70 total until today 9/20/2019, I am a single mom and trying to survive and I can't continue with this payments anymore. Please help me as I already been begging for them to take me off on this subscription, their acct name appears as MAGAZINE SVC OR NATIONAL MAGAZINE SERVIC ON MY CARD I'll attached pictures of their charges. I'm getting renewal of subscription everytime without my permision

magazine subscription
magazine subscription

fraud/ disconnected phone #

I've already sent a payment of $22.33 to this company not thinking that the address was a post office...

Not getting magazine

I have been receiving TV guide and on the label it says that my subscription is good through March 3, 2014. The magazine stopped coming two weeks ago. I would like to know why the magazine stopped coming.


failure to send magazines i subscribed to yet fully willing to take 400 dollars and promise oh they will get there.

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Over-billing, over-pricing, SCAM!

This company keeps sending me "Renewal or New Order" invoices - with prices double that of direct...

Can not cancel the account

In october 2010 a random number withan 866 area code called me. when i answered a friendly man asked if i wanted to be entered into a $1, 000, 000 drawing. I agreed and he said i can recieve a free diamond watch if i subscribe for a couple magazines. that didnt seem like such a bad deal so being the young college student that i am, i went through with it. Three months later i recieve a call from a collection company saying i owe $1336.62. The company charge me with late fees i didnt even know i was responsible for. I tryed to cancel the account and they said i had a finance agreement. I had absolutely no clue i was being charged for 30 payments of $39 when i just wanted a couple magazines. now im stuck having to pay almost $200 for five months. I dont even have $200 for grocerys this month noless $200 to pay for magazines i dont want or need. I cant get any help with this and i must pay $1000 i don t have. If you recieve a phone call from the International Magazine Company, just HANG UP. Dont let them have your debit/credit card number or they will rip you off. You wont wont beable cancel your account.

Fraud Renewal Notice

I recieved a notice in the mail to renew my subscription to CAT FANCY. I didn't want to renew this, so I...

fraudulant magazine renewals

I have paid on two renewals for magazines that my wife does subscribe to to equal $61.95. I contacted the magazine companies and they did not receive the amount that I paid National Magazine Services, I called the number on one of the notices. An automated message stated that it take 8 to 10 weeks to receive the magazine. Three of four numbers on the order slips were no longer in service.

  • Mi
    Michelle Apr 14, 2009

    Received what appeared to be a notice to renew one of my magazine subscriptions. Caught this only because I had just renewed this particular magazine subscription for less than one sixth the price this company was trying to charge me. Looks very much like a bill that is due by a specific date. Very misleading.

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  • Oh
    Ohio 71 Oct 25, 2010

    Same here in Ohio. National Magazines Services out of Reno Nevada. It is a scam. Their lawyers will say the form is legal, but it is very, very misleading. Should contact local state attorney general for help solving issues.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Kautz Feb 28, 2011

    I have sent National Magazine Services a check Oct. 7, 2010 for $89.95 for a renewel of my Women's World. I have called them twice and sent them a letter. They claim it's under investagation. I have contacted Women's World and they have not received a payment from this company. Thank you.

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  • Ju
    Juliet Wilson Mar 18, 2015

    We am trying to reach National Magazine Service to try and halt the subscriptions they have been sending my husband. My husband was lied to when he entered a sweepstake with a different magazine company and was suppose to get free magazines subscriptions if he ordered. He gave his debit card number and these people began sending magazine after magazines to him. He called them to cancel because he didn't order all these magazines. We were so disgusted when they mailed a Play-Boy magazine. They told him that they could not cancel the subscriptions. After a while, National Magazine Service began sending magazines to him also and he had not heard about or talked to these people. NMS are withdrawing $39.90 from our debit card every month and because he didn't give his card number to NMS, we know that this other company and NMS are in cahoots with each other. We are senior citizens and very overwhelmed with this whole thing because the other company is withdrawing $49.90 monthly from our debit card also. Almost everyday, we are receiving magazines. We don't want these magazines, we don't read these magazines and we no longer want to pay these rip off companies for these magazines.

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charging credit card for magazines unknown to me

my name is Laura Pettit. I have been charged for magazines on my Metrostyle credit card that I neither ordered nor do I know if I received them. I called the number on my credit card billing [protected] and got a message center that I tried to use both verbal and clicking numbers on the phone to ask that these charges be cancelled or to explain what these charges are for but got the runaround from the message center. I was never able to contact a live person. I was asked which magazine I was calling about - which I don't know and I was asked for the credit card number so tracking could be done but did not recognize my credit card number.
I would like these charges dismissed from my card.

Thank you

Keep Calling

This company keeps calling my phone. Its began amusing but now its just plain annoying, Everyday I get a call and when I answer I hear a bunch of people talking and no answers when I say "hello". Today when I answered and said "hello" I hear something about Darryl and his drug territory. This is rediculous. I wish it would stop. Isnt there someway to stop this?


Credit Card Fraud

Late November 2009, I received a phone call regarding a too good to be true Million Dollar Sweepstakes. The...

magazine selling & collection practices

National Magazine Services had a collection Agency calling me about
oweing money for magazines that i never purchased or had a contract for. From what i think i know, After my initial contract with them expired some time back, they kept sending me magazines for which i never agreed to have after my magazine contract was up. They then had a collection agency contact me. The collection agency told me that i owed NMS for $599.00 and that i had to pay it. They said if i didn't pay it, that i would be taken to Small Claims Court by NMS and sued for the amount owed. For what the collection Agency told me, NMS claimed to have sent me a notice in the mail for payment due for magazines back in april, 2009, but they never did, at least to my knowledge. They work with a collection a agency that uses intimadation tactics. This is to pressure NMS's clients or former clients to pay for magazines. I have had this problem since I was tricked into a magazine contract with "Global Readers Magazine Company, " in Massena New York, back in 2004. "Global Readers Company, " lures people into their magazine scheme through a sweepstakes where they tell you that you won free magazines. They
then have you select several magazines of your choice with them over the telephone. They then tell you that there is a charge for one magazine of your selection. They record you over the telephone with a recorder. This locks you into a contract where you have to pay a minimal fee of about $400.00 for the magazine of your choice or 20 payments of $20.00 a month for 40 months. I set up a payment plan first with a credit card. A few months later they said that the credit card i used had rejected the payment(s) for the magazines. I then set up automatic payment withdrawal through my personal checking account with my bank. This was a very big mistake.They then overdrafted my bank account(checking account) for triple amounts of $20.00 a month. They use different names such as "Daytime Readers, " and a third name for which i don't remember for the overdrafts. When i finally noticed this many months later i had been overdrafted for about $900.00. I called them and told them about this. They claimed that the other two company names for which i was being charged $20.00 a month each were separate magazine companys. I told a representative on the telephone that the contract was only suppose to be $20.00 a month debited through my bank's checking account for a total of $400.00 after 40 months. She told me that there might be a glitch in ther computer system and that might be why that i had been overdrafted for the additional charges. I felt very suspicious of them after she told me this. She said that she would have someione look into this and call me and try to resolve this later. Then sometime later a sales representative from GRC called me and told me that i still owed them $398 dollars. I told him that i already overpaid them and that i talked to a employee there to get this matter resolved. He was very rude and told me that i owed them $398.00 and that i had to pay them. I told him to shove it and i hung up. I reported them to their City "Chamber of Commerce, " to get back the overpayment. They only gave me a partial settlement for less then half of the amount for which i overpaid. I overpaid by $900.00. They only refunded me $398.00. Later on a Magazine Company using a different name called me and gave me a special discounted price. Like an idiot i agreed. After the contract was almost up, a collection agency called me claiming that the payments were rejected off my credit card. They said no payments were ever received and that i owed $400.00. They said That i would be sued for the amount of $400.00 by the magazine Company + Court costs unless i paid the collection agency. I explained to the representative that to my knowledge, i had already paid what i was obligated too. A few days later a representative from the magazine company called me and told me that i owed them $800.00 and that the subscription was suppose to go on for about another three years, from what i recall. I said that i knew that the contract was only $400.00 from what i agreed to and that the magazine subcription contract was almost up. . I had to argue back and forth for some time. He finally agreed to let me just pay him $400.00 with the use of a credit card. I told him that i had already paid them through collector from a collection agency who contacted me about a year or so earlier about the amount owed at hand. I paid the collector with a check over the telephone. He claimed that it wasn't them and that i still owed them for the full amount. I then asked him to verify what magazines i owed him for. He said that he didn't have the information with him. I told him that he had to send me something in writing that showed the contract and the specifics on the magazine contract for the magazines, before i could consider the debt and decide whether or not to pay it. He then said that they had already sent out all of their notices. He said he sent many notices out to me in the mail in the past months. This sounded very fishy to me because i always look at my mail every day and i never received any notices from them to my knowledge. I explained that i never recieved them. He still said that they sent out all their notices and that he wanted me to pay him with a credit card over the telephone. I asked him where their company was located, and he said that it was in "Massena, " New York. I was then very suspicious of this and realized that this company was probably "Global Readers Company, " operating under a different company name. This is because that is where GRS is located. I told him that i thought that his company was probably the same magazine company that i had the initial problem with in the past. I told him what they did to me did to me in back then between 2004 and 2005. This was about tricking me into a contract, recording my phone conversation, and triple charging my bank accounts. He still insisted for me to pay him with a credit card over the phone. I refused and i
hung up. About 15 months had past and he never called me back. I then continued to receive magazines for which i never requested. This continued for about 15 months. Then a collection agency called me up and said that i owed $599.00 to a magazine company. They said that the magazine company would take me to court if i refused to pay the collection agency now at this point. I told them that i was being sent magazines from a magazine company for which i had been a member with in the past. I told them that they were sending me magazines that were never authorized by me or in in written contract. I didn't have the magazine's contact information to call them and tell them to stop sending the magazines to me. I told the collection agency that they or the magazine company had to verify the charges in writing before they could request payment. The lady at the collection agency was insistant that i had to pay this to them over the telephone. She kept on threatening that i would be taken to small claims court and sued by NMS if i didn't make the payment at this point. I refused and hung up. A few days later another lady from the same collection company called me and requested that i owed money for magazines to a magazine company. I told her about the same situation that i told to the previous collector at the collection agency. I told her that they or the magazine company had to verify these charges to me in writing.
I knew that these were my rights required by law because i looked this up on under "consumer rights." I then asked her the name and the telephone number of the magazine company. She told me the name of the magazine company, but refused to give me their telephone number. She told me the name and it was "National Magazine Company." I am sick of this continual harassment by the collection agency and by NMS. I want someone to investigate this and put a stop to these scam artists and to the collection agency that is intertwined with them. I think they are both scam artists. Someone
please help me out. Put a stop to thes scam artists so that they don't keep ripping people off.

Fraudulent suscription renewal

I received a renewal notice for National Geographic magazine in the mail from a company called National...

failure to deliver

After I sent my check, which was cashed, I waited the 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. After week 14 I called the...

Fake suscription renewal

We received a fictitious mailing from "National Magazine Services, Inc." asking me to renew my magazine subscription for 2 years. We took at first glance as a legitimate renewal invoice as our subscription but in reality is a fake subscription as we can see now.

Here's the fraudulent company information.

National Magazine Services, Inc.
PO Box 98
Elmsford, NY 10523

  • De
    Debby Sherman Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sent check to renew subscription for CBS Soaps; started receiving a different magazine. Called that company and cancelled that subscription. Now can't find any info re: the company supposed to renew my original choice of magazine.

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  • Lo
    Lori Birney Jun 03, 2009

    National Magazine Services Inc is soliciting subscriptions to Baltimore magazine. They are NOT an authorized subscription agent for Baltimore magazine and we will not accept any orders that this company attempts to submit to our fulfillment center.

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I can't cancel my account

In June a random number called me from an 866 area code so I answered it. After a man talked to me about being an associate of Visa/Mastercard/Discover card he said that I was entered in a drawing and asked if I was interested in getting some magazines for free. So I was like sure I'll hear what you have to say. So he said his supervisor would call me with more details. Sure enough he called me explaining the deal saying I would actually have to pay for the magazines: $4.16 a week, $53.16 a year. So i said...sure I'll pay for the 18 months that we agreed to and he gave me a "college student discount" so I didnt have to pay the full amount. So not thinking or talking it over with family I gave them my card number and information. But I figured if they knew where i lived and most of my card number already and WERE affiliates of Visa then I shouldn't worry. So...After I noticed a charge for $53.16 on my account within hours I cancelled my card and sent in a complaint to my credit card company to reverse the charges since that wasn't what I agreed to. Now just today IMC calls me and says that I owe them money or else they will send the collection agency and I have to pay $956.88!!! I explained to the man I no longer want the magazines, they charged me for more than I agreed to, and I want the charges taken off my card. He said that's now allowed even though one of his "managers" told me I could cancel at any time. So a warning to all DON'T GIVE IN. You can't cancel, they take your money, and send you nothing. What a headache.

Send me a message if you've gotten anything for the "collecion agency"

  • Ja
    Jack22 Dec 04, 2009

    Same thing to the letter. I accepted the terms of the offer, then realized I didn't really have the money. I recieved their paperwork in the mail today and tried to call to cancel. They talked me down to a shorter service by lying and saying the account was not subject to cancellation. Then I got on google and looked up the ftc and international magazine.
    I called them back. I was firm. I didn't take no for an answer. I pointed out all the lies each person had told me, from the initial call back from the supervisor to the customer service reps today.
    Lie number 1: The supervisor said, " We hope you don't cancel". This implies that you can cancel." Where I was told repeatedly that I could not when speaking with them today.

    Number 2: When I called back after dropping my agreement to 1 year service I was told by a manager that I could not cancel now because I had changed to a 1 year agreement whereas I could have when I was on a 4 year agreement. The lady who changed me from one agreement to the other said I could not cancel even under the 4 year plan.

    There were many other small lies I kept trapping them in but they kept reading their scripts and I kept catching them.
    I also mentioned that their sales tactics were unlawful according to the FTC. This made more than one of the 4 people I talked to today pause. They start their spiel with offers of free stuff then eventually get around to the pitch. According to my research online, they must pitch you before offering gifts. I found this on

    Anyway, I let them keep the initial 40 dollars they took as a cancellation fee(I'm such a nice guy), but they cancelled my account. I was on the phone an hour arguing with one guy, then 15 minutes with a woman, on hold for 15 minutes when a manager came on and said, we've decided to cancel you! LOL!

    I feel absolutely stupid for ever talking with a telemarketer, now I'll go change my debit card.

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  • Ta
    takethat Feb 12, 2010

    I fell for it to I had the same situation as most of you. I emailed the USPS and they told me to take the magazines to the local post office. They can put a stamp on there rejected. Then they can spend the money to have them all sent back. Lets all do that, that will cost them and they should get the hint. LOL!!

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  • De
    debomit Oct 13, 2010

    The exact same thing happend to me. I went through the same situation and called back to cancel. After dealing with an incredibly rude person (it sounded like the same person every time they called), I let them keep the intial payment and called my credit card company to stop any future payments. I thought this was all over but nearly a year after this all happened, I got a letter from a collection agency (it still sounded like the same guy) stating they will take me to court in Great Falls, Montana, over this if I do not pay $877.03. I never received one thing from this company. This is a ridiculous scam.

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  • Ug
    ugghhh!!! Oct 13, 2010

    I just got a call this morning claiming that my account was in collections now and negatively affecting my credit.same thing happened to me, i couldnt cancel my account though i had tried. I kept getting wrong numbers or messages saying that my call could not be accepted!!!

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Not receiving what was ordered

I ordered PC Magazine, Wired Magazine, Maxim, Car & Driver, and Mens Fitness on January 8, 2009. I was told to allow 90 days for the magazines to arrive. It has been more than 90 days as it is April 10, 2009 now and I have still not received any of the magazines I ordered. I have received Weight Watchers, Nickleodeon, and Parenting, I have no idea why I received these and can not contact International Magazine Company with the number they sent me with the information package. All I get is a busy signal. The number they sent me is [protected].

  • Dr
    Dragon Owl Oct 08, 2010

    Call Jen at 1866-394-9149 ext.229. I just spoke to her and she was very helpful.

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Unauthorized billing

We received a phone call from a lady who said that we owed money to her company. As she went on to describe what was going on I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. I than talked to my boyfriend and he told me that he had talked to her over two years ag and the company had offered him a magazine subscription service. When he realized how much it would cost he called and said he had changed his mind. We never heard another thing from them until Feb of this year. All of a sudden she was calling and saying we owed them over 800.00 dollars. I informed her that I needed to ask my boyfriend before I paid the bill. I talked it over with him and he even tried to talk to her but she told me he kept hanging up on her and that he was plain old rude to her. I talked to her some more and than we agreed to pay the past due balance of two payments of 81.90. She told me we would be receiving our magazines right away. After we did not receive any magazines I called back and talked to some man who told me I was a liar and that I just did not want to pay my bill. So I went to our bank and they reversed the charges. Now I am getting angry phone calls from this woman, she supposedly has no supervisor to talk to and I am again a liar. We are still refusing to pay the company and they keep calling offering us great dvd deals. She is threatening to send us to collections and have lawyers come after us if we do not pay.

  • 00
    0_0~mega Apr 19, 2009

    I am in the same situation. I am a college student, and months ago this so-called company called me and was able to say my name and know my address. They really creeped me out and somehow got me into this whole "good deal subscription scam." They actually charged me once and so I immediately called my bank to cancel my account. Then they've been trying to call me, but after I answered them once and hung up on them I just ignored all unfamiliar phone numbers from then on--which I must say completely annoyed my friends/relatives who has been trying to reach me! Then they kept sending me letters but I just toss them aside. Now they sent me a "FINAL COLLECTION NOTICE" saying I owe them $877 and how I have "refused...and rejected [their] attempts to resolve this matter at a reduced price." Are they really able to take this to legal matters if we do not pay?! They are the scammers here! I am really tempted to send them a letter to tell them off since apparently talking to them on the phone does not seem to help.

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  • Ar
    Armyof Me89 Jul 04, 2009

    They did the same exact thing to me. OMG! They took $378 from my deit card. I called them and they said I was paid in full and then they called me back a month later saying i owe them $1000+!! WTF? I cancelled my deit card and now they arecalling asking meto get a visa gift card or something tomake payments. I have all FIVE of their dif numbers saved to my phone so I kno when they are calling me. Yea, it really doesnt sound right. AND if they WERE able to intervene legally, they wouldve done so with me already considering that I've supposedly owed them $1000 for almost a year now and they still call me once every couple months to ask for money. I'm going to get in touch with Better Business Bureau to see if they're even a company and if not, then the BBB will transfer the complaint to the FBI.

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  • Sh
    sherrymaesugarmomma Oct 08, 2009

    You should post their 5 #'s u have cuz they won't answer my calls and the original number on the paperwork is disconnected...Thanks sherrry

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  • Ba
    bagrey Dec 20, 2010

    I also owe them $877. Not sure why. I remember 1 year+ ago I talked to a lady about a) a diamond watch (that I never received), b) a million dollar sweepstakes (in which I was a finalist), and c) magazine subscriptions to six magazines at an amazing price (which I'm positive I did not actually go through with their transaction). I received a call today from "Andre Mitchell, " who if I had to judge by his voice, is built like a large black doorman at a club that you don't eff with. He introduced himself "with information that could affect your credit directly, " and that he first wants to contact me before my credit was ruined. He said my outstanding balance has been accumulating since November 2009, with $70-something dollars due per month for how many months. He said "I'm with the International Magazine Company, I'm sure you are familiar with them." I said I wasn't. He said I subscribed to these magazines and has proof of delivery. I asked "delivery to which address?" He said "Now I have that information, but I am not going to share it with you because with it, you can tell me anything." In a tone that meant I can play defense the entire time if I knew what he knew. I asked for more information, he declined me for similar reasons. I told him I'm going to refuse to pay that amount, with the basis that he couldn't even tell me where the magazines were delivered to.. He said "Alright, I'm just going to put this down as a refusal to pay and you'll owe more later." And right as I was about to ask for a contact number should I want to settle this on my own terms, he hung up. I feel like there is nothing they can legally do towards me if they refuse to release information like that. Should it have been a real company calling for real reasons, I know that there are things that must be disclosed before any payments are made or people are sued.

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Moreno Feb 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a phone call for magazines back in 2011, requested a specific one, which they said they they would include. Never got that magazine, was bombarded by random magazines not agreed to, and discovered that they were taking out monthly payments twice each month, so blocked those. I've received phone calls from all over the states demanding payment, and now a mediator, who says pay $350 or I will be sued. I never got anything in writing, no statements, nothing, just harassing calls.The mediator did finally give me the name of the company, and says now it's going into the process of my being sued. They are the ones in breech of contract! Plus, shouldn't there be some sort of written documentation?

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This company is a ###ing scam! I now have a lot of information about the company and the way everything works. I have talked to my lawyer and I think we might be contacting them soon.