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Harley Davidson review: 2016 fat boy

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I purchased a used 2016 fat boy September 1st 2022 in Slidell Louisiana it was used had 6800 mi bike is fine but 6/18/23. I had a strap come out of swing-arm bag which wrapped around tire, the hook banged up chain cover /finder and ripped the wires out of rear blinker lights, I proceeded to fix dents and wiring but they were short which required me to take blinkers off to rewire but as I went to assemble the bolts and whole on fender didn’t line up it was offset as I looked there was a whole capped off a 1/4 inch further back when cap removed there was hole lines up to run wires through but if I do such I’ll have a extra hole as I thought and looked at situation it looks like it was a bad design that was reworked to throw on and Mickey Mouse wire to go through new hole and wrapped back to go through fender hole it’s a crying shame if Harley did this to save a buck which without accusing looks like a possibility I paid 21k out the door cash from a dealer in Slidell, Mike Bruno’s I’m asking to look into and see if this may have been possibility cause 1st and only other owner which bike was repo from does not make sense he would have done for a 1/4 movement and no other design changes the bike only had 6800 mi which in California it’s still recognized as a new bike the fact I may have purchase a bike that may have been Mickey Moused to save a buck and cause me a headache trying to fix bike what I’d like to know if can find out this was a manufacturing issue and sold a less than perfect design I’d like to see about getting mounts that run along outside of fender to help hold it on given to me to fix this flaud design I got for 21k! Please let me know if you know about a bad reworked part being installed in any 2016 Harley fat boys with the 110 screamin eagle I appreciate your help!