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Harley Davidson - bad quality product!

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I have a 2005 buckshot screaming eagle colbalt blue fatboy. I have had problems over and over with the paint job and clear coat. I have had to replace all the skins several times due the rust under clearcoat where the bare metal is on the skins and cleat coat chipping. The day I bought my bike harley had to replace the tank due to rust. I am looking for anyone who has had similar problems. I am considering a 'class action suit'.

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Mar 02, 2016 3:05 pm

The headlight Has a narrow beam in the curves the beam leaves dark triangles . Going down hill the beam hits the road about 20 feet in front of the bike. I live in the mountains and need to see around the corners for dear.
The light is great in flat lands . The light must not have been tested in the mountains.

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Im just getting ready to contact Harley about the same pproblem as im on my second fender and rust is comming thru all over where the clear coat is the result of not drying the bare metal before applying paint. also having the 103 inch crank and reulting damage caused by latus of Gladstone failing to tighten the compensator nut when installing the new engine thou I brought iit in several times because of the noise from the primary they said that was normal as was the starter grinding and the bike not starting naturaly the starter was bad the electric fuel pump out and now the crankshaft stator and rotor ruined because of that normal noise which when exposed the transmision outer sleeve that had cost over 500$ to repair hadnt been touched. and is probly my fault for not allowing Latus more than the 4 or so months to repaiiiir what they apperntly didnnt repair. so now no bike again. All want to know about customer service But the fact that things like this are common place unlike the small sho0ps where their reputation and quality are the diffrence wetheir or not theres food on the table are able to make the same repairs in less time and with #1 quality may cause anyont to ask what is the reason that a Harley dealership as large as Latus who focues is got to be sales is allowed to have service shop. I am so not alone and will have to recover as best as possible all as a result of the work done at the place of busness I made my purchace 32, 000 dollars by the way for my 06 STFBSE2 Not attempting to cause a stir just stating facts and im understating for sure forgen isnt a option for me so whats happening is devestating to the way I love to live Bob Fiiocchi Hermiston Oregon [protected]

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Jul 18, 2008 3:05 pm

I bought mine in August of 04, and I've replaced both the front and rear fenders within that same year due to rust spots under the clear coat - then I wasn't able to ride it for a while so it went untouched in a covered climate controlled garage in South Florida (figured that would be the safest bet).

Now that I've moved back to NY, I am getting it ready to roll again and notice the front fender has another rust spot under the clear coat. The clutch and brake control on the handlebars has pitted and the chrome is peeling away, the exhaust has little rust speckles over both pipes, the top caps for the front forks are flaking off chrome. I called the dealership to see if it was still under warranty - Nope.

Honestly, I grew up loving H-D, but you definitely do not get what you pay for. Once I get this beast fully paid off, I'm going back to a Yamaha 1100 V-Star Classic. Just as nice and not as harsh on your pocketbook if something goes wrong.

For the record, I owned a 650 V-Star prior to the Harley, and never once had problems with any of it. Change the oil, keep it maintained and it'll ride like new for forever. For what I paid for the Fatboy, I could replace a V-Star 6 times over.

If I could do something about it, I would.

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