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Harley Davidson review: Excessive miscellaneous charges

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After receiving information about previous complaints of overcharges to consumers, I looked at my Buyers Orders and found several overcharges myself.

On 3/18/2023, I purchased a New 2023 FLHCS from Harley Davidson Pensacola. I was charged $1689. for ESP (Haven't a Clue), $2000 for Priority Protection Plan which I was asked and declined. However still charged. Charged $799 for Appearance Protection (What is this). Was also charged $649 for Doc Fee and $102.90 For Florida Doc Fee. I was charged twice for the same Doc Fee. They then charged me $1200 for freight and $995 for dealer prep. These charges are unreal.

On 5/23/2023, I purchased a second motorcycle from them, it was a New 2023 RH1250S Sportster. Again with the overcharges: Accessories $46.95 ?, Appearance Protection $799, Dealer Prep $995, Freight $1200, Doc fee $649 and Doc Fee $70, Temp tag $20 (Which I didn't need or receive),

On 9/9/2023, I purchased another motorcycle, a 2023 FXLRST. Again the same exact charges as the first two, but this time I was charged $119 for a Temp Tag which I still didn't need or receive. Other than filing a law suit against this dealer, which I would prefer not too, what are my options of receiviing a remittance of these unnecessary charges?

Desired outcome: I would like to be reimbursed for the excessive charges which I think were unnecessary and borderline unethical.

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