harley Davidson 2009excessive vibrations

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when I bought this 2009 Dyna Fatbob the order winner was the new upgraded engine mounting that caused no vibration
I took it back twice and was told it was normal, I suppose if you thing normal is when your comtrols and handlebar bolts vibrate loose? When I called your cunstomer service they said there was nothing they could, i should take it to another dealer. Amazing. I feel like a criminal!!! Smooth idiot talk is not something your customers (who gives you money upfront before you give them a bike) will tolerate.
Is their someone in HD that actually listens to complaints?
I work for a major brewery and customer complaints get dealt with seriously. They however dont start with us ridiculing the complainent and indicating they dont know anything.
Id love to see if someone has the ///// to give me a call to help me


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      Sep 14, 2009

    mine vibrates too, but not to the point bolts are coming should still tighten bolts once a month or so for safety reasons...they do come loose with hard acceleration.

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