Hardee's Restaurantsdrive thru window and manager

T Nov 25, 2017 Review updated:

I ordered a 5.00 meal plus milk shake order came to 8.13. I gave her 20.12 and asked if she had another penny. There was ten cents on the ground, I gave her what I had and told her I was getting the dime. I retrieved the dime and she handed me 119.99 back. I asked her that I wanted a dollar and not change thats why i retrieved the dime. I asked her if she was familiar with making change. The manager came up and told me he could not open the drawer back up. I told him I understood that but I wanted to know if the cashier knew how to make change from 20.22 with total being 8.13. That she did and then get off his property. Really, when all I wanted was 1.00 and not .99 cents.


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      Nov 25, 2017

    "I asked her if she was familiar with making change."
    This is a rude thing to ask. Most likely you received the .99 cents because she went with your original implication that you were short one penny. I'm sure she doesn't get many customers that offer her found change off of the floor.

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