Hardee'shandling of food


On 6/27/2009, at about 10:00 A.M., we went to Hardee's for breakfast, we ordered Texas Toast, with egg and sausage and another Texas Toast with egg and ham. We watched the person that prepares the food, she didn't use tongs to pick up egg or the meat, she used her bare hands, dropped it on the counter where she prepares the food, and pick it up with her bare hands again to put it on the toast, which is unproper, we compained and the manager told her to use tongs, then she had a terrible attitude throwing egg and meat on the toast which then the toast was tearing apart, and threw the sandwich on the warmer. We were very unhappy on the service. We would never go back with those hillibillies doesn't know what to expect. The manager should be watching over the employees and make sure they are using proper utentils. Other states, employees must wear plastic gloves while handling food.

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