Hampton Baysolar lighting


I have come to realize that Hampton bay solar products are complete junk. I have 2 different sets of outdoor lighting, the ones you spike into the ground, anyways some work, one just blinks and 3 don't work at all. I tested the ni cad batteries, one was dead, one had .5 volts and one had 1.2 volts, I took a battery out of a good working unit and put it in the dead unit and it still doesn't work, and yes the switch is set to on. I took the other units with low or dead batteries and I am charging them on a separate charger as we speak. I don't have high hopes but I believe it's a problem with the charging circuit in the unit itself, and if that's the case then the unit is no good. You may notice the quality of these units, plastic spikes, bad idea. I wouldn't mind paying more for a reliable unit, maybe I need to skip the solar idea and just buy powered units. Does anyone know of any solar powered outdoor lights that are good? Thanks

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