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I ordered a TRIAL of the Principle secret. In MAY, 2009, I lost my job. I called to CLOSE and CANCELLED my account.

Last week I lost my wallet and called my bank to get a new debit card/ checks. I then saw an UNAUTHORIZED debit for $97.84. I reported this to my bank as unauthorized and fraud. I didn't make this charge.

Yesterday my husband brought in a box from Guthy Renker! I called [protected] number to find out why they had shipped this when I had closed my account in May, 2009.

Talked to a rep - Rebecca. I told her I wanted a REFUND to my account that I'd CLOSED the account IN May 2009 because I'd lost my job. She said their records said to delay shipping till December. I told her that was WRONG. I'd lost my job and never wanted to get another shippment and CLOSED MY ACCOUNT and that is what I had said in May.

I told her I didn't open it and was going to send it back. She said I'd have to pay for shipping. I said NO WAY! I didn't order this anyway, I refuse to pay for shipping. She said it would take up to 4 weeks to get a refund!! I want them to credit my account NOW.

I am ONE of the THOUSANDS of complaints against Guthy Renker. They DON'T close your account and keep debiting your checking account. They have bad customer service. I'm filing a complaint with Better Business and my Atty General.


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    Buffy Dasenbrock May 19, 2007
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    I ordered a year supply of MSM w/glucosomine, paid in full. Several weeks later, I found an unfamiliar charge on my monthly statement. Soon after, another charge that I found on this months statement. UNAUTHORIZED! Do I have to take this matter into my own hands @ my Credit Union, or will other steps
    be taken.

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    Michele Mar 10, 2008
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    I ordered the PorActiv package and was automatically given a free months worth of the VitaClear. After my daughter tried it she got sick, vomiting and such. I immediately canceled the product and was told that they had already shipped the new months worth. I was then told the money they took out of my account was not refundable until they received the package. I have since returned the package and not received a refund. To top it all off, they have continued to take money out of my account. They claim they have not received the returned package. They are the worst!!!

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  • Valerie May 04, 2008

    Why there is any TV media address the Guthy-REnker's product gouging and scamming customer? Do not buy anything when it says Guthy-Renker. They will scam you with a low introductory and high shipping and handling, you become a privileged club member, then your credit card is charged monthly, outrageous amount of payment to Guthy-Renker automatically. AND it is impossible to cancel your membership by 800 numbers they provide you. They are scam artist.

    Reps are brain washed to avoid your cancelling, you hang-up the phone, don't know what hit you. You will see are paying continuously through your credit card.

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  • An
    anita amundaray Dec 19, 2009

    I would love to tell everyone to stop ordering products from this company, big scam . I did call to cancel and and still receiving bills from them. I spoke with a Joe Angel and he told me to go ahead and take any action I wanted. DO NOT FALL IN TO THIS SCAM YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES BIG TIME!!! NOW I HAVE TO PAY THE BILL SO THEY DON'T PUT ME ON COLLECTIONS.

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  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 02, 2010

    For serious account issues you must contact Guthy-Renker Corporate Offices, the parent company of Principle Secret and many other infomercial products. Below is their complete contact information.

    Guthy-Renker, LLC.
    41-550 Eclectic St., Suite# 200
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
    Phone: (760) 773-9022 ask for Customer Relations
    Toll-Free (800) 274-4910 dial ext# 5001 for Customer Relations

    Office hours 9am-5pm Weekdays Pacific Time.

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  • Sl
    sleepysusan Jul 22, 2010

    PLEASE READ OR LISTEN WHEN YOU ARE ORDERING! This is the exact wording on the website when you place an order (and you will notice this IS NOT fine print).

    "WEN® Healthy Hair Care System Sweet Almond 30-day supply. When you order today you'll also get TWO Free Gifts! Starting 30 days after you place your order you’ll receive a new 90-day supply automatically replenished every three months. You’ll pay only $29.95 per month plus $7.95 shipping and handling per subsequent shipment. There is no minimum to buy and it’s easy to reschedule, suspend or cancel at any time by calling customer service. This purchase will be charged to the card you provided today. Every WEN purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee of the purchase price less shipping and handling.

    I do not understand why people are stating that they were ripped off. IF you only want a "ONE TIME ORDER" the cost is 49.95. IF something seems too good to be true then you should probably either 1.) READ 2.) LISTEN 3.) UNDERSTAND the terms and conditions you agree to when you purchase...

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    renrags Oct 28, 2010

    Guthy Renker is a scam. If you watch their ads, they basically sell the same products in different packages. I purchased Meaningful Beautiful, which is about the same as Victoria Principle’s product. Only wanted and ordered the 30 trail kit on line to avoid the sales tactics. In bold letters, it states what you get and in small print, says they will start shipping you product every 3 months at a monthly payment of over $50 (w/shipping). I called and spoke to a rude customer service rep. She kept saying it’s on the site. So while I had her on the phone, I went to the site. Sure enough, it was there, which I missed. I asked why wasn’t that statement in bold to make customers aware of this agreement. Her sarcastic reply was she didn’t know and I would have to ask Guthy Renker. I told her to quickly cancel any pending shipments.

    I also questioned the size of their 90 day supply. Per the 30 day trail size, the 90 day supply was only double. So they are trying to sell me a 60 day supply for 90 pricing. Her answer was all the products were not to be used every day. I quickly pointed out per their pamphlet, the mask was the only thing not to be used daily. Of course, she had an answer (excuse) for everything. No wonder GR is a multi billion $ company.

    I then asked if I could just by the product as needed. I said I did not see it on the site to purchase separate, which is how they make big money. She said I could not online but had to call them direct. NOT!!

    I can’t believe Cindy Crawford endorses this product. I really liked her, not because she is beautiful but because I thought she was a genuine good person, unless she is clueless. But I guess what does she care, just more money to add to her millions. After reading several complaints about this company, I read that Cindy does Botox. Is that false advertisement?

    I suggest everyone run away from any product GR sales. They need to change their marketing. Sure, right now they are raking in big money but it will catch up with them one day. Oh wait, they have billions of $’s to pay their way out of it.

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  • Jm
    jms5g Oct 28, 2010
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    Verified customer

    From May to October 2010 I have been charged once a month for a two month supply of VitaClear. This company is very very crooked. I called on October 14th to cancel my account and then three weeks later, I have another charge! Apparently I had to pay for another shipment that I never received.

    This company is crooked. Guthy Renker owns both Vita Clear and Proactive but when you call either call center the customer representatives state that they don't know anything about the other company or that they are owned by the same company.

    I even liked their Proactiv product but the excessive charging from the account is not worth it! I HATE these companies.

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  • Pr
    ProactivHelp Oct 28, 2010

    I'm sorry for the customer service experience you've had! I can only imagine how frustrating that was and I appreciate your feedback. Just to explain the 30 vs. 60 vs. 90 day supply of Meaningful Beauty: when you get your initial trial kit, you're actually getting a 45 day supply of the product. That's why the 90 day supply you've received is twice that amount. Also, Cindy Crawford stands behind her products because they work for her. In fact, she collaborated directly with her personal dermatologist (Dr. Sebagh) to develop the rare melon formulations. Of course, if you're not satisfied with the products you can always call and return them for the 60-day money back guarantee. Just to make sure, were you able to return your products to your satisfaction? If not, you can always email me at [email protected] with the subject line " Meaningful Beauty" and include your name and billing address (so I can find you faster) and I can help expedite the process. Again, my sincere apologies for the experience you had!
    -Kathryn (Guthy-Renker USA)

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  • Xk
    xkempf Dec 17, 2010

    Once they got your card number you will receive products you did not ask for and the charges will appear on your card month after month and it is virtually impossible to cancel these shipments!

    If you are a victim of the Guthy Renker scam here is a Facebook page for you to join:

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  • Ol
    olentangymg Jun 17, 2011

    Same experiences with Gunthy Renker. I ordered the WEN haircare products. Not until I received them did I see that if you have something other than dry hair, you should order another type of product. Well, in using the product for the first two times, it indeed made my hair oily, stringy---Gross! Leaves a film in the hair which takes days of shampooing to get out. When the 2nd shipment came (wasn't aware it would be coming every month), I called and told them about the problem and that I didn't want any more of the product. I was TOLD they would even credit me for the first shipment. I said that wasn't necessary, but got information on sending the 2nd shipment back. That was April 15th--tax day. On May 16th, I received a bill. Talked to Eric, he said maybe the shipment hadn't been credited yet, but when it was, I would see it appear on my bill and not to worry about this invoice. Then on June 17th, I received another bill. Talked to Alex who said my shipment had not been received (8 weeks ago) and until they received it, I would continue to get billed. She said her notes from "Eric" were that he advised me to send the package back. I asked to speak to Eric. Alex said she didn't know who that was. I asked to speak to her supervisor and told her I would be posting comments on the internet. She hung up on me without connecting me to a supervisor.

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  • Ma
    mayim57 Feb 02, 2012

    This happened to me too--requested GR close my account and sent the box back. They put me on "delay" instead of closing the account kept sending product. I continued to call them and kept returning the items. Every time I called they assured me they would cancel the account. Then one day out of the blue, they called and demanded payment. No boxes were returned to me and GR denied receiving them in return. I was supposed to pay for several months product which I did not possess. I would not pay and they turned me in to credit bureaus, lowering my score. GR representatives are taught to subvert and lie to the customer. I won't have anything to do with this company anymore and would warn other consumers to not enter into any relationship with Guthy Renker.

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  • Sr
    SRobinett Nov 27, 2013

    Closed my account for Meaningful Beauty products. I was charged last month on my account, and much to my surprise was credited this month. But it was about $10 short of the charge. I have tried to call them twice. However, when I say "billing question" to the computer prompt my phone call is suddenly disconnected. Coincidence? I think not. Beware of Gunthy Renker!!! So far the reps have been civil, but am now having an issue talking to one!

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  • Cl
    clare gold May 27, 2015

    An absolute JOKE! I ordered a promotion pack with the idea of trying the products and if I liked it then I would possibly order some more. Four weeks later I have a £65.92 bill on my card statement. I'm shocked as I did not budget for this. I have tried to ring the company Guthy Renker, sent emails and live chat on their website all pointless. I then have to take a dispute out with pay pal as an un authorised payment.
    When I purchased the products with Guthy Renker, no where does it say you are signing upto a monthly subscription. I wouldn't rate the products anyway and they are absolutely not worth the money. MY ADVICE TO ANYONE IS STAY AWAY FROM GUTHY RENKER, MONEY GRABBING COMPANY WITH NO MORALS.

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  • Sh
    shirlue Aug 12, 2015

    I bought a trial of “It cosmetics”. 3 months later I got another package at which point I emailed “It Cosmetics" who gave me a 1-800 number to call. I wrote back to let them know that I am in Jamaica and I cannot
    call toll free from here. “It” said that I should send my original order information
    and they will reach out to "them" on my behalf ( not mentioning Guthy Renkers name).

    6 months later I got another package and I wrote “it Cosmetics” again demanding to
    know who “them” is as I would like to personally reach out to them too.

    I have already spent J$32, 451.56 on the two packages sent me without my consent
    which is the value of the items, freight forwarding charges and multiplied by our exchange rate,
    and I have not used any products from these packages as I have been ill and have not even finished using the
    Trial products.

    I was unable to purchase a birthday gift for my son because of the
    unauthorised charge that was placed on my credit card in May.

    Guthy Renker finally responded to say they have cancelled my account and will refund me for the last package
    sent. I am and looking out to see if they follow through it this promise.

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  • Pi
    pissylady Aug 21, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After reading these complaints, I just want to say sorry. I used to be a Guthy Renker agent. Your concerns/complaints are valid. GR's policies & practices are very deceptive. And I want to say sorry. As an ex agent...hopefully the info that I share will help or help someone else out. Of course if you can to cxl acct as a rep we are of course to try & save, but if not I would cxl. If you cxl & have an email you should get a cxl ltr in 24 hours in your inbox it was done correctly. If agent suggest postponing don' pushes your nxt shipment out to a later date. If you don't want to pay for return shipping - ask for a return label. GR pays $25 for each return label but GR has $$$ make them pay for it. If you receive a NSF from your bank due to authorized charges ask agent for fax# to corporate billing. FYI, if you order product thru a sales rep or online you are automatically signing up for the auto shipments. You can get out of it by telling agent you do not agree with T & C...acct cxl no questions, $$$ refunded. If you have an allergic reaction to the products make sure that before you tell this to an agent that they have cxl your acct otherwise whats going to happen is that the agent will transfer you to CAT department that handles allergic reaction calls but the CAT agent WILL NOT cxl your acct. So make sure your acct cxl before

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  • Pa
    Pam Burnbaum Dec 24, 2015

    I have used the Wen hair care system, off and on for three years. Toward the end of the last time I used the product, I noticed a significant hair loss, as well as a definite decrease In the thickness of my hair. I have always had very thick hair, and the only hair product that has ever caused this much damage to my hair is WEN. I don't know whether this company will go out of business, but they should, at the very least be required to compensate the people, who have suffered significant trauma, with something, and not just a refund.

    Pamela Birnbaum

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  • Va
    vanessa09 Jun 13, 2016

    I received my first trial package from crepe erase. I phoned the company just before receiving the second shipment to cancel, within the 90 trial period. They told me the second shipment had been despatched but to return it and they would refund me for the futher payment. I also found out during that conversation that they take monthly payments from your account with different names within the trial period. They refunded me £29.99 and assured me no other payments had been taken. I then get my bank statement to find they have taken a further 2 payments of £34.94 on two consecutive months. I have contacted them again on numerous occasions and tried their live chat but no reply/response. What a scam! NEVER GO NEAR ANYTHING TO DO WITH GUTHY RENKER THEY ARE CON ARTISTS!

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  • Ma
    Mameree Jan 28, 2017

    As consumers we all have to be wary of "too good to be true" offers and deals!! I have purchased products from Guthy Renker. I have also returned products! The most important thing for us as consumers to remember is that, there are people who's job it is to study human behavior and design advertising that breaks down our ability to logically resist the product being sold!! I'm not defending Guthy Renkers policies or practices but, WE are the ones who are all too willing to give our card information and not hear the details that ARE clearly stated in the sales pitch in exchange for that miracle fix!! Advice for returning items?! Send them back through your postal service in such a manner whereby they need to be signed for, that signature will be electronically captured and stored. Then DONT lose your tracking #! Ever! They won't be able to tell you they didn't get it back when you can have the postal service look it up and show you the signature proving that it was delivered! Don't get frustrated, be a smart consumer! Elizabeth

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