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Growth Cave review: Module training 1

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3:06 pm EDT
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This is a total fraud. By them trying not to allow a cancellation policy for a program that definitely isn't the same thing he tells and sells in all his marketing videos is seriously wrong. I think anyone getting dealt with the way Lucas wants to deal with people, which is online robbery, should involve the FTC and some other government agencies. This is a totally misrepresented marketing campaign. The ads all sounded good. I was pressured to sign up because they said within 30 days I would sell a minimum of $10,000 if I followed their policy.

The big problem is there is no course. Their whole campaign talked about them helping you have an entire program put together and you get to choose from a lot of modules they created and use that you then tweak to your angle. I was told they help with all of it. That wasn't the case. They tell you to go through a module with no course to sell. To do a course requires massive amount of work on your own with no help. That then makes everything he said totally deceptive. We have nothing. He said in his videos that you would only need to work 5 hours a week. He said a 10-year-old became a millionaire. This is one lie after the other. It would be one thing to have this program and if it wasn't what someone expected like me, then they should gracefully cancel it and issue a refund. Instead, he wants to brag about how wealthy he has become and somehow a refund like this which amounts to a bag of beans for him with what he is making is the line in the sand he wants to draw.

They have zero customer service. No phone number to call. If you write anyone in the message forum or email them it takes days to get answers. I hope and pray that somebody in their organization wakes up. They can't get away with this if they want to mislead and rob customers and think that's ok. All the money in the world won't be good if you go to jail for breaking the law. Unless I see a full refund ASAP then I believe his entire program needs an FBI investigation. Look up all the info online about this. It violates a lot of federal laws running a scam like this.

Desired outcome: Total cancelation and refund ASAP to me and any other customers they want to steal from.

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, US
Nov 19, 2023 4:49 pm EST
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How can we get them investigated? I've been having the exact same experience and I've found dozens of comments exactly like yours. There's enough of us to make a difference. How can I get my money back?