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S Jul 01, 2019

I've had terrible customer service from Car Toys. I bought a groupon to have my car detailed and called to set up an appointment. I was told to bring my car in on June 29th at 10:00 am. I showed up to car toys and they had no appointment for me and the lady next to me had the same problem. We both called and was given an appointment time and when we arrived there was no record of us calling. That's not my only bad experience with car toys. I purchased a car that had no back up camera so I went to car toys to see if they could help me. They showed me some stereos and I decided on one that looked nice and then was told I had to buy a adapter for my 2015 Camaro, OK, i said and we decided what day they could do this. I came into the store to drop my car off and then asked if my controls on the steering wheel was going to work ? Oh no was there reply, there's another adapter you need to buy. Nobody said anything about another adapter at the time of purchase . So I said I didn't want a mickey mouse stereo in my nice car. I bought the other adapter and said is that everything and was assured everything was set. I went to pick up my car and was showed this new stereo that looked very nice except I had to plug the phone in for it to work!!! nobody told me i would have to plug my phone into the car for it to work. I recently had a 2015 Honda civic and didn't have to plug my phone into the stereo for it to work. to me these people only care about making a sale without telling the customer everything that I needed to know before the installation. I was very upset with them and still am and will never step foot into there store again. I posted a bad review on Yelp and Facebook and wasn't surprised to find plenty of other people very unhappy with this company. I would like a refund or credit on the groupon I purchased.

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