Greyhound Linestravel

K Aug 18, 2018

My Trip started at 4:20 am on 8/15/2018 Leaving Houston Tx. To Atlanta Ga by 6am the bus got a flat and we waited 3 hours for help then that made us late for next bus that had us stuck for 7 hours in mobile Al. From 4:30 am until 12:45 am Then finally the bus came then we get to Montgomery Al at 3am we are told to line up inside to reboard only to be told we didnt have a drive and was stuck there until 10am without water or food, Im a Disabled woman the was trying to to a family matters funeral that I was late meeting up with family for and due to all the delays and being stuck in uncomfortable and very cold buses and bus stations ...This was a very bad trip for me and i have had only one other time my trip was bad when everything i own was lost and was told it wasnt nothing they could do back in 2009, yet i decided to use grayhound dozen times after, I just had an trip in july that was great but this one 8/15/2018 was terrible and feel something needs to be done about these delays and people being abandon in the middle of the night to freeze it not right when you pay to be somewhere at a time and your stuck for hours and days, Its not right! I travel Grayhound alot and this was far the worst... here pictures of me stuck on cold bus for hours without a driver


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