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Buyer beware,

I have never posted a complaint of this nature, but I feel obligated to do so because of my experience with Greyhound. At the end of January I paid extra money to buy 2 "refundable" bus tickets to New York. I normally ride the train, but I figured I would try the bus. Since I was a first time rider, I bought an e-ticket online and figured I could print my ticket at the station. However, I quickly realized that you need to print your tickets yourself. Fine, no big deal, however, when I arrived at the bus terminal the Greyhound employees were extremely rude and unhelpful. They said they can not access my reservation, do not have a printer, or a functioning internet. Not sure if any of this was true, otherwise I am not sure what purpose their computers serve if they are isolated terminals. So, it was getting close to the departure time and I needed to get to NY by a certain time. So I asked if I could buy two new tickets and refund the others later. they said no problem, however, I would have to take a later bus because this bus was sold out (even though I actually had two tickets already). Fine, well at this point I decided to cut my losses and go and catch the train and refund by bus ticket later, as I specifically purchased a "refundable" ticket. Well, to my surprise, I found out that I had to call long-distance customer service line (could not do it online with my E-TICKET) and wait on hold for 1 hour!!! when I got a hold of someone, they said they could process my refund but that it would take 7-10 days to process...for what...I don't know. Well, 20 days passed and nothing. So I tried e-mailing their customer service because they recommend that. Only, I got a note saying that it would be at least week before I would even get a reply. 10 more days...nothing. Yesterday, I tried calling again but was on hold for 30 mins before I had to get on with my day. So, 31 days...still no refund and a lot of frustration. I will NEVER do business with Greyhound again in my life!!! Try Megabus or another mode of transportation, but avoid Greyhound if you can. Again, I never post messages of this nature, but I am just astounded by the way they do business.


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    drummingdanny Jul 01, 2009

    Greyhound is Horrible. I have been traveling way of grey for 10+years and they are mostly ALL rude and non-caring employees. I believe this to be because of their monopoly like bus service. Recently this past beginning of april (A1 through 2 to be exact) (I live in Virginia Beach, VA) attempted to go visit my cousin in Nashville, TN that I have not seen in 3 years. It took weeks of preparing and people taking very valuable and limited time off to allow the visit. I purchased a ticket and proceeded to make my travel..when I arrived in Knoxville, TN we were told that we had to switch buses immediatly so I proceeded to gather my guitar and bags to move to the next waiting bus..after waiting in line I arrived at the driver(a she) who was taking tickets. WHen I handed her my ticket she refused it because it was STILL IN THE PACKET THEY PROVIDE. She then rudely handed it back and equally rudely demanded me to take the ticket out of the packet. I then kindly but wearly asked her because my arms and hands were full could she be kind enough to open it for that she became INFURIATED and DEMANDED that I leave the line..I of course objected..she refused to let me on the bus and told me I was a rude punk!! I then in desperation proceeded to go over to a few other employees stand a couple buses down and explained what the situation was... at that I was told by a EXTREMELY RUDE Jack Wallace that I must have been rude and mean to her for that "kind old lady" to treat me that way!!! MONSTROUS!!! I then proceded to leave them knowing that they were not going to help and went to the front desk asking and explaining my happening. I was told "nothing can be done" and I was told to wait for the next bus which was at least 6 hours away. I then asked for the manager and found out to my complete amazment that Jack Wallace was the manager. the bus then left. I proceded to ask Jack for file a complaint papers and HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANY. At this I am stranded 700+ miles from my home and my cousin not having access to come get me. I stepped outside to smoke a cigg and Jack proceeded to come out and start taunting me and calling me degraditory names such as quote" A damned hippie" and "what are you on drugs or something?" at this my anger is showing in my voice. Then a duty cop for the station comes out and says "So whats wrong jack" Jack then proceeded to tell her white lies and half truths and she LAUGHED. then when i asked if I could speak my side of the story in private to her, she flatly and rudely told me quote-"no I dont wanna hear your ###" I then noted that they would cause major problems for me if I did not get away. I walked Knoxville for the next 5 hours untill the next bus came and while I was waiting in line they called reboarding passes only I waited in line and gave the next driver (an equally sour faced man) my reboarding pass who then proceeded to have a fit and said WRONG BOARDING PASS!! GET THE HELL OVER IN THE NEXT LINE!!! so I left it at that and went to the other line..after he came to me again he mumbled that I must be "stupid, deaf or something" which annoyed me because I do have a confirmed hearing disability so I said " as a matter of fact sir I DO have a hearing problem! At that he said "yea right sure I still think you don't listen worth a hell" after accepting and punching my ticket. I proceeded to turn around and say " NO I believe it is you all that don't listen!" At that he threw my ticket on the ground and said "you an't riding my bus!" I was stunned and in shock. I asked him kindly please be reasonable, damn near begged because I was stranded in their town and he COLDLY AND FLATLY IGNORED ME. ALONG WITH THE OTHER EMPLOYEES THAT WATCHED THE ENITIRE EPISODE.
    I then had a voided ticket, 200 dollars, no place to stay and no way of getting out. I had to walk to a near by expensive hotel to ask the desk employee who as VERY KIND to help get me in contact with my girlfriend in Virginia Beach, VA to spend 300 more dollars on flying me out of that town because I now had a void ticket. It was one of the worse experiences of my entire life. when I arrived back I immediatly called the complaint line to greyhound and a "Mrs. Smith" told me they would investigate my happening and contact me back soon for the details of it. I never recieved any calls or notices and June 30th I recieve a greyhound voucher in the mail with NO NUMBERS or anything but a paragraph saying they value me as a customer and for my troubles I recieved $135.00 half of what the ticket cost good for only another trip on their line.HA! I am not finished with these cruel people and if they think that a fake bribe will shut me up they truly and extremely mis-underestimate me and my friends and family.
    I plan to take enormous actions against these people and greyhound lines. I have contacted all witnesses and people involved and they can expect to see me in court. If you have had equally terrible experence with this company please contact me at [email protected]
    Thanks for taking time to read this and I say NEVER let them belittle us. Peace, Daniel M. Rigney Jr.

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    Heartbroken 1 Jul 12, 2009

    I'm devasted Greyhound has stole $277 of ny money . I purchased 2 Ticket online and at the end they switch destination and now they are trying to force me to keep tickets I can't use or purchased new ticket for $ 300 in order to get a refund on my tickets . I also was given a ten percent discout for being a new customer which they took back. I'm heartbroken I'm on fixed income and I'm a single mother .I saved up for six months to try to give my daughter a nice summer vaction for once. I'm hard working person and no one deserve to be treated this way and had I known of all the complaint greyhound had I would of save up for a lot longer and just took a plane.

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    indoneisha83 Aug 11, 2009

    i always take the greyhound and when i took it this time from nv to nd then from nd to oklahoma it was suppose to get me to oklahoma in one day but then they rerouted me to another route and it took me three days i didnt have any money and so they gave me a paper to write a complaint but this guy told me that it will do no good because all they will give u is a free food voucher i think that they should of gave me credit for a free trip

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    Walt Gilliard Oct 12, 2009

    It is very sad to read such negative things about an organization that has been around as long as Greyhound Lines has. It has been serving the public since 1914. Personally I don't know if they have ever been good at providing good customer service. I am reminded about the civil right days when the freedom riders were passengers left in their care, were killed. It is obvious that a Greyhound employee alerted the KKK that these students were aboard a certain bus, on a certain schedule, at a certain time. Not a very good record for good customer service. This is a clear indicator that these kind of customer service issues start at the top. The managers of this organization puts little to no emphasis on providing their customers with good service. There are no checks and balances in place to keep check on how well they are doing in providing good customer service. I would be willing to wager that there is no Quality Assurance Department existing in this company.

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  • Ga
    gagirl129 Nov 05, 2009

    I recently bought 2 round trip tickets for myself and my one year old son from Memphis Tn, to Savannah Ga. When I went into the greyhound station 3 days before our departure to buy our tickets, I was told that to insure that my son would be able to ride in his car seat I would have to buy a childs ticket to insure a seat availble for him. I purchaced the tickets and felt good with my decision to ride greyhound. Bording the bus in memphis was no problem. Everyone was helpful in settling my son in and insuring our comfort. Even at the first bus change the driver was very helpful in the same manner. When we were departing from Atlanta is when I faced our first problem. Then I was told that no child car seat were allowed on the bus. I explained that I had explained this to the ticket saleslady and she made me buy a ticket for him so that he could ride. I was then told that if in the event of a accident, It was safer for me to be holding my child in my arms than to have him secured in a child safety seat. Their reasoning behind this was there was no place to secure the child seat to the actual seat. She held the bus 30 minutes for her supervisior to board the bus and tell me the same thing but then allowed me to take it aboard anyways. The supervisor told me it was up to the driver which safety rules the driver wanted to inforce. What? The drivers get to pick and choose which rules to inforce? Anyways we arrived in Savannah Ga after nearly 17 hours on the bus. When we were leaving Savannah, I asked the driver if he would allow me to take the seat aboard and he agreed. He was very helpful. Again in Atlanta I was faced with a completely rude and inconsiderate driver. I was almost first in line to board because I knew with my child it take a little more time to insure that we got on the bus and safely settled in. When the driver seen me get to the bus first in line, he told me to go to the end of the very long line to board. I went without question as i figured he knew best on how to board everyone and may have wanted to be more helpful in getting us on. When we reached the front of the line again, I was told that no car seats were allowed and I would have to go back in the station and get a check claim for the seat. At this point, I was tired and my child was running a high fever and was cranky and ill. I was told I had 2 minutes to do this. I carried my screaming son inside and thankfully the people in line seen my trouble and let me cut infront of everyone to get this claim ticket. I made it back outside and the driver had already closed the door and was ready to leave. The baggage handler (bless his heart) seen the situation and stopped the driver and told him that it would be wrong to leave us. He let me and my child board but told me that I would have to hold my child in my arms as no one wanted to give up their unoccupied seat next to them to accomadate my son and myself having 2 seats. As he walked down the isle to collect ticket, I refused to give him my sons ticket because my son was not taking up a seat that I had paid for. He rudely told me that if I gave him my sons ticket that he might just find us another seat. He did and I was grateful. As we were changing seat I was told by him that I needed to control my child or he would stop the bus no matter where we were and put me and my baby off the bus. He had me in tears by the time we pulled out of the station. Within the first 15 minutes on the bus my child threw a fit and busted his head on the arm rest to the point were I had to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Also both times in the Atlanta bus station myself and my child were searched by a k-9 unit and metal detecters. My child was terrified of the huge dog smelling him, and I was frightened that the dog may bite him as my child was swatting at the dogs telling him no. Greyhound and their employees are rude, unconsiderate, and very unprofessional. The drivers are bullies on power trips and need to be taught some sensitivity. As without the passengers they would have no paycheck. I would like to see my money refunded for my horrible trip. The ruined the vacation home that was suppossed to be fun and relaxing. I was stressed from the first time I left Atlanta, and worried the whole trip about the ride home and how I would handle the difficult drivers. I seen so many people on the buses being treated like dogs. Being told to shut their mouths like they were children, threatened to be kicked off or arrested. I was just like to know how they get away with the whole child seat issue. I thought that it was a federal law that a small child had to be secure in a safety seat in a motor vechile? Why are they above the law? I will never ride a greyhound again and will never recommend it to anyone. EVER!!! If they had a rule about the car seats I wouldn't have minded but shouldnt have been lied to when I was forced to buy a ticket for him when I didn't have to. I would have found another way to go if I had been made aware of this rule. As I firmly believe that any child is safer in a car seat than in the arms of another person when traveling 70 miles down an interstate even if the car seat isnt strapped into the bus seat. He wouldnt have gone through the window if forced to stop quickly if strapped in the car seat. He may have had a bump or bruise or even a cut but wouldn't be dead or disabled for life if we were in an accident. I can't believe that the drivers can pick and choose which rules that they inforce. Aren't the rules made to be followed by everyone aboard?

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    angrychantal Mar 05, 2010

    My fiance and I decided it would be a fun trip to go down to Clearwater Florida from Toronto on the Greyhound. We bought our tickets at the Toronto Greyhound Terminal, no problem. Got on the bus and the trip to Buffalo was great! Once we got there, everything started to fall apart. ALL of the Greyhound staff were SO RUDE. One driver yelled at everyone, and later on told us he was so stressed out. The baggage men were so rude, tossing bags everywhere, and yelling at people for not having their bags tagged. Fine, we need to tag the bags, but NOBODY told us that and we were half way done the trip. So he thought it would be funny to leave them all out beside the bus and not tell us. Finally we got all of the bags back on the bus. The bus ran incredibly late because one driver pulled over into three different rest stops so he could have a cigarette, pulled over onto the side of the road so he could use the washroom. Another driver showed up 2 hours late, so we sat in the Greyhound terminal in Fayetville from midnight until almost 3am. We had people smoking on our bus, and all the driver did was say "I had better not catch you...", not once did he try and stop the people/person from smoking. Finally we arrived in Clearwater, in pretty good spirits, considering... While looking at our return tickets, we thought "weird, I didn't think we were going through New York on the way home..." so we looked up the schedule and sure enough, there was no such route going through New York on the way home. So we called Greyhound in Clearwater expressing that there was a mistake on our tickets. They asked for our confirmation number from the ticket... and as it turns out the station in Toronto gave us MANUAL tickets, without our name or a confirmation number. So Clearwater tells us there is nothing they can do, but we can pay extra to change our route. This enraged me because our "route" ISN'T EVEN A ROUTE!!! So they told us to call Texas... SURE (it's not like we are on a vacation or anything...) so we called Texas. After about an hour they finally realized what we were explaining and told us all we could do was go to the station. While trying to explain that we are on vacation and nowhere near the station and without a car, they kept saying "theres nothing we can do". Meanwhile, it was NOT our fault this had happened, as we had asked for a specific route and time home. After over an hour of talking to Texas, he finally said he would compensate us for our inconvenience by (wait for this) GIVING US THE TICKETS WE HAD ASKED FOR! and at NO EXTRA COST! I told them that was not compensation, that was just giving us what we paid for in the first place. We were told to call back the following day with a confirmation number and everything would be taken care of. So the day before our scheduled departure, we called the station with the number we were told to use. First of all, we waited for over 30 minutes, and then got hung up on. So we called back, waited again, got transferred to a manager who wasn't there, so we had to call back and wait again!!! Finally we talked to someone and they said "no problem, let me call Clearwater" so we waited another 15 minutes, and OH! "Clearwater Station closed 10 minutes ago!" NO KIDDING... that is why we originally called over an hour ago. So NOW we cannot go home on our scheduled time, so they tell us we can leave the following day. So the next day we call back so we can get our new tickets for Saturday, and we get the FULL runaround, again. First call we waited for 20 minutes, and then got "disconnected". Second time round we waited for ONLY 10 minutes and got a lady who said "I can definitely help you!" so 45 minutes later, nothing was resolved, and I was on hold while she talked to Clearwater. When she came back she told us that there was nothing they could do, since the tickets were purchased in Toronto, and the Canadian system was not compatible with the American one. So basically, since Toronto printed the wrong tickets, we have to purchase new ones? At this point in time we have spent over 6 hours on the phone to Texas, from Florida on our "vacation". They are telling us, all we can do is go to the Clearwater station and they can possibly find another way to get us home. They are ALL EXTREMELY RUDE, and nobody will take accountability for the fact that they have ruined our trip and gave us tickets for a schedule that does not even exist.
    I will never EVER ride Greyhound again, and am trying to figure out some way to take further action against this company. I am SO ANGRY and they have RUINED my vacation.
    We have still not figured out how we are getting home, they will not give us our money back, and will not give us our new tickets.
    So angry.

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    Kamommy Jul 07, 2010

    Since we normally fly or take road trips in our own vehicle, taking a Greyhound on a 26 hour ride to get from Denver to San Diego for a semi-emergency seemed like a smart thing to do and an adventure besides. My friend came up to the service desk with me at 10:30 a.m. that Friday morning, as I had no clue what to do and already had my ticket via the Internet. I told the lady this was a completely new experience for me and I didn't know what I needed to know or what to do next. **She was wonderful !!!** She was also one of the few who were polite and decent.

    *Also in the terminal was a man with a wheeled cart making luggage security checks. I positioned myself at the end of the line forming there. When it was my turn, I showed the gentleman my ticket. He took a look at it and told me I needed to go to door six. I asked for clarification, "You don't need to check my bags?" He asked me if he needed to write it down for me. At this point, I explained I had never done this before and wanted to be sure I was doing everything correctly, where-upon he made a light apology and further enforced door six,

    *When it was time to board the bus, a woman came up outside the doors to the female employee who was going to take our tickets. The Greyhound employee spoke giving directions to her. It appeared the customer did not understand. The employee needed to tell her twice more, shaking her head and rubbing her face as if the customer was stupid and this was just so hard. Since I had been unable to hear her directions to the lady, I strained to hear the directions she gave the next person, immediately in front of me. Fortunately I did hear some of that. As I came to her, I stated I have some problems hearing, so please have patience with me. When she looked at my ticket and gave my directions it was said in a extremely low voice I could not hear. I just followed what the gentleman in front of me did.

    *Our first driver was AWESOME! Gary Donovant welcomed his passengers, introducing himself in the process. Rules regarding technology with sound and courtesy to other passengers were discussed. At each stop, he would tell us why we were pulling off the main road, where we were, how long the stop was and if we should take our things or leave them. As I watched, he assisted customers with their bags. After a slight vocal altercation with a "station manager" in Grand Junction, CO, Mr. Donovant welcomed me back onto the bus with a smile. At one stop, after we all got back onto the bus, he picked up the microphone and in a very nice but firm way, strongly suggested there would be no more profanity. He stated not only do women and children not desire or need to hear it, but there were also some males, himself included, who did not. This man received a tip from me when the time came to change drivers. Mr. G. Donovant, the lady behind the counter at 10:30 a.m., and our last driver were the only three decent Greyhound employees I had the opportunity to meet!!

    *Grand Junction, Colorado - All the customers disembarked from the bus, many heading to the washrooms. As the females went to use the facilities, we all, in time, become aware there was no necessary paper in three out of the four stalls and not much in that one. There was no soap at all, for any of us.

    Upon coming out, the line for food was growing. The food counter was well stocked and one lady (Erika) was running the cash register. After standing for several minutes at the ticket counter, she asked if she could help me. When she finally came closer, I told her the condition of the ladies restroom. "Oh, but I'm here by myself. I'm doing the best I can, " she said. I asked her for the manager's name and how to reach him. She told me his name was Jerry and gave me a phone number.

    Several minutes later, two men came in to the counter area. One took over cashiering while the other sat at the ticket counter with the lady who had been at the register. Treating myself, I bought an ice cream sandwich. Then I asked this person when the best time to catch Jerry on shift would be. I was told he was sitting right there as this man pointed to the other male and the lady sitting at the ticket counter.

    I proceeded to the side of the counter and asked the male if he was indeed Jerry. He stated he was. I asked if the buses run on a regular schedule. He said they did, but sometimes not to the minute. I told him that was understood. I was concerned this bus was expected and the restroom facilities were not stocked appropriately. He stated, quite firmly, "They are now!" I replied it was a little late. The food was well stocked and someone was available to take the customer's money, but the restroom facilities weren't serviced even knowing a bus was due to come in. I then asked for his supervisor's name. Jerry stated he could not give me that (I find this a little strange...).

    Then I proceeded to the front of the counter and nicely (check the video) suggested to the lady the next time a customer asks for a manager who was currently on site, she might give out that information. As I walked away, Jerry shouted out, for the current occupants of the bus station to hear, I wasn't going to get back on the bus. I turned back towards him and said, "Excuse me?" He then stated, "with an attitude" such as I had I didn't need to re-board.

    Needless to say, I was a little frightened at this point. It's after 6 p.m. I'm traveling alone. Jerry is threatening I will not be allowed back onto the transportation I have paid for. In my head, I'm going back over my behavior... I was firm, but professional and businesslike. There was no profanity or raising of my voice. I did not intimidate physically or verbally other than asking for a supervisor, which is standard. By what right did he have to detain me? I made the decision to wait until I needed to show my ticket. Jerry and the other man came out and stood beside the bus driver. Jerry stated I shouldn't be allowed to get back on the bus. Mr. Donovant lifted a thumb with a smile and motioned to me to board. Jerry stood yelling after me, "Yep, I'm the manager of this station. At your service."

    *Next Driver - Mr. Donovant told us we would have a new driver at this stop. He stated the driver was there and ready. We waited for a while (didn't realize documentation might be necessary to include time frames). When this man arrived, he took the cigarette out of his mouth and threw it before boarding the bus. Not a word was spoken by him. ... no introductions, etc.

    Communication was minimal to nil. We weren't told on several stops why we were stopping, for how long, or when the next stop would be. Nothing was actually said until the bus was stopped. This doesn't allow for customers to get ready to get out to make the most of the short stop times we had. The one stop where several customers were actually yelled at by this man was an unscheduled stop. It appeared he needed the restroom facilities and a smoke break. Smokers were told they could get out and stay by the side of the bus (Mr. Donovant had requested anyone smoking stand away from the bus). When several customers attempted to follow the path of the driver, he was on his way back and raised his voice at them. Telling the passengers who were standing by the bus to get back on consisted of his waving his arms as one might do to cattle.

    *He did not communicate a different driver was taking over. She came on the bus and gave her name and a short statement about technology with noise.

    *The bus station in Las Vegas was very scary with both various people who were not customers inside and the trash and other non-customers outside the front doors.

    *The gentleman who drove from L.A. to Oceanside was nice and seemed personable. I'm not able to comment further due to the short two hour time frame spent.

    *Is this normal behavior for Greyhound personnel? Are customer service skills taught during or post the hiring process? Does Greyhound have secret shoppers who report back to management? Does the CEO ever take a bus trip longer than an hour or two on the service being managed? Does Greyhound management care?

    I'm sorry I chose to "leave the driving to..." as the motto used to be. My perceptions of this service would have stayed much higher than they currently are. Let it be known, Greyhound will never again be my choice for travel!
    A Very Dissatisfied Customer

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  • La
    Laurie Mannon Apr 28, 2011

    Where is the justice for the people? who do we go to for help? Greyhound is rufusing to refund a ticket that could"nt be used but was already paid for. And to add insult to fury the bus depot that I left from after buying another ticket was closed my baggage wasn"nt tagged and hasn"nt been found as yet, It"s been 3 months. It had all my jewlrey and some pretty speacial chilhood pictures that can not be replaced, I dont have money for a lawyer isnt there some one out there that can help the little people any where??????

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  • Fk
    FKNPISSED May 09, 2011


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  • Lb
    lbgleason1958 Jul 09, 2011

    You need to list some sort of a disclaimer that states that certain terminals may be closed when a customer is dropped off, in order to change busses.

    Yes, there are links to individual terminals that list hours, but you should still list this in the information that is received when a person is purchasing a ticket online, etc.

    Over the weekend, I took a trip to Denver and came home on the bus. I rode Greyhound from Denver to Pueblo. Three of us, including my daughter, left the bus to wait for the arrival of the Beeline Express to take us into Kansas ( Great service from these people, too bad it doesn't extend to Greyhound main services ).

    When we left the bus, other passengers also left in order to take a cigarette break. In a previous stop the driver told them to go to the rear of the bus. They all stood where we were waiting for our bus, smoked, and spat. I was actually spat on.

    The driver should have been more attentive to what was going on.

    On top of everything else, I have COPD. Once the other bus left, I stood with another male passenger. I am a female and was travelling with my daughter.

    This area of town does not appear safe. The terminal area was not well lit.

    I was placed in a position of trusting this male passenger. What if he had been a dangerous person?

    It was very, very cold and windy. I felt very nervous and became very ill after standing and waiting. I can provide medical documentation to that effect.

    You should warn people that terminals may not be open. You should also provide some sort of enclosures, and local police departments should be asked to patrol areas during times that they know when busses are arriving in off-hours.

    I have no problem riding with Prestige/Beeline, but I will never, ever again ride Greyhound and will advise friends to that effect.

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  • Pa
    Patricia1977 Jul 18, 2011

    I usually travel from Minneapolis to Chicago, I had terrible experiences both with the people at the counter and the person who drives the busses. The last trip I did from Minneapolis, it was last week, they made us change busses, it was really bad, it was very hot, extremely hot in the back of the bus including the bathroom and in the front was extremely cold, ice cold, it was an awful experience. I decided to travel by bus due to the increase of air tickets prices but I feel that I will rather pay a bit more than to take so much trouble from the Grayhound people.
    Why the people who work for Grayhound sound and look so unhappy, at least they have a job comparing to so many people who are unemployed.

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  • Ga
    gaitano Aug 20, 2011

    My daughter stood out in the rain in New York City with many other passengers waiting for a Greyhound Bus that never arrived. The pick-up time was eight o’clock at night and she arrived at seven. She was finally forced to leave at eleven thirty because the other passengers left and she was alone on the street. The pick-up location has no enclosed shelter just full exposure to the weather and everyone was caught in a rain storm. She tried contacting Greyhound through different numbers to determine if the bus was in an accident. Greyhound has no numbers to tell passengers if one of their buses is going to arrive or not. They have plenty of phone numbers when it comes to services that require payment from you. The bus drivers that maintain these routes should at the very least be given phone numbers of designated passengers to let them know the bus will not arrive. Clearly Greyhound is not interested in
    putting their passengers first. My daughter has very little time off of work to visit her family. Rescheduling is very difficult at best. From what I understand there is no cash refund on her bus ticket.
    Greyhound gets what they want and my daughter gets nothing, another indication of profits over people.
    My friends and family want to know what happen to the bus and why you have poor passenger communication. Based on other complaints I have read you appear to be a company that has very poor customer relations.
    I want my daughter to have a cash refund so she can reschedule a home visit in the future from a transportation service of her choice.
    The following information is about her pick-up location and reference number her ticket. I want this matter investigated.
    I will be filing my complaint to other websites so potential passengers can be warned ahead of time of you total lack of regard for your passengers.

    Bus Ticket Reference:

    Bus Pick-up Location:
    N.W. Corner of 34 St. & 8th Ave.
    Curbside-Not Enclosed
    New York Penn Station, NY 12550

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  • Nr
    nrz Dec 10, 2011

    At the moment I am on a bus that left from Albany NY at 8:15 pm on Friday, Dec 9, 2011 for Boston MA, with stopover in Springfield MA. The driver got completely lost in Springfield, not having any idea how to get to the bus station. He apparently called the Greyhound terminal in Springfield for directions, but nobody answered the phone. After circling around the city for a while, one of the passengers was fortunately able to figure out where we were, and come up with some directions to eventually guide the Greyhound driver to the terminal. I have experienced the same thing frequently last year, with Greyhound line between Albany NY and Boston MA with a stopover in Worcester MA, where multiple drivers would regularly get lost in Worcester, and needed up to an hour to find the bus terminal. This is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. If Greyhound employs drivers that regularly do not know their route, at least these drivers should be provided with a phone number where they could find emergent help with directions.

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  • Co
    couldbebetter Apr 03, 2012

    I purchased tickets a few weeks in advance. I never received the tickets due to a printing error. This I can understand, but Greyhound refused to re-send the tickets. They also never arranged for me to pick up the tickets, which they were supposed to do. Also, I was never refunded my mailing fee or for the price of the tickets. Lastly, because Greyhound kept promising a refund, I waited too long to get my money back (by filing a complaint with my credit card company for Services Never Received). I believe the services at Greyhound are a scam, especially since they promised a refund, which delayed my filing a complaint with my credit card company.

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  • Ad
    ADeLoach Feb 26, 2013

    I Purchased a ticket from Detroit to Nashville, and as I was returning home and had been on the bus for several hours, I was bitten on the leg by a bed bug. A bump appeared and my leg started itching. So watch out for bed bugs on these buses. Spray your clothes and luggage before boarding.

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  • Mi
    mik621more Mar 26, 2014

    I just took a greyhound trip from erie pa too albuquerque nm and what a disaster. i was supposed to get into nm at 630am did not get in until 200pm due too a series of greyhound bs. The worst thing that happened was when our old 80's like bus rolled into Amarillo Tx and when we re-boarded went 20 miles down the road and had to turn back due to wind shield wiper failure, are you kidding me. Then the driver that could barely speak english locks us on the bus with and infant and two little kids on board and leaves us locked on bus telling us she will let us know what is up.what a laugh she comes out of building and goes right by our bus to her car and takes off down the road .We were locked on that bus 40 minutes and kids crying people starting to have anxiety attacks and finally people said this wrong so they crawled under driver shield and got the door open to get people out of bus. what a bunch of unprofessional nit wits. And the female bus driver was as professional as a rock.I think all of us should have got our fare money back and they should be investigated, I road the greyhound lines many times in the 80's and they were very professional but avoid them at all cost, spend extra for train or air fare. My Conformation number was 2699673001..what a joke lost out on over 200.00 for a hell ride!!

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  • Al
    Alesha_C Jul 10, 2014

    Talk about a ride from hell, HA please. I boarded Valley Transit from Port Lavaca, TX going to Houston, TX to then board a return trip upon Greyhound. At Houston I witnessed a woman being mugged and robbed while inside the bus terminal.From Houston To Texarkana we rode with no air conditioning, driver refused to pull over to have it repaired. With 92 degree temperatures at 97 % humidity. It was like being dumped into the middle of hell itself. Poor Children and babies crying because they were hot, ### driver fussing at the mothers because there kids were not being quiet. Threatened to boot one mother and 3 month old because of crying.It was not the child or mothers fault, It was the fault of an uncaring driver who wanted his shift to be over. Thank goodness when we arrived at Texarkana we recieved a new driver. Upon Arrival at Shreveport, LA passengers were allowed to smoke, eat, use the restroom. We were given 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, the driver did not bother to call and tell people he was boarding, he simply boarded and left 4 unsuspecting passengers stranded. they all 4 could be seen from the bus, like it would be so much trouble to open the door and say hey we need to go. Nope just leave them stranded.Also the driver kicked off a 17 year old kid because the poor guy asked the driver if he could reboard a few minutes earlier because he had been threatened and did not want any trouble. I mean seriously? Kicking off a child unaccompanied ? Way to go Greyhound !!! I cannot remember where the next stop ( was some hole in the wall town in either LA or Arkansas) but the same driver attempted to leave an elderly woman in the restroom that used a cane to get around with, until passengers got really angry and upset with them. A short time later we recieved the most angry driver ever, cussed under his breath, belittled people for asking questions, was over all extremely rude to everyone. It was with this driver the septic screwed up and we had to ride smelling poop from Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee. Over 300 miles or so. Upon arrival at Nashville the bus was serviced, repaired and cleaned, however it was not cleaned with any kind of bleach or disease / germ killing Disinfectant. It was cleaned with a very strong pine-sol like stuff that smelled completely horrid. The fumes were so thick you could taste them. Also Police as well as K-9 units were there, going through the buses and luggage underneath. 2 people on my bus alone were busted for having pot. Delaying our trip by 1 and a half hours. Upon re-boarding of the bus, Some lady had an asthma attack because of the fumes from the so called cleaner they used to *clean* the bus with.The driver threw a tantrum because he had to stop on the side of the road so she could go dig for her bag under the coach for her inhaler. After calling the woman stupid and belittling her, They re-boarded the bus and we were on our way again. We arrive at Knoxville, TN . Employees removed several bags from underneath the coach to place packages underneath . I had asked the Lady driver if they were going to put them back, I was told yes by her, a security officer and the employee pulling bags off. The next driver took the shift at Knoxville, Tennessee. This Lady was very kind, funny, joked around with us and was an over all joy to have after such a horrible trip. She was very informative and kind. Explained where we were stopping, safety instructions, etc. After a few hundred miles i arrive at my destination of Bristol, Tennessee. The Female driver and myself went to search for my bag, low and behold my tagged bag was not under the bus. Driver calls the office, office tells me they will take my number and call me back in 5 minutes to see if they could locate it in Knoxville. 48 hours later I am still awaiting that phone call. I have opened a ticket on it, have a reference number, a baggage claim number . Customer service was very rude when trying to open a ticket, and were not helpful at all. When trying to call the terminals, the phone rings off the hook, no one answers. I have tried several times and am quite annoyed with the situation. I have lost nearly my entire wardrobe, my medications for my kidneys, my Souvenirs from my trip, and 100 dollars in cash. I am receiveing no answers, no help what so ever. This will be the last time ever using Greyhound. I will fly in the future, I suggest you all doing the same . Save yourself the time, Trouble, misery and heartache.

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  • Fe
    FedUpWithGreyhound Oct 08, 2014

    In October 2013, I was in line behind a girl at the Daytona Beach, FL Greyhound bus station who was being given a hell of a time. To give you the background, you are able to purchase Greyhound bus tickets at certain convenience stores. She purchased hers and was given a receipt and a plastic card which she understood to be her ticket. When she arrived at Greyhound to catch her bus, they told her that she was missing a part of her ticket. She told the man behind the desk that this was all she was provided at the convenience store when she purchased the ticket. The plastic card contained the electronic data of her journey and he was able to pull up the details on his computer. However, this was still not enough according to him. She asked, if he was able to put her card through his computer to view her journey and that she had proof of purchase, why she would not be allowed on the bus. He said it was policy. She went back to the store and they didn't know what had happened with the other part of the ticket and were unable to print a duplicate. She called Greyhound customer support. They told her that there was no policy that the man at Greyhound station had to let her on the bus and that it was to HIS OWN DISCRETION, however that if she asked the convenience store to provide a print-out from their screen of the journey even though it wasn't officially a ticket and brought this back to the Greyhound Station that hopefully the man behind the desk would take pity and accept it and let her on her bus. When she returned, the man said he would not accept the print-out and that she would have to pay for a new ticket. She burst in to tears. Her mother was in hospital, incredibly ill, and she needed to get to her. He was unmoved by this. She literally had no more money. She used all of her money on her ticket to nowhere. I couldn't believe it, so I paid for a new ticket for her, and I said to the man that you would think that considering it was obvious that she was meant to be a passenger, and it showed this in his computer, that he should have let her on? I suggested that they centralise their policies at Greyhound and that if customer services says it will hopefully be fine to do as they suggested, that the employee of Greyhound behind the desk who was representing the company would let her board the bus. When he again said he would not and that she had to purchase another ticket or she could not take the journey, I also stated that if it was to his own discretion whether to let her on or not, maybe he could grow a heart and a conscience. His reply to me? He said he was not an Employee of Greyhound, that he was in fact a contractor, and that he didn't consider himself to be a representative of Greyhound and that he could do as he pleased. He could allow whoever he wanted onto the bus. His arrogance astounded me. When I asked who his superior was, he said he didn't have one and that he made the rules. The most awful part of this was that he was training up someone to do his job at this very moment (perhaps they were both going to be contracted by Greyhound also), which means that he was going to pass on this "expertise" to this poor guy sitting next to him. Greyhound doesn't function as a company. All of the bus branches are completely disconnected from the company itself, and its staff is disillusioned. It's quite astounding that someone can act so badly and rudely, let alone in a customer facing position. His behaviour was abhorrent, but there was nobody to complain to. I complained at the time to Greyhound customer service. I never received a response. The only thing I can say is how happy I was that that lovely girl managed to see her mother. Greyhound has a lot to answer for. They should be embarrassed by the company they've built and the staff they have not trained. I learned that this was not an isolated incident in this bus station having spoken to locals who regularly visited there. I also learned that this was not an isolated incident in the USA having spoken with customers from further afield.

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  • St
    Stefanie V Jul 11, 2015

    Greyhound she be put out of business. My God who in the hell is running this operation. The customer service, drivers, mangers and anyone else seems to be an employee with such evil power it is absolutely insane. You have to watch anything you say to any employee or you are OFF THAT BUS. You will lose, no matter what happened because they do not give a damn. Riding a Greyhound bus is equivalent of a bus ride to hell. You have to kiss their ### to get to your destination. Such horrible service it is just crazy. Somebody somewhere someway needs to do a major investigation on this fraudulent mega monopolized demon company. Read the thousands of horrific experiences people have had. The drivers are monsters that leave teenagers at scary bus stations for no apparent reason. They leave people in wheelchairs, they don't allow people to board because they are just the damned awful worst people in the world, The Greyhound bus company is going to take you for a terror ride. DO NOT USE THIS NIGHTMARE BUS IT IS EQUAL TO HELL

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  • Ke
    Kevin Smith Dec 02, 2015

    My name is Kevin Smith I was on a Greyhound Bus leaving Albuquerque New Mexico to St. Louis Missouri on September 18 at 10:45pm. My bus was running late we did not deport till 1:00am I had two bags one was a carry on when we were getting on the bus they took my carry on bag and put it at the bottom of the bus why they did this is because they said the bus was to pack for my bag so they said when I get to Oklahoma City I could put my bag up top. When I arrived in Oklahoma City I ask for my bag the guy who was pulling the bags off the bus told me that I would half to wait to I got to St. Louis to get my bag. So when I arrived in St. Louis my bag was NOT on the bottom of the bus. So I call and I call all around to Albuquerque and OKC they told me that I would half to make a claim and I did that. I had my X BOX1 IN THAT BAG FOUR GAMES AND CONTROLLER I HAD MY MICROSOFT TABLET AND TWO PAIR OF SHOES A WATCH DVD MOVIES AND MUSIC CDS. Greyhound denied my claim which is was not my fault is was there workers at the station. So can someone please help me this is not right. my claim number 2418768 and this is another number they gave me309445 My phone number is 505-359-8431

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  • Ma
    MadWorld Dec 17, 2015

    I made the horrible mistake of sending my wife from Tulsa to Dallas. I purchased the ticket on-line, opting for "Priority Boarding". I expected some of the passengers to be a bit different from those I have traveled with by airline for the last 30 years. Nothing could have prepared us for what we found upon entering the station. I am truly sorry if I offend anyone, I understand that there are all types of people, but the scene was like that of an insane asylum. People were talking to themselves, one man yelling and gesturing two fingers of his hand like a gun to unseen companions. While at the counter, the attendant, a very friendly African-American with long black and red braids saw this and told us that she "would not be letting that man on-board". I sat with my wife while the continuing passengers re-boarded the bus, and waited for further instructions. She then announced the boarding call and everyone lined up, with no mention of "Priority Boarding". I asked the attendant about this and was told that you can't do that on-line and that you must pay the fee at the station at EACH bus change. I would not mind, but there was no reason for me to know this detail, so there really is no service provided by making this purchase. While only an extra $5.00, it is still dishonest of Greyhound to sell this on-line with no mention of the actual process. After the bus departed, I left for home. Within 20 minutes of leaving, my wife calls to tell me that the driver is lost and is asking the passengers for directions and has pulled off the road into a parking lot to turn around. Not only that, but the man who was not to board had taken the seat across the isle from my wife. I called the Tulsa office to complain and was told that because of construction the driver must have gotten lost. When I asked about the man in question, she said that the driver must have let him board and gave me a number for customer service (214) 849-8966. My wife said the driver was a woman named Laquisha. In addition to the drivers attempts to keep the peace and find her way down the road, she also said getting lost was going to put her over her allowed hours. My wife called back in fear because the man was yelling, using vulgar cursing and jumping around, while the driver and other passengers yelled and cursed back at him. She just now called again when she changed buses in OKC, she is terrified and fearful for her safety. I believe that Greyhound has a responsibility to keep dangerous persons off their bus. The bus is an enclosed space that a passenger has no where to run in the case of danger and the driver has the added responsibility of keeping the bus on the road. When things like tonight are allowed to happen it is a no-win situation. After leaving OKC she has let me know that things are quiet now. I took the time to call the customer service number and waited 15 minutes on hold, which is pretty good considering. The service person was kind and listened to me explain my experience for 25 minutes. I asked if she needed any other information and she asked if she could transfer me to her supervisor so I would get the best service and I could tell her my story. REALLY all 25 minutes. It's not like I was working from a script. I don't have the energy to retell it if I could. I asked her if the calls are recorded and she confirmed that they are. I told her to pass along the recording to the head of customer service. She asked if I wanted to request a refund...huh? Who cares about the money, what I want is to take all of this back, call into work sick in the morning from Dallas. I do not and will never try again. I will always tell this story, maybe not 25 minutes of it...and if I ever hear anyone considering Greyhound I will resoundingly encourage them not to use Greyhound, which is also Trailways.

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  • Br
    Briynn1982 Jul 15, 2016

    It is now 3;37 in the morning my elderly mother in-law is stranded on a bus from Philadelphia to Indianpolis. She has been waithing for at least 2 hours for another bus to arrive. One bus already picked up half the passengers. She doesn't know where she is or when she will be arriving. All phone lines are closed to Greyhound NO COMMUNICATION until 7;00 in the morning, not to mention her bus was already 45 minutes late departing!!! Very UPSET and Worried!!! NEVER USE GREYHOUND!!!

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  • Lv
    lv70 Nov 15, 2016

    I am a 20 yr customer of greyhound. In the last 5 yrs they have become arrogant desperately greedy and rude. $18 to purchase with credit card...Why? Because they can. They have lost not just a loyal customer but potential customers in my family. Some other bus company is going to profit from a lot of disappointed customers. For you accountants, you know those numbers add up.

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  • St
    steves signs Nov 30, 2017

    Do they still let people eat on buses?

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  • Ar
    Ardell Simon Mar 04, 2018

    Greyhound bus services is terrible !!! They sold ticket bus #4693 going from NYC to Allentown, PA. Leaving at 6:09am and it has no driver and there is no communication to the passengers at all. Finally had to abandon this bus service to find an alternative, luckily another bus service honored the Greyhound bus ticket and is now providing alternate transportation. I tried calling their customer service number and their agents are clueless and no help!!!

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