Great Wolf Lodgerefund due to canceling at great wolf lodge in gurnee

H Dec 01, 2019

Booked an overnight stay via Groupon in Aug 2019 for my son and a few friends for his 13 birthday at GREAT WOLF LODGE (GWL) I paid $271 to Groupon. My sister called me Oct 3 and told me that GWL had bedbugs and that she saw this on Facebook and then forwarded thus info to me. I called GWL to cancel and was told I needed to cancel with Groupon. Called Groupon told them the same and they wanted to know why...told them about the bedbugs and was told I missed the deadline to cancel and get a refund. I needed to cancel within 9 days of my reservation. I told them I just found out and I am NOT willing to take the chance of everybody bringing bedbugs back home do I need to cancel and again get a refund. Nothing, so I called my credit card company and put in a dispute which took the charge off my charge until it is resolved. Just yesterday 11/30 it was back on my bill. I called and was told Groupon is not at fault they provided the service if the voucher and that's it. What now? I am trying to get the CEOs of both companies to write a letter. Groupon nor GEL is not at fault so I am for not going because you have bedbugs. I wanted to go or I would not have made the reservation. This issue left me scrambling for another place to have a get together a paying twice. Something is not right. If everyone would have come home with bedbugs EACH HOUSEHOLD then what and I would have looked like a fool and a bad parent when I was warned.

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