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Great Wolf Lodgepool cleanliness, bad customer service

We are loyal customers have gone every year for a long time except for last year as we had a death in the family. So this year July 31st check out on the 4th, we decided to go and rented the beautiful new cottages. That part was absolutely amazing, we spent over 5K in 4 days, the stay itself was without any issues, we loved it. However, on our way back, my teen daughter started to complain about having to stop a lot on our 7-hour drive back. On the Wednesday we were at the doctor's office and told she had a UTI, a few days later I had one too. This particular strain was a very stubborn one we were told. My daughter needed 4 courses of antibiotics and I needed 3. We were sick all of august with fever, bloated bellies and felt very miserable. On the fourth round I got upset and called the lodge. I was transferred to water sanitation where I explained our predicament. I was made fun of and told by a man that it had nothing to do with them. Then another came on that was a bit nicer pretended to listen but never even took my name or dates. So I called back and was told a manager would call me back. One did, she was a woman who sounded nice, she is a night time manager named Jessica. I told her that a normal UTI I probably would not have bothered to call but this was unusual. I told her that I wanted them to simply take this seriously and the fact that we had been seriously sick. She said she understood and would get back to us after she spoke to other managers. She never called back and 2 weeks later we received a "Here is a 25% off voucher for your next stay" On dates that they are not busy and of course none of the dates that we could go, but we get that much when we go anyway because we are always there more than 4 days, so really this was so insulting. So I called this manager and left her a message saying how disappointed I was with the way the lodge handled this, but she never even bothered to return that phone call. I am floored at how no one cared enough to even pretend to take this seriously. We really suffered for over a month and no one cared to say "We are sorry that you have had a lousy end to your summer because of your stay with us"

Great Wolf Lodgeemployees

My family went to Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights (3 adults and 2 children) $1100 trip turned into $1500 after my daughter accidentally broke a tv in the bowling alley. The Tv's hang much to low for a child who is at their peak height, my daughter went to throw the ball down the alley when the ball hit the bottom of the tv and broke it. Hmmm maybe there should be cages around the tvs or maybe the tvs should be at the end of the alley so this doesn't happen.

My daughter was honest and said we need to tell someone so we did (as we should) the gentleman that we mentioned this to said it was "ok, don't worry about it I will let my supervisor know and we will just turn the tv off"

We carried on with our FUN day. Went out back for story time and roasted marshmallows. Came inside where 2 woman were waiting for us to talk about the broken tv. My family and I were then escorted out into the lobby area where this was discussed IN FRONT of 2 young children. I was told that we have to pay $400 for the tv. I told the employee that the guy in the arcade area said it was ok and that we can carry on with our day. This employee then started to argue with me and implied that I was lying and that her employee did not say that to me.

Great wolf lodge has insurance for incidents like this. Yes I will agree that if there was damage to our room or if my child was being rough and purposely broke something then yes absolutely take the actions you need to take but this was an accident and not malicious at all. This is Great Wolf Lodge, you make millions and you're going to charge for something that was done BECAUSE your establishment can't think outside the damn box and use common sense in areas where accidents could potentially happen and DID happen.

Don't treat someone like a criminal, your reason for not reimbursing my $400 is "it was a teaching lesson for our staff" give me a break, if thats the reason then I should be given back my money FOR YOUR STAFF'S LESSON!!

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    Dear potential Great Wolf Lodge visitors,
    As you are all aware, G.W.L is not a cheap place to take your family, understandably so. It is a great family fun place. A fun filled place to especially bring your deserving children. During my family visit with my 9 year old, she was doing just that, having all the fun G.W.L promises for a child. As you are also all aware, accidents do happen with children and as parents our job is to teach lessons in a positive way because kids do not intend for bad things to happen. Unfortunately, G.W.L does not possess this belief, or so it would seem. My innocent 9 year old had to pay an unfortunate price by humiliation and great guilt bestowed upon her by G.W.L itself. Please, keep in mind that this is a children's place.

    Our second fun filled day had ended with me paying out $400.00 on top of my $1000.00 room I had booked for 2 nights. My 9 year old was having fun bowling in the kids bowling ally when she miscalculated the height of the score monitor above the lane and mistakenly hit it with the ball and damaged the monitor. There are absolutely no height restrictions or requirements posted in this kids bowling ally and the score monitors are much lower than you would find in your standard bowling ally. As soon as she had realized what she had done, she became visibly distraught and broke my heart by telling me she does not deserve to have fun anymore and that we should go and tell a worker what happened. I agreed that we should go tell someone so we did after she had calmed down enough. When we found an employee, my honest and scared 9 year old told him what she had done. He then responded with "Don't worry, I will just turn off the monitor and let my supervisor know." And let us go on our way which we thought was the end of it. We then went and enjoyed more of the entertainment G.W.L offers. Our next adventure was Story Time under the Stars and marshmallow roasting. The kids really enjoyed this but soon that fun and happiness was abruptly come to an end. As Story Time ended, we began to make our way through the water park back through the lobby where we were awaited by two women in very intimidating black uniforms and escorted us into the lobby from the water park where we were surrounded by many other visitors. They then preceded to let us know that they have been looking for us all day as if we were wanted criminals on the run. They then began to discuss a payment plan for the broken monitor without any questions for me first. I began to explain to one of the ladies about the conversation I had with the employee I first spoke to about the incident. She automatically assumed I was lying to her by telling me that the employee I spoke to did not actually say that which he in-fact did. It was quite offensive as my 9 year old was standing beside me during this conversation hearing this lady telling me that I am lying. This conversation should have been taken to a quiet and private area to discuss instead of being surrounded by other visitors and my child. There was no consideration or empathy given to my child and I by the staff of this establishment what so ever and worse of all, there was no apology given to my 9 year old for the humiliation and guilt G.W.L made her feel.

    I am sending any potential visitors of this "kid friendly" establishment off with this advice, please be aware that accidents like this with children do happen, and it has been proven here, G.W.L will heartlessly make you pay for your innocent child's accident with no empathy or compassion.