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Hotel Reservations — Charged for 2 nights after hotel closed for COVID-19

On Monday, March 16, 2020, I made reservations at the Fitzgerald's Hotel in Robinsonville, MS. A few hours later, the hotel announced to the public via social media and the news that they were closing at midnight due to the Coronavirus. My reservations were for the 16th through the 18th. I pre-paid for the 2 nights through I called and asked them about my reservations and I was told there was nothing they could do becasue my reservations were canceled. I was livid. My card was charged for 2 nights and I did not get a chance to check in. I was told not to come becaue they were closing that night. I feel that I have been treated unfairly. I was told that I could not receive a refund becaus eof the cancellation policy, but I didn't cancel the reservations, the hotel did. I will never use or Fitzgerald's hotel again.

cancellation ripoff

Why do you always trick people with confusing photographs that people think they are on the direct link with the Sheraton hotel

Your prices are much higher then on their website

And you hide behind your cancellation policies same on you

I would like to see this solved

Bruce Grant

Your reservation number is R252039589
Your itinerary number is [protected]

attempted refund

I was trying to make a reservation at Hampton Inn on the Hampton Inn website. I selected what looked like their webpage. But it was page over the Hampton Inn page. When I payed is when I was given the name of the company that just booked my reservation. I immediately called Hampton Inn to verify, they had no idea of my reservation. The manager at Hampton was nice enough to get on the phone with and get my reservation cancelled. I had to cancel the reservation before I could make a new one directly thru Hampton Inn.

That was on September 17th 2019. It is now October 17th 2019 and I have yet to receive my refund of $429.00 from I called and they had no idea where my refund is. They told me to call my credit card company. I was speaking with someone in the Philippines. I asked for the phone number of the US office, no one there has it, is what I was told.

I was told that I will receive an email with details within 24 hours. I am curious as to how long they would have waited to contact me about my missing refund if I had not called them. I am thinking they never would.

I truly hate when companies outside the US will create an office in another country that we in the US cannot easily travel, as the first contact in a situation like this. I was not able to get any other phone number except the one listed on the website. I feel from reading other posts and law suits against that they are nothing more than thieves.

Everyone beware of this corrupt company and the practices they have. Never use them, tell everyone you know. I am going to spend millions of dollars to create as much pain for that company as possible. I may even visit Fla to show up on their doorstep with a baseball bat.

double charged for hotel booking

DOUBLE CHARGED for a single room. After multiple attempts to call and emails, they will not respond or refund. They have different stories each time we are able to make contact. Also, charged $15.00 service fee to book which was not disclosed on booking. We thought we had contacted the hotel direct. They are sneaky. Also, hard to understand. Asked where they are located - they are in the Phillapines. BEWARE, DON'T USE THIS COMPANY

a hidden non-refundable charge for $14.99 for any phone call you made to their service

I made a reservation, thinking I was on the hotel website. Only later I found out I made my reservation through I immediately contacted them and asked them to cancel my reservations. They said ok and added that there will be no cancellation fees. But they actually did charge me the $14.99! I
There were no signs or statements on their website about the non refundable charge before I made the phone call, only after I called back to cancel my reservation, on the cancellation confirmation e -mail, there was the hidden "term of service" stating that a $14.99 nonrefundable charge. The price charged is also higher then that hotel charges

this company is a scam!

Absolute scam! This company deceives you into believing you are contacting the hotel directly. They create a website to look like the hotel website to trick you into booking it through them instead of directly through the hotel. It's a disgrace and takes advantage of the consumer. It's companies like these that google needs to monitor and remove. Pathetic! Please Beware!

customer service non existent

I called on April 18, 2019 to make a reservation for June 29, 2019 at The Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel in Manhattan. The agent took my credit card number and booked it. Reservation number R1464249528.
He did not tell me me the charge would be non refundable in case of a cancellation.
I only found out in the confirmation e mail, much to my surprise.
As luck would have it, our plans changed, and I called on April 25, 2019 to cancel the reservation. I requested a credit, explaining that I was not told about the non refundable charge when I made the reservation. They refused. When I asked if I could listen to the recording of making the reservation, they again refused. They said that they would review it and get back to me.
As I expected, they did not grant a credit.
I called The Crowne Plaza, and their agent offered to contact on my behalf, but to no avail.
On's website, they claim that customer service and satisfaction is a priority.
Now I am out $420.00!
They should be ashamed of themselves for conning people.

shady practices cost me $400! never use!!

Buyer beware! USE BOOKINGS.COM INSTEAD of!! I booked the same Holiday Inn Resort for the same week on both and Both said no cancellation fee if cancel before a certain date. I needed to cancel the rooms over a month before our reservation date, weeks before the cancellation deadline. It was super simple on I simply went to their website, entered my reservation #, and hit "cancel", done! I immediately received a confirmation email that I would be receiving a full refund and there was no cancellation fee. I then we to their website, could not find a way to cancel, so used their "chat" option. The chat person said they could not help. so I had to call. I called and the rep said their was a 1 night cancellation fee of $400 even though the cancellation policy on their site said otherwise. I went back and forth with her, then asked to drop the reservation down to just the 1 night and cancel the other days to avoid the cancellation fee. She said she could not modify the reservation, only cancel it and charge me the fee. Ridiculous! I asked to speak to a supervisor. The queue for talking to a supervisor was so long she had to take my phone # and said they would call me within 24hrs. It has been over 24hrs. and still no call. I even tried calling the resort to modify my reservation, but they said they could not do anything because I booked through I hope this review helps others not lose $400 on a cancellation fee like I did for such shady practices. USE BOOKINGS.COM INSTEAD! I got better pricing from them and had a much easier cancellation experience with a full refund.

  • SubSquirrel Jun 19, 2019

    Why use a website that’s not associated with the hotel to book a room? Can’t you just call the hotel and place a reservation?

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 19, 2019

    Their cancellation policy is determined by reservation and mode of booking.

    “Modifying/Cancelling a Reservation – EACH ACCOMMODATION SUPPLIER, BOOKING PARTNER, AND EACH BOOKING IS DIFFERENT: SOME ARE MODIFIABLE AND/OR CANCELABLE, SOME ARE NOT. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CANCELLATION POLICY ASSOCIATED WITH THE RESERVATION YOU ARE BOOKING, WHICH APPEARS BELOW THE AREA WHERE THE CHARGES FOR YOUR RESERVATION IS DISPLAYED, OR AS OTHERWISE DISPLAYED BY OUR BOOKING PARTNERS (E.G. THROUGH A WHITE-LABEL SITE). IF YOU ARE CALLING OUR 24/7 CUSTOMER CALL CENTER, PLEASE REVIEW THE CANCELLATION POLICY WITH THE AGENT. Change(s) to a reservation after booking may result in additional fees at the discretion of the Accommodation Supplier and/or the Booking Partner. Cancellations or no-shows are subject to a monetary penalty, the total amount of which is within the Accommodation Supplier’s and/or the Booking Partner’s discretion.”

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I made a reservation for a hotel with in mid March.
The currency used on the website was not disclosed until after I had submitted the reservation. I was booking a hotel in Canada, from Canada and thought the site was quoting me Canadian dollars. No other currency was listed. Once I submitted the reservation I saw it was in USD. I immediately called to cancel the reservation. They told me they would refund me but I would still have to pay their booking fee and that it would take two weeks. They also told me I had to contact the. Manager at the hotel to confirm that he would agree to the refund. I did, and he agreed to the refund. I informed that he agreed to the refund but they did nothing. I waited a month and finally called them about the refund.
At this point the hotel had closed and they didn't bother to contact the hotel manager to confirm my refund. So I took it upon myself to get his contact information, which I did and subsequently provided to Despite the fact that the manager agreed to a refund, they are still refusing to honor it.
I jumped thru all the hoops they asked me to and still they declined my refund without even offering me credit for an other hotel stay.
Will never use their services again.

hotel rental

Made a reservation for tonight and between hitting submit and getting the confirmation the price jumped 60 bucks.. called within 5 mins and they refused to cancel. They told us it had to have been canceled 2 days ago for refund..reminder We JUST made the reservation 5 Mins ago, The rep also told us he didnt care what the page said that we couldn't get a refund..hotel chains should be ashamed to use this service!! Run away from this place as fast as you can!!! The whole time we thought we were booking through the Hotels web space but were not. We paid $90 higher than the room was listed for on the heels page


Booked a room online for a motel in May on motel's website. We did not know we were somehow transferred to We did not know we were on I did understand at the time of booking that if I cancelled this reservation or changed it the money would not be refunded due to motel's policy per the lingo on I had to cancel this reservation due to some unforeseen circumstances on the days I booked. I received and e-mail giving me a cancellation number and told me it was non-refundable again to the motel's cancellation policy. I called the motel and they said that they honor cancellations and said they saw in my account I was booked with Consumer Club Inc. There was a phone # on the motel's web site to call to see what was going on. When I called it was number and a foreign speaking man answered the call. He gave me a long run around saying that this reservation was non-refundable because of the motel's policy. I told him that I called the motel and they do not have such a policy. He said that since I made this reservation online, then it is non-refundable. The motel did say that they did not get money, so it came down to that have my $419.00. We asked the man on the phone again where my money was and he kept saying it was non-refundable. Eventually he admitted they have it and again it was non-refundable. I said isn't it illegal to do this to people and he said he had to hang up and he did. These people are liars and crooks stealing people's money. They should be in jail

misleading reservation site

My husband thought he was booking directly with a hotel in florida 2/26/19. He was told that he could cancel the reservation, if necessary. What he wasn't told was that there was a fee involved, and if you cancelled your reservation you were subject to a non-refundable fee as per the confirmation email sent after the reservation was made:

Hotel details
Clarion hotel orlando international airport
"hotel cancellation policy
Refundable up to 3/4/2019 : $100.88 the usd 14.99 fee from included in the total is non-refundable. The room rates listed are for double occupancy per room unless otherwise stated and exclude tax recovery charges and service fees. Any partial hotel stays is subject to be charged for the full reservations amount."

I cancelled the reservation on 2/27/19. It was tricky going to cancel. They offer an 'instant refund' of $20 if you keep your booking. Some people may see that and click to keep the booking, thinking they may be able to change their minds within the cancellation window. However, if you don't read the small print under instant refund, you will read this: please note, by accepting this discount this booking is final and can no longer be refunded or cancelled for any reason.

misleading reservation site

misdirection of hotel website

I needed to make a reservation that could be cancelled in the event I was unable to coordinate plans with my coworker. I intentionally looked up the Grand Hyatt Buckhead to book directly with them and made the reservation.

Moments later, when I received the confirmation, I opened the email and discovered it was with a and could not be cancelled. I called immediately, and they refused to cancel the reservations.

This is misleading and smirks of fraud. I want my reservation cancelled immediately.
My itinerary is [protected].

  • Ls
    LSM94 Oct 25, 2018

    My husband thought he was making A reservation with Hilton hotel reservation desk. Nope, it was the sleazy Just like others they made themselves look like You were dealing with the hotel when you weren’t. They took my husbands information took his credit card number and made the reservations for the Hilton. But when we looked up the reservation on the Hilton Website we noticed that the bill was almost $200 less than what Those scumbags charged us for. Oh and you can’t cancel the reservation. These people are frauds, scammers, thieves and they need to be shutdown and arrested. I Can’t imagine that no one has contacted the Attorney General about these scumbags!

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booked my in the wrong city and wouldn't allow a transfer or cancel/rebook

Horrible, Horrible...HORRIBLE!!! I Googled a particular hotel in a city, "Lexington, Mass". Not knowing, the...

very misleading and unethical company

I live in Canada and placed a reservation for a Canadian Hotel. When I called the recording asked I spoke English or French, leading me to believe I was at least speaking to a Canadian company. A few minutes after I got off the phone, I received a "Thank you, your Reservation is Complete". This email stated my reservation and itinerary number along with my total charge. The USD wasn't shown on this email. Only the $14.99 USD charge at the bottom of the page for a cancellation fee. Then I received a Confirmation email showing that the charge was in US funds. Keep in mind that I'm calling from a Canadian phone number making a reservation with my Canadian Visa card for a Canadian hotel. When I called I was told they were a US company and all transactions ere in US funds. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that they would just say the same thing. When I called the hotel, I was told that my reservation was through Expedia. I've since found out that they actually own this company. I have asked twice for a supervisor from to return my call and they don't have the courtesy to do that. I believe my reservation has now been canceled but I may have to wait 30 days to get my money back. I'll chalk the $14.99 USD up to "lesson learned". Very disappointed in both companies and would love to hear back from either one.

illegal tax collection doubled the amount of taxes they should have collected on a recent reservation (from $380 to...


I book room online which shows 140 $ only but when I complete reservation it comes to 199 that is also usd...

hotel accommodations

My husband and I traveled to Florida on a spur of the moment trip. Used to find a room because we couldn't find anything. We paid 274.00 with our credit card for a room at the Baymont Inn in Fort Walton Beach. We arrived at the hotel to find the room had a terrible leak and the room was damp and the stinch was so strong. Reported to front desk and we were shown another room in worse comdition. Stayed on the phone with for 4 hours trying to get this issue resolved to no avail. Hotel said they couldn't refund bc it was through a 3rd party. Finally after 4 1/2 hours of attempt finally contacted Baymont to verify about the rooms deplorable conditions. Now we were told by that we will have to wait 15 days for a refund which left my husband and I 7 hours from home at 11p.m. in the middle of nowhere without anywhere to stay after driving 7 hours straight. didn't improvise in any way and now we are back on the road with no rest at night traveling back home.

unauthorized credit card charges

7/5/18 --date of incident
Confirmation number [protected]

They set it up to look like you are booking directly through hotel. Total price was shown as $103. As soon as I entered my info--my card was immediately charged $140 and then it flashed on screen it's non-refundable. I immediately called as I wanted to cancel as I knew I was scammed. They refused and said it is non-refundable. I asked how they got from $103 to $140 and she rattled off some numbers trying to bury the fact they were charging a $14.95 fee. I made her repeat it slowly and then discovered their bogus fee. I called hotel and they said total room was charged $92.54 which means they scammed me out of $47.46! I would have never booked non-refundable as I wasn't sure I could go. Turns out I can't so I am being ripped off of $140!

  • Ry
    Ryan Ashley Kennedy Easley Aug 12, 2018

    I made a reservation for 1 night in hotel price showed 112 dollars before I submitted my payment. When I got my email confirmation the rest of the charges that were not given to me during check out were listed. Called them immediatly after and they said they could not cancel it. I never did see a non cancelation policy, is so I would have never booked. They are crooks and I will try and report to the better business bureau!!!

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  • Om
    Omeomya Aug 12, 2018

    Why would you think you were making a reservation from the hotel's web site? You know how to make sure you are doing that? GO TO THE HOTEL'S WEBSITE! If you had bothered to actually read the cancellation policy (which isn't hidden, it is written right on the checkout page and the $14.99 is CLEARLY visible and printed in the subtotal. It isn't a scam, you just didn't pay attention. Your inability to verify (it was right there on the checkout page. You just didn't read) isn't their fault. It is yours. I am attaching a screen shot of their checkout page and showing EXACTLY what is listed.

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lost reservation

I made reservations on December 5, 2017, for my friend and myself to fly business class from Boston to London and then on to Edinburgh on May 15, 2018. Our flight was scheduled to leave that morning around 7:30 am. About two weeks prior to our departure, I received an email from British Airways asking me to contact them about a concern over our layover time being too short in London. After, contacting this number and discussing it with this agent, I decided to leave the reservation as it was and hope that there would be enough layover time. (BTW, this agent was not proficient with the English language and I'm wondering if she was the one who totally wrecked our reservation.)
The following week, when I looked at my itinerary, I was startled to see that our departure date had been change to May 25, 2018. I immediately called and talked to another reservation agent who told me that there were no more seats available on the 7:30 am flight to London. After about and hour of him working on trying to fix things, he managed to put us on a flight leaving the evening of May 15th.
This change shortened our trip by one day and we had to make other arrangements for our stay in Edinburgh as a result.
I never received a satisfactory explanation for why after reserving and paying for a business class ticket our reservation was changed from May 15 to May 25, 2018.
I guess I would like this mystery solved so that it doesn't happen to other customers. It also colored the beginning of what was supposed to be a special trip that had been planned for a long time. I've enjoyed traveling with British Airways in the past but some kind of compensation is in order.
Thank you.
Krista Smillie
Booking reference NRAOLK

  • Complainant20091 Jun 19, 2018

    Mrs Krista Smillie:
    You can not request an answer on quaetion "why" as the decision on change has been taken by the BA air carrier.
    If you do not know what youare entitled to,
    you can hire a professional by submitting the documents related to the trip and by payment a small fee for explanations of your rights.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations mattes
    e-mail: aryan(at), air.irregulations(at) - requests for private claims with docs

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