• No
    NO BS stylist May 26, 2009

    Stop ###. Either work there or don't. That's why there are so many salons out there. No one said you have to work there.

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  • Lo
    love hair May 12, 2009

    If you have respect for yourself and work for great clips you will be quick to realize that the 15 -17 min haircut requirement is a mild form of bullying. (and yes, your hrs being cut for not meeting this requirement is the company's way of manipulating you).
    It is not normal to have absolutely no input into your own schedule. The fact that great clips also requires you to work (every) saturday and sunday shows just how little they value your
    quality of life. I am an experienced stylist and realized these factors right away when I worked for great clips. However I have to say that the saddest part of working for great clips was witnessing a fellow stylist (new to the hair industry) so easily subjected to the discouragement and bullying because she did not yet have the confidence in herself that comes with experience. I had watched this stylist cry many times from being so frustrated.

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  • Er
    ErinJ May 10, 2009

    I have worked for great clips on and off for 7 years. i have worked for three diferent owners and managed one of them for 2 years. Like all companies there are good and bad qualities about Great clips. my franchisee offers insurance plans and pays us very well. My current manager is amazing and stands behind her staff. I live and work in a very nice part of town and we have a great high income clientell, I make a killing in tips and would recomend working at Great Clips to anyone. It is what you make it, like everything in life. For those of you at bad locations put a transfer in for a diferent store maybe even a whole diferent franchise, there are good ones out there. our haircut standards are 12- 18 min. I have no problem sticking around 15 min. and your just cutting not washing or styling it out. that is not very dificult as long as you are a fast cutter. I dont know about the pushing product, my store is really bad at selling product and we never get in trouble for it. We also bring in $12, 000 a week so maybe thats why. Its for some people but I agree not all

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  • Pl
    Please dont Apr 19, 2009

    Please dont Go to Work for Great clips Unless You would like to feel like a car salesman rather then a Hairstylist. You could be great at cutting hair and customer service but all it matters to them is ... Retail sales. They want you to sell products and more products. And give haircuts in record time. 13-15 min a Haircut.

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  • Tc
    TCC Apr 01, 2009

    also curious on what the dress code is?

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  • Tc
    TCC Apr 01, 2009

    WOW!!! I was totally going to check out the Great Clips near my home to work part time today. The other night I saw a 'Help wanted" sign in the window. I have been cutting hair and for 22 yrs. I moved to my new state which is 1600 miles from my home town 5 yrs ago. I left a salon where I had been making 70% commission back home. We all did super well and it was my home away from home, my second family for the most part. Now that I have moved, I have left my whole clientele base after 11 yrs working there and cannot find a salon worth working for in my new home town. I was forced to take an office job to bring in a paycheck and I have worked here for 5 yrs because I just can't find a salon worth looking into. I recently left that company and now I am searching for a new salon that can be my home away from home. Where I can help people look their best and Yes.. make a living at the same time. Unfortunately, practically every salon around is booth rental and other than that the only other places are Sports Clips, and Great Clips. I was really going to go up the street today and check things out. I want only Part time.. However after reading some of these comments...I don't think Great Clips is going to impress me. noooo way... no how. And after 22 yrs experience... they would start ME at 8.50 or whatever it is an hour??? I might as well go up the street to Racetrac and run their register for that kind of money. It's sad that I can't find a salon that I would love to be a part of. A place where I could do something I am great at and love to help people look their best. Do I search for another office job? At least my last office job offered me 4 wks pd vacation (could not have off around Xmas) but it just was not the same as working in a salon and I miss that. I also hear the Great Clips makes you work every Sat and Sunday... I can see Sat... but for me- Sunday is family day. Plus I only am wanting to work part time... maybe 20-25 hrs a week if that.

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  • Sa
    Sabrina Mar 14, 2009

    I have a firm belief that the person with the profile name: (Great clips employee who loves her job) must sit behind the desk and not the chair. Get off your high horse and open your ears to the hundred complaints that are right in front of you. Yes, your salon maybe one of the few that rewards you for being a worthless drone, but I don't want any praise for lack of backbone or sell my soul for $4.99.

    No thanks! Not for me!


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  • No
    North916 Mar 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got fired from a great clips in Sacramento. I was told that one L.E.A.D. did not like me, so I was canned. I had the highest productivity and Product sales. Now what did I do wrong? NOTHING!!! There has been a high turnover there for a while. The owner did not care and then she had the nerve to ask me to clock out after I was fired WTF?!? Great clips is such a bad place to work, And I was the only male to work in that franchise. I am going to sue!!!

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  • Sw
    Sweetiepa Sep 09, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @North916 What great clips contact me at [email protected]

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  • Fe
    fed up employee Mar 10, 2009

    i have only worked for great clips for about 6 months now and when i got hired i heard all the bad things the other stylists woould say about the salon and the owner and how coorprate didnt care, i figured that i wouldnt get mixed up in the drama because i know not to repeat everything i hear. well about 3 months into my"new" job i got suspended for something that didnt even happen. and with proof i still wasnt reimbersed or even told sorry for the situstion. i dont know if other franchisees are the same way but i feel as though mine doesnt care at all about her stylists. she looks at us as though we are only there to make her money and not poeple like her. i have never been given a 10 minute break. and last sunday when i was busy i went all day with out eating and another employee asked if she could get something to drink after working 4 hours with nothing and the owner told her know. i think that is very wrong. this isnt a sweat shop. we are poeple too. this black out stuff is rediculous. to the manager above maybe you should do 1st come 1st serve to ppl getting it off. isnt that how you do it on non black out days anyways so why not do it for those days too? if you dont get it off then oh well maybe next time. im so sick of the way we are treated at work . my friend just got suspened for clocking out when there were still 2 names on the wait list. so what!! we have to go home sometime. basically if the wait never goes down you never get to go home. why have a schedule if we dont follow it?? i dont know how the other greay clips are i can only speak on behalf of the one i work at. but if they are all like this then wow this would have to be the poorest management for a franchise i have ever seen. you would think coorprate would care about whats going on and how there brand name, "GREAT CLIPS" is being used. us as the stylist are what make the money for the franchise so maybe they should care how we are treated. we bring the business in we can send it out too.

    --- thoughts from a fed up sweat shop worker.

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  • Ti
    tired Stylist Mar 09, 2009

    Great Clips can be a great company to work for but you are right they work you to the bone. If you would like to quit life than Great Clips is right for you! I worked there for four years i gave my all to that stupid company only to find that i totally just wasted four years building nothing. I do not recomend for someone coming out of school. Go build your BOOK! I have some clients that follow but just remember people are there for the price. That is why they first came there. If you need health insurance it's great! But i promise you unless you plan on being a lifer there it is not the place to prepare your future as a stylist. It's a great place to be part time for extra cash flow but really do not settle for this company if you don't have to! She is absoutly right about everything written on this form. You just don't want to be the one finding out... because you will be back at this form saying they told me so...

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  • First and far most we all love cutting hair. Of course the manger is going to say some thing she gets paid more then the hair stylist. I think that Great Clips can be a good company. And of course they treat their Mangers really well so if any of the hair stylists leave they work you to death. They are not very understanding if you take off when you are sick. They pay no sick time, which they should we stand on our feet all day long, they say you be fine. No medical a person who pays rent should pay for their medical, but a company come on. They do low ball your pay for the amount that you do for them. So of course who is going to say something would have to be the Mangers. Now here is a girl that has no clue of what you are talking about. When you do booth rent their will be only may be a couple of months that you don't make any money. You pay 150. 00 ever other week your telling you can not save that in tips? for your booth? You pocket the rest of your products that you sell and ever thing you do. So do the math little girl 10 high lights in one day + tips and product. You sound like you have no idea what you are talking about. I do booth rent I know. It is very sad to see that you can put your industry down just because you are a Manger at Great Clips. We are better then this. These girls have every right to get on here and to voice out. I am sorry if you are not a Manger at great clips it is a bad place to work for. It is so sad how people really do not care about each other and will say any thing just for money. Sad, Sad, Sad

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  • Na
    nancy lee Feb 22, 2009

    great clips is a awful company to work for. They have no respect for there employees, and fire them for no reason while hidden behind there at- will employment policy, We will hire you, and fire you when we get ready, because there at-will policy states they can fire you at anytime without question. This is a terrible policy for a corporation that makes over 50million per year from there franchiees, and the people who go there to get their haircut, curled, and styled.

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  • Ru

    I am a small business owner and I have to say there are more costs than rent in owning a business.

    Government Over Regulation... they pay social security, states tax, federal tax, workmans comp, unemployment tax, sales tax, they pay and accountant to do the taxes, a lawyer for taxes, a lawyer for lawsuits from people that sue because the fell or say they had a shirt ruined. Another form of tax is licenses, business permits, fire inspection, and occupancy permit. They pay in bedded taxes in their lighting, gas, telephone, and rent. They are required to have insurance, liability, and commercial liability.

    The problem with people who complain is they only want to see the ice cream they dont want to see the cow or who it was made and who paid for it.

    On top of that they pay rent, lighting, heating, ac, repair and upkeep, advertising, employees, managers, vendors, toilet paper, beauty products, magazines, ext.

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  • Gr
    Great clips employee who loves her job. Jan 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a manager at a Great Clips. I understand some of what your saying, however some of it is being blown way out of context. A Lot of your problem might have been the franchisee you worked for. Every franchisee is different with how they do things.

    As far as things like dress code. There is a reason that we impose a dress code. Everyone has a different idea of what is acceptable to wear to work. I have seen girls come to work with everything hanging out, dirty clothes, jeans, pony tails and flip flops. If we allow you to come to work looking like that, what does that say about us. If you don't look good then how are the guest going to feel confidant that you can make them look good.

    Black out dates- Yes we do have black out dates around the holidays. That's when the shop is busy and everyone wants off. If we give people off the guests suffer with long waits. Also since everyone wants off how do we as managers decide who's family in more important. So since we can't give everyone off, we give no one off. And not to mention being a Hair stylist is a public service job. We work when everyone else is off. If you want off holidays, weekends and summers. Go back to school and be a teacher.

    As far as Pay. We start our stylist at 8.50 an hour. And my stylists and myself make about $10 and hour in tips. So as far as I'm concerned $18.50 and hour for a starting stylist in good money. Not to mention your productivity pay and product commission. You also have to think about the fact that your getting paid by the hour and not a % of what you make. So when you sit for an hour at a GC your still getting paid. Sit at a full service shop for and hour and 50 % of nothing is still nothing.

    Breaks- By law you are allowed to take 30 min break after 6 hours of work and if you don't speak up that's on you.

    And as far as how much money they make off of "you". In Case you don't understand how business works. The Owner has to pay rent, insurance, utilities, water, payroll that usually runs about 40 to 45 %, products, supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap) Need I go on. the profit for a shop is about 5% after everything else is paid. So for every $100 "you" bring in the store they make $5. So yes you do have a skill but you get paid if your busy of not. So they take all the risk. NOT YOU.

    And again it might have a lot to do with who you work for. My Franchisee took all of his managers on a cruise as a x-mas gift. I work for a wonderful company. But that's the key word. I WORK for what I get. Loose the attitude about how much better you are and be nice at work. Your boss might give you a raise and you might make better tips.


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  • Ra
    Rayk31 May 01, 2018

    @Great clips employee who loves her job. I understand what you're saying but overall Great Clips owners are still a bunch of greedy [censored]. I know I worked for three of them and they advantage of their employees.

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  • Se
    secret stylist Jan 04, 2009

    It feels good to talk and not hold things in side.

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  • Ga
    gatortastic Nov 18, 2008

    I completely agree with you. I just recently quit working at a Great Clips in Portage, Indiana because the manager played favorites and was being downright horrible to me, and even went as far as disclosing my personal health information. I complained to the franchise owner who did nothing and insisted that I was making it up. So I quit, and they tried to get me to sign a paper saying that I was fired because I didn't do anything at the job. (which is not true at all. I was the ONLY one there who even cleaned when there was nothing else to do. everyone else just sat around and talked.)

    So I e-mailed corporate and they did nothing. The Portage salon has been open for 4 months and they have already had 9 people quit. You would think that they would do something about this, but they just won't. It makes me sick to have ever worked for a place this horrible.

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  • Sc
    scott Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Awful personel, rude, gruff to the point your scalp turns red. Don't stop and listen after bring it to there attention. Customer is always wrong.

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