GrabCar / GrabTaxi / account deactivation and did not refund my credit in ewallet account


Since last week I have been writing through email, call Grab on customer service & appeal several time to Grab for deactivating my account without any valid reason.
I have to change to new phone as my phone was faulty after dropping on the floor.
Grab suspended my account when I tried to log in using new phone.
Is like one way communication where everything Grab can say to you however they will not even response when I wrote to Grab several time to reactivate my account. Grab just gave a blunt reason "violate passenger policy". When I ask about my refund from my ewallet, it went silence. I have been writing in 3 times and appeal 3 times since last week, now no response.

I am sure there are other Grab customer whom have their account deactivated and Grab just stole their credit.

My advice to all is not to load credit inside. I regretted to load credit and use Grab pay for buying food. As a student I rely on allowance from my parents now a company like grab just stole from student.

Apr 08, 2019

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