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Yellow Cab reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Feb 24, 2009. The latest review Showing Up was posted on May 30, 2021. The latest complaint rude/lying cab driver was resolved on Nov 16, 2014. Yellow Cab has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 67 reviews. Yellow Cab has resolved 15 complaints.

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+1 800 649 1222 (Customer Service)
+1 714 776 7777 (Spanish Language)
Orange County
United States

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Yellow Cab Complaints & Reviews

Yellow CabShowing Up

On May 19, 2021 at 1:33 I scheduled a Yellow Cab to take us to BHM airport on May 20, 2021 for 5:15 AM pick up. We got the Booking confirmation shortly after making reservation via email. The Yellow Cab did not show up and when we went to YC App it said searching for driver even after the time of scheduled pick up. Since we had a plane to catch we had to cancel service.

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    Yellow CabYellow cab

    Everytime I've called once a week for a month to get a cab to the front gate at Camp Pendleton base I've had a problem. But this time I've had it with the drivers everytime they take over an hour and then take even longer cause they can't find me and need me to give them directions but this time I get a ride fast and he ask if I have cash and I said no I don't plus I had already stated when I called that I'm paying with card then he insist that he takes me to the storw to pull out cash so that I can pay then as i get to my location he had charged me for the time and drive to the store that HE Wanted me to pull out cash to pay not to mention his careless driving with the 5 MINUTES I was probably in the car. The car smelled like cigarettes even with a no smoking sign too it was just awful. He took me to get cash on purpose I'm sure. Yellow cab is awful this is just ONE of the many awful experiences I've had and not the only time they ask me to pay in cash when I say over the phone that I want to pay in card

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      Yellow CabDriver

      The driver with license H134715; VA; Toyota Rav 4 was rude and aggressive. I pulled up to a four way stop. I didn't go straight through because was traffic sitting in front of my, and I didn't want to block the intersection. A second later the Yellow Cab driver pulled up. I flashed my light at him to pass. When he didn't move I realized he was waiting to make a left turn and was also waiting for the backed up traffic. When the traffic in front of me started to move I waited a couple of seconds because I had earlier flashed my lights and I didn't want to confuse him. When he didn't make the turn I pulled into the intersection at a moderate speed. About 2/3 of the way through the intersection he quickly pulled out in front of me with a fast left-hand turn. There was no reason for this except to be an aggressive jerk.

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        Mar 04, 2021

        Yellow Cab — Getting service to be picked up

        So I travel around the same neighborhood and can't walk to far with my bags anymore bc of an injury my...

        Yellow CabCustomer service/dispatch

        Hi my name is Angela cox and I am about to file a complaint to say that your dispatch is very rude and unprofessional because twice when I have called him (Mr Ried) to ask and confirm my car service he has just started yelling and screaming at me and hang up the phone the second time he did it my husband was listening in the background and got to upset that he was about to get on the phone and give him a piece of his mind and anther issue is that my job require for my self me Angelacox to be at work by 3am so then every day when I would call to make a reservation for 3am in the morning 🌅 they would bust my chops and give a hard time by telling that they can not abominate by that because they only have 2 or sometimes no drivers available please listen help me on this issue because this is very serious and important to me and I am about to lose my job and be come homeless by get my self evicted for not being able to get to work

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          Sep 04, 2020

          Yellow Cab — Food left in taxi cab

          September 4, 2020 Virginia Walker I called a yellow taxi cab at [protected] at approximately 11:30 a.m...

          Yellow CabHarassment

          Cab driver 1104 I saw almost run into the back end of my neighbors car and flick her off and then follow her around the block and come back again. This lady should be fired. Watch out for this lady dangerous!!! We are filing a police report be careful of her!!! All while using company car now i'm. It sure how yellow cab works but be very careful about using this company.

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            Yellow Cab CompanyArrival of minicabs was not on-time

            It's not a complain, probably I want to appreciate them for the effective service which usually they used to give me. I have booked a taxi at a peak time of about 20 mins before from Croydon to Heathrow. I haven't booked it earlier as to how every time I used t book in advance, based on their service I thought they might provide me on-time but they were late by 10 mins. At last, the driver was of good nature with a smooth journey I reached to the airport. Finally, I just want as same as how I used to get earlier.

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              Yellow Cab CompanyYellow cab driver richard tyler

              Richard Tyler has been harassing myself as well as my children and my boyfriend while using the company yellow cab . He has appeared at my place of work entered and made threats. He has pulled up in the cab and yelled threats outside of my boyfriends job. He has appeared at my sons job and made threats as well as called my workplace constantly threatening me .
              He has also used the company to extort income . He receives social security and claims to make only $300 a month with the cab so that he can maintain social security benefits and dodge child support . He says the company gives him no evidence of income . However he posts that he makes $1, 000 a week on the cab and also uses it to traffic marijuana . I suggest to protect your company from further liability you have a talk with your employee . I have an attorney already investigating all aspects of this case. You can reach me at [protected]@yahoo.com for comment . Thank you

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                Nov 27, 2019

                Yellow Cab Company — Taxi

                On the night of Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 I had the worst experience with a cab driver. I had called to...

                Oct 17, 2019

                Yellow Cab Company — Fare hygiene rudeness lateness

                On Oct 3 2019 Pick up # [protected] Car #1495 Driver # 24523 Pickup time 11:44 am I Jo Anna Adams called for a...

                Yellow Cab CompanyTaxi cab k227 was dangerous near a scooter nearby

                Taxi cab K227 was dangerous near a scooter nearby.
                When I moved in out of the way he went by me and yelled get the [censored] out of my way. This happened on September 18 6:30 PM in the San Francisco Embarcadero ferry building area 1 Market St. I was traveling down market Street after work and the cab decided to go around me. I saw him in my rearview mirror and had no other place to pull over so I sped up to get in front of him so I could get over to the other side when doing so he went by and yelled explicatives to me as previously mentioned. This is rude and unprofessional it really sets up a bad situation for public riders who ride bicycles and scooters so they could be looked at as targets. There was a time when you could call the business owner or company and complain about a driver service. Now that they are individually least yellow cab gets to collect their share of the price and does not monitor their drivers behavior or care about how they represent themselves to the company. This is not the first rude yellow cab driver I have encountered.

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                  Yellow Cab CompanyLicense plate 23372u1's driver

                  Dear Service Center Manager,

                  I am sorry that I have to complain about the service your company provided to me on 07/25/19!

                  I was riding a taxi with a license plate of 23372U1. The driver was asked to send us to S Van Ness from SFO. In the process of delivery, the driver constantly switched lanes, which made us feel very unsafe. We had to remind him that we were not in a hurry! But he still went all the way.

                  What's even worse is that he took the 280 instead of 101, This not only delayed the time we got home, but also made us pay dollars more. We paid 52 dollars. Usually from the airport to 140 S VanNess only costs about $35. If he did it on purpose, what is the difference between this and stealing or robbery?

                  When we asked him why he was detouring, he actually answered 101 had a big car accidents. But the fact is, 07/25/2019 noon from 12:08 to 12:49, there is no car accident on 101! This dishonesty is disgusting.

                  We are complaining about this matter with the trust of your company. We hope that your company can take corresponding measures and compensate us for the loss in this service. Otherwise, we will go to the Consumer Association for further complaints!


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                    Yellow Cab CompanyRude driver fails to comply with parking/security protocols

                    Hello. I am a security guard located at12171 a Katy Freeway filing a complaint in regards to the cab driver in unit 1501. the individual pulled into our parking lot and stopped. when one of the officers in question approach the vehicle she refused to cooperate and was very negative and rude towards this officer. when asked what was going on with her vehicle on the property she refused to cooperateor comply with being asked to leave the premises as she had no business in the area. she also refused to give her name but we got the number off of the side of the vehicle that she drove off. all this took place around 4:57 a.m. I am hoping some form of disciplinary action is taken against this individual as it is very unbusinesslike to have people riding around with your namesake giving a negative impression of your company. thank you for your time.

                    Rude driver fails to comply with parking/security protocols

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                      Jun 20, 2019

                      Yellow Cab Company — Wreckless driving

                      I was almost directly hit by a speeding YellowCab driver #32 at the stoplight at the intersection of BYP 250...

                      Jun 20, 2019

                      Yellow Cab Company — Healthcare violation

                      On 6/20/19 @ 9:50 p.m., the above Yellow Cub Pizza Co. is operating without any water supply. This is very...

                      Yellow Cab CompanyCustomer service

                      After missing every bus I called a cab to pick me up cab number 404 to be exact, he racially profiled me and went to the extent to call yellow cab dispatch many of times just to not bring me home, he asked for my personal information I told him I would give him, my ID and my phone if he did not trust me, he refused and left me stranded even after confirmation of my workplace.

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                        May 19, 2019

                        Yellow Cab Company — Unreliable service

                        Over the weekend I placed a request for service, and was told that a driver would pick me up in a half hour...

                        Yellow Cab phone service in Akron, OhioRudeness of representative

                        I was walking one day when I suddenly started to have chest pains and severe dizziness. When I was almost home, I suddenly began to faint and then passed out. I woke up and the neighbor was standing there. I was stressed out and disoriented from the fainting spell. So the fire department came and asked if I wanted to go to the ER. Well I did and they said it was from over-exertion. So once I was out, my insurance company didn't pick up, so I asked for help from my housemate who agreed to pay for a cab ride. I called and told them that I was at the Summa Akron City Hospital. They kept interrupting me and hanging up on me without letting me tell them which address I was at. My blood pressure was rising. So after about 4 times, an employee wrote down the name of the hospital (to which the representative said that I was not saying it was) and so I called again for the 5th time and didn't let them speak to tell them where I was at. The man was very rude and impatient with me and because of him, my nerves we're shot that night. I was embarrassed to use this company.

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                          • Updated by Okalani Love · May 07, 2019

                            To make matters worse, I'm disabled with both mental and physical disabilities that make it hard to function in this world. With this rudeness, I was wanting to raise awareness of Vasovagal episodes. They're pretty serious because if people don't understand why we get disoriented from these, things can take a worse turn. Stress is one of the worst things that can kill a person. It isn't so much the fact that these people have to make money, it's that they're not willing to care about their passengers' health after being told that they're in the hospital for being I'm the ER from such a thing.

                          Mar 26, 2019

                          Yellow Cab Company — Unethical behavior

                          I am a student. I am crossing a pedestrian with the walk sign indicated. An Erie yellow driver decides that...

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