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MADIKERI-571201. PHONE: [protected]
OR [protected]


So, for I believed in Tata, but now onwards I am loosing faith in tata.
I am a journalist from Kodagu district. I am the editor of a local district level daily by name “Shakthi” which is running since 53 years. I am also the correspondent for “Times so f India” from Kodagu district.
I started purchasing tata by getting Indica V-2 and then dicor and now I am owning Indica vista. It is not at all one year completed. I got the vehicle from concocorde motors, Bangalore.N0.KA 12 N-6312..
I will start with a bitter experience from the tyre company “Good year”.Once I got front tyre problem.Suddenly, the tyre started getting bubbles and bulging. I have to travel all along from Madikeri to Bangalore concorde motors. Although I have purchased the vehicle from your Hosur Show room, I am adjusted to get the service done at your Mysore road service centre.
The concorde people informed good year representative One Ashwin who claims to be an engineer came and certified that It is impact break and not a manufacture defect. Infact I could not meet him personally, because he did not arrived in the given appointement time fixed by concorde. He came very late. After seeing the report I had contacted him over phone. I think his conversation with me was like that he himself is the Good year company managing director. He did not had the patience to hear me that’You should reconsider, It is not the impact break, because I am myself driving, and also I am smooth driver.
Why the good year company engages such rude persons as engineers in the company? Why, the tata people go for “Good year only”?”
The experience was during 31-09-09. Again, today, that is [protected], my another front tyre got bubble. I cant run the vehicle. I had messaged to good year. They told that they will contact me within 24 hours as per procedure.
If this time also if they play mischievous thing I would positively fight through consumer forum. This is just for your kind information.
Sir, why tata is obligatory to the worst “Good year company?” can you answer this?. I request you to change my both the damaged tyres immediately.
Further I want to ask the tatas why it has low quality mud flapes for indica Vista. The screws fixed are seem to be olden day carpentary work. I had to get right the loosened screws for more than 20 times. Otherwise, the flap will obstruct the movement of the tyres with unwanted sound.
I have proof for contacting your service centre to get done the “Lorry type break sound in breaks” When I reach Madikeri after service from Bangalore, the same problem continues. The auto lock system is also not working properly. Once there will be sound loss, sometimes, the auto lock system does not work properly. Several times repaired but in vain.
Sir, another major problem is when I drive during rainy season especially during night, road is not at all visible. A whitish patches type covers the windscreen, completely blocking the visibility. Some relief could be achieved only when the heater is switched on and the air through inside windscreen is moved. But, even the A.C.is not responcding to clear the windows.
Once I have to stop going with my family during night and I had to stay back in a small place, due to non visibility problem. other vehicle drivers who tried to help me also said” Why tata is like this?” To avoid problem I had got removed the tint put inside which has not yielded any good result. I don’t know the cause of the problem. It may be the fault of the front wind glass or the wiper. I had put forth this during the service which was not at all being positively responded. The incharge persons orally said all the problems are solved, but practically, I have to face all the problems daily.
Please do something to help medium people like us. I have incurred diesel expenditure to drive to Bangalore several times only in anticipation of repairs, which has become a dream. Tatas should not limit the service by some trouble some receptionists ringing us asking for marks for the service. There is no use in simply filling the forms, collecting the marks. One responsible person should be appointed in the customer service to practically do the work. Because on that day when I complained to concorde manager about the rude talk by the Good year engineer, he could not even tackle that person on behalf of Tatas. Why they fear to favour customers. Why they support the worst behaved engineers? I still remember, Good year engineer Ashwin’s rude talk and I am not the profiled person to take such bad persons advice. Being the editor of a leading daily in Kodagu I am attending hundreds of customers daily in My office with polite nature. Please teach such persons a good lesson in future.


Good Year
  • Sa
    sameernanu Oct 02, 2009

    Respected Sir,
    I am the owner of Tata Indica PB10CB 1036
    The tyres are of Goodyear company.
    In all the five tyres are not working condition and this is a manufacturing defect.
    I go to the Goodyear showroom at ludhiana for tyre problem. but no response about this problem
    There I met Mr. Amrik Singh in Dada Moters (Show room of Tata Moters) I told him the problem verbally and in written.
    Mr. Amrik Singh didnt listen to me and his attitude is misbehaving.
    He told that iam not solve your problem ( humne ek baar paise le liye bas hamara kaam khatam hum car bachete hai tyre theek nahi karte) this word of Mr. Amrik Singh from Dada Moters. He was very loud.

    I am not satisfied with quality of Goodyear Tyre and your company services.

    I need that immediately tyres of other company are provided.I am mentally and financially harrassed from last few months.

    If immediatiately my problem is not sort out I will register compaint againt GOODYEAR not only in CONSUMER FORUM but also in COURT.
    Kindly look into the matter.

    C.L. Keskar
    9876135791 / 9876520447

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apr on closed account

I had an active Goodyear credit Card account that I chose to close in July of 2008. At that time, my APR was 22.36% on purchases and approximately 26 % on cash advances. My account was in good standing when I decided to close it. Recently, I received a bill and discovered that my interest rate had been raised to 24.9% on purchases and 29.9 % on cash advances. When I contacted Goodyear inquiring as to how they could raise the rates on a closed account, I was told that they had included a change of terms notice in a previous bill (January 2009) and that I had not responded within the required period to stop the change in terms. I explained that since I pay via the internet, I rarely look at the paper bill and even so, the account was closed prior to this time. I am currently seeking a way to remedy this situation, but have been unsuccessful in getting Goodyear to change the terms. I would tell anyone who is a current Goodyear Cardholder to cancel your card before this company screws you and anyone thinking about applying for this card, "don't do it". After this experience, I will never buy a Goodyear product again.

  • Ch
    cherubian Aug 14, 2009

    Go to the website below and post your question under "Ask Your Peers", click on more, then scroll down, and click on General Consumer Rights". I have used this forum for years and have recieved pretty good advice from some of them.

    Go to http://www.lawyers.com/discuss-your-legal-issue.html

    Make sure you let them know if you left a balance when you closed and if so, how much.

    I hope this helps


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  • 9t
    9thbaby Sep 13, 2009

    I have spoken to a Goodyear CSR to close and dispute increased APR, to no avail. The rate seems to increase every other month.

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  • Jo
    John Lip Mar 31, 2010

    The Goodyear Credit Card is a scam. I took the card to get a discount on tire...I should have bought another brand at another store. When the bill came, I tried 2 times to payh in full. Both times it appeared they took the money from my checking account. They did not! i CALLED THEM AND SPOKE TO IDIOTS THAT I CANNOT UNDERSTAND AS THEIR ACCENTS ARE INCOMPREHENSIBLE. There is no customer service evenings or weekends. You cannot pay at any bank or any Goodyear near me. They told me to mail it now. I dont trust them. I think they want me to be latge and pay a 100 bucks in a late finance and service charge. It is a scam. I checked the account online tonite. Despite a printed receipt, but no confirming email, there is no record of a payment.


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hopeless service

Customer Service has a tremedous ATTITUDE. It was an simple conversation. CS- have u been here...

centers owner denies full responsiblity

My wife took her 2000 Mercury Villager Sport to have the front end aligned and have the thermostat changed and have the sensor and cooling fan checked. She was given an estimate of approximately 3 hours to be repaired. After about 2.5 hrs my called to see how things were going and thats when Sandy told her that there was a problem and the mechanic came on the phone line and told that he had an issue with the van. He proceeded to tell my wife he had broke the thermostat housing. They were taking the van to the Ford dealership for a third party opinon about why it had broken. The Mechanic at Ford told me that the only way it would break was if the outer housing had been out of alignment with the inner housing. I took Wade West to small claims court because he kept saying that he would only pay half of the repair bill because he felt that it wasn't all his fault that the part had broked. In court his mechanic lied to what Ford had told him which he only was at the dealership once and was told that the van had not been disassembled at that time. Wade only had to pay for half the bill due to the lies that was told during the court hearing I feel that if you take your vehicle to a service center for repair and it is damaged then it should be repaired at no cost to you .

oil leak with 2001 toyota camry

I have taken my vehicle in for an oil leak behind the timing cover no less than 9 times and this store claim...

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put wrong tires on my car


bad manager

A copy of the letter I sent to Goodyear... To whom it may concern, On Nov. 1st, 2008 at about 9:45 am I...

new but old tires

Was trying to buy four tires for my wife's vehicle, We called the store to ask if they had the tire...

awful experience

I went to the Goodyear in Moorestown, (the worse). My daughters car was towed in to find and fix the problem. They did convince me to get a goodyear credit car with a $850.00 limit. I was told that my car needed a tune up, which was okay. They called me when my tune up was done. When I went to pick up my car, I was pushed into the parking lot and still wouldn't start and I had a $800.00 bill. First I never heard of a $800.00 tune up. I refused to pay even by credit card and was told that they would take all their parts back off my car and put my old parts back on which were supposedly in the dumpster. So that was fine rather than pay $800.00 for a car that still would not start. Finally I had to get the car towed to another mechanic. I would never go or recommend them to anyone. Beware!!!

defective made in china, www.goodyeartires.com

THIS Company has a history of DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT and their quality and service is substandard FOR YOUR...

defective tire produce

I bought 4 of these tires at our local WalMart in May of 08 and took them back in June of 08 and was told it...

incompetent repair

I bought a used car with low miles from a neighbor, who had purchased the car new. The car had every service performed at Quail Springs Goodyear since new, with documentation to prove it. A few days after buying the car, I decided to do an oil change. I do my own service and have been changing oil on my own cars for over 30 years. When I went to pull the old oil filter off, I discovered it had been cross threaded onto the mounting bolt. The filter had to be wrenched off the entire way. Examining the threads, it was apparent that the technician at Quail Springs Goodyear had crossthreaded the oil filter, messing up the threads on the mounting bolt. I cannot imagine how incompetent this technician was, oil filters are always put on with your hands, never a wrench. The new filter had to be wrenched on also due to the messed up threads.
I went to Quail Springs Goodyear with the old filter and confronted the owner. He admited they had done all of the oil changes but denied any wrongdoing or responsibility for the incompetent work of his technicians. He was arrogant and unfriendly, and explained it was my problem, not his.
I had been a long time customer of this shop, having purchased several sets of tires. No longer. I believe I have an obligation to warn other car owners in this area about the incompetent work performed at Quail Springs Goodyear.

tracker tires

i purchased 2 tires for my pickup in april 2008, they were put on the rear of my truck, on aug.1, 2008 i wa...

goodyear credit card

I had to apply for a Goodyear credit card to pay off a hefty bill to fix my truck. I went in to the goodyear...

fraudulent activity

I had bought a set of 4 good year tires that has a cash back rebate of $40. I filed all the requisite form...

bounce in the tires

I've had the tires for about 2 years, and in the past few months noticed a chugging feeling when I'd be driving in idle (no gas or brake applied) through a parking lot. It wasn't noticable though at high speeds.

I asked about it when I had the oil changed and tires rotated, and the technician at the Goodyear Service center told me that there was a definite "bounce" in the tire, and that it was made worse when he rotated the tires. So he put them back the way they were and called Goodyear. As a result of whatever was wrong, I am now getting a new set of tires courtesy of Goodyear.

Has anyone else had similar issues with the tires or is this a one-off defect?

  • Ma
    Mark May 01, 2008

    I noticed the exact same thing. I thought the road was bad. I noticed it at idle speeds in many different locations.

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defective products!

My daughter bought 4 tires from Belle Tire in November of 2006. 14 month later the front two tires are defective and need replacing -- Belle Tire told her it was her fault because the car needed alignment and tire rotation. They would not stand by their tires and would not work with her on a price adjustment, when I talked to the manager he was not concerned about losing customers or being unreasonable. There are to many tire places to go to. I would never go back to Belle Tire!!

  • Ga
    Gary Apr 17, 2008

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions or lack of. A failure to follow manufactures vehicle maintenance schedule will result in poor tire wear. Read your owners manual for the vehicle and educate yourself regarding monthly tire inspections, air pressure checks, and proper intervals for tire rotation.

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rip-off fees!

About 18 months ago (might have been longer) I was in dire need for better tires on my car so I went to Goodyear in my area and they hooked me up with GE Money Bank w/ a $300 limit. I am a full-time college student on disability and also take care of my aging mother. With so many problems going on in my personal life I failed to notice the fine print on their disclosure until it was too late. I have problems at times making payments on schedule (although they do eventually get paid). Because of a couple of late fees ($29.00 each), my balance went over the $300 limit which GE adds additional fees such as over the limit fee (another $29.00 monthly), then another fee called Account Security which is about $13 and of course, they have to have the *finance charge* (which around the first quarter of 2007 was about $20)... with all these charges, I am not paying any of the principal off and my balance continually increases. If they would go back and compute the payments that have made, I have already paid for the tires. They just want to keep getting more and more money. I have thought about just stop paying them. My credit has already been ruined Verizon (which I refuse to pay because after my phone was stolen and I had them to deactivate my cell and instead of mine, they deactivated my two children's @$175/phone then charged me for their mix-up to reactivate theirs... again @ $175/phone) and Fingerhut (where someone must have bought something behind my back when I stayed at home). GE don't need the money anyway except to pay the foreigners overseas to forever harassing for payments.

  • Mi
    Micki Oct 24, 2008

    After being desperate enough to have to open a charge, I occured late rates and over the top interest rates because of paying on line. I would not have been late as I am an informed consumer and know that they tack on the high rates of late charges and over the top interest rates if you are. For some reason they didn't get my payment on line and now I am stuck paying the high rates. Something needs to be done about this practice. Thank you for your consideration

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  • Ma
    Mazur Sep 18, 2009

    This was before Christmas. I had a flat and took it to the Goodyear location in Plano, texas where I purchased it. I went in early in the morning and was told it would not be ready until noon. I said I have to go to work and they said leave it here and we will call you when it is ready. No one called me all day. around 5:30 p.m. I called them and could not get anyone. So I drove over there it was a good hours drive from my job. I had not too long before that purchase 4 new tires from them, this was one of them. So when I got there I asked for my tire and the guy looked like he could not find it. He went in the back and then came back and told me, that I would have to buy a new one for 68.dollars because it was not repairable and it was over the miles it was covered for. Well then I started crying what could I do? I was only a woman who knew nothing but what they were telling me. If they had called me earlier, they would have saved me a trip and I could have bought a tire elsewhere cheaper on my lunch hour. I was very distraught, because I have to work everyday and don't have time to go shopping for tires in the middle of the night and driving forever on long lollways with an emergency tire. I was very stressed. it seemed to me they could have called me or made a better deal than that. I wrote their corporate office and was told that they had forwarded my complaint back to the place I was complaining about and that they were going to contact me about it. Of course they never did. I just feel frustrated dealing with a company that doesn't care about women, just takes their money and then ignores them. I will never buy from them again.

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  • Ro
    ronald haught Mar 07, 2011

    yes im retierd from goodyear and i bought goodyear tires all my life this my second set of same brand goodyearp225 60 16assurance aqwatread i have at least 35to 40000 left on tread if you can helph me would be nice here is my phone no. 843-457-9043 and adddress now 3067hollybrrk dr myrtle beach sc 29579 im losing air in them now ronald haught thankyou

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false charges!

In August, I signed up and purchased 4 Goodyear tires in the Goodyear dealer in Los Angeles. At that time...

drivability problems

We had a set of four Tripletread Goodyear's on our 2003 Honda Odyssey and it has a terrible problem of...