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Goodyear Tiresrip-off fees!

About 18 months ago (might have been longer) I was in dire need for better tires on my car so I went to Goodyear in my area and they hooked me up with GE Money Bank w/ a $300 limit. I am a full-time college student on disability and also take care of my aging mother. With so many problems going on in my personal life I failed to notice the fine print on their disclosure until it was too late. I have problems at times making payments on schedule (although they do eventually get paid). Because of a couple of late fees ($29.00 each), my balance went over the $300 limit which GE adds additional fees such as over the limit fee (another $29.00 monthly), then another fee called Account Security which is about $13 and of course, they have to have the *finance charge* (which around the first quarter of 2007 was about $20)... with all these charges, I am not paying any of the principal off and my balance continually increases. If they would go back and compute the payments that have made, I have already paid for the tires. They just want to keep getting more and more money. I have thought about just stop paying them. My credit has already been ruined Verizon (which I refuse to pay because after my phone was stolen and I had them to deactivate my cell and instead of mine, they deactivated my two children's @$175/phone then charged me for their mix-up to reactivate theirs... again @ $175/phone) and Fingerhut (where someone must have bought something behind my back when I stayed at home). GE don't need the money anyway except to pay the foreigners overseas to forever harassing for payments.

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    • Mi
      Micki Oct 24, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      After being desperate enough to have to open a charge, I occured late rates and over the top interest rates because of paying on line. I would not have been late as I am an informed consumer and know that they tack on the high rates of late charges and over the top interest rates if you are. For some reason they didn't get my payment on line and now I am stuck paying the high rates. Something needs to be done about this practice. Thank you for your consideration

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    • Ma
      Mazur Sep 18, 2009

      This was before Christmas. I had a flat and took it to the Goodyear location in Plano, texas where I purchased it. I went in early in the morning and was told it would not be ready until noon. I said I have to go to work and they said leave it here and we will call you when it is ready. No one called me all day. around 5:30 p.m. I called them and could not get anyone. So I drove over there it was a good hours drive from my job. I had not too long before that purchase 4 new tires from them, this was one of them. So when I got there I asked for my tire and the guy looked like he could not find it. He went in the back and then came back and told me, that I would have to buy a new one for 68.dollars because it was not repairable and it was over the miles it was covered for. Well then I started crying what could I do? I was only a woman who knew nothing but what they were telling me. If they had called me earlier, they would have saved me a trip and I could have bought a tire elsewhere cheaper on my lunch hour. I was very distraught, because I have to work everyday and don't have time to go shopping for tires in the middle of the night and driving forever on long lollways with an emergency tire. I was very stressed. it seemed to me they could have called me or made a better deal than that. I wrote their corporate office and was told that they had forwarded my complaint back to the place I was complaining about and that they were going to contact me about it. Of course they never did. I just feel frustrated dealing with a company that doesn't care about women, just takes their money and then ignores them. I will never buy from them again.

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    • Ro
      ronald haught Mar 07, 2011

      yes im retierd from goodyear and i bought goodyear tires all my life this my second set of same brand goodyearp225 60 16assurance aqwatread i have at least 35to 40000 left on tread if you can helph me would be nice here is my phone no. [protected] and adddress now 3067hollybrrk dr myrtle beach sc 29579 im losing air in them now ronald haught thankyou

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
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    Goodyear Service Stationlost a customer for life!

    A few years ago I took my car into the Goodyear service station in the Canyon Park area of Bothell, WA. I had made an appt. to have a full tune-up done, and in addition, replace all 4 tires.

    I dropped it off and walked home (about a mile) because they said the job would take them several hours due to it being a busy day. About 1/2 an hour after I got home, the front desk person called me and she said that the tires my car needed weren't in stock. I felt like they should have had them there since I'd made an appointment and all, but what can you do? So I asked her how long it would take to get the tires in. She said 3 to 4 days.

    Of course, I would rather not wait so I asked her if there was anything else we could do...maybe have them transferred today from another nearby Goodyear. She said they couldn't do that, but that they did have some tires in stock that were of a lower speed rating. Now let me say that I don't know a heck of a lot about cars, but this seemed fishy to me. I asked her, "Is that safe? Can that be done without harming the car?" She said "Yep. It's no big deal to downgrade the tires. In fact, it will be cheaper for you."

    So I agreed. Big mistake. I got my car from them later that day and as soon as I drove out of the parking lot I noticed my car was pulling to the left really hard. I immediately turned around, drove back in and explained that the car was pulling to the left. I asked her if they had aligned the car after putting the tires on and she said yes. Just to be sure she had the mechanics check the alignment. They could find nothing wrong. I then explained to her that the car was not pulling before I brought it in and now it was, therefore logic says it must be something Goodyear had done. She said, and I quote, "We didn't cause this problem.

    There is clearly some other mechanical problem with your car and we can't fix it. You need to take it to another garage." I should note that when this happened, my car was about 3 1/2 years old and had *never* had any mechanical problems (at 6 1/2 years now, I still have never had a problem except this one).

    I was pretty angry but you can't MAKE someone work on your vehicle. So I took it to another garage, one that specializes in Subarus. I explained the situation to them and they said they'd have a look. As soon as the mechanic had it up on the lift, he came out and said, "This car has the wrong kind of tires on it. It requires a higher rated tire. You can't go down in ratings. You have to get the correct tires put on it and until you do, I would not drive it on the freeway. It's unsafe at high speeds." And of course, they charged me $70 for their time.

    I took it back to Goodyear with the paperwork explaining the problem from the other mechanic. The front desk woman got flustered and first told me that the other garage was wrong. Lower rated tires were fine and I should just go away. Then she said, "How do we even know it's actually pulling? I only have your word for this." I handed her the keys and said "Drive it yourself." She refused but she did get a mechanic from their shop to come out with me. Now this is the fun part...we get out on the road and he says "Yeah this thing is really pulling...so what's the deal here? What's the situation?" Apparently she hadn't explained the scenario to him. All she had told him was to ride with us and verify if the car was pulling. So I told him about the lower tire ratings and he IMMEDIATELY interrupted me and said "Oh no! You can't do that. You can't put a lower rated tire on this car. I can't believe she told you that. She really should know better." Her own mechanic busted her!

    We got back and I finally got Goodyear to agree to replace the tires with the correct ones. I had to pay the fee to upgrade of course which is fine; the correct ones were more expensive tires after all. However, I felt that Goodyear should take $70 off the price given that I had to pay another garage $70 to get them to admit their mistake. They refused. I was told "You went to that other garage by your own choice. We didn't tell you to go someplace else." But the thing is...they did tell me to go to another garage! When I asked to speak to their manager I was told they didn't currently have a manager and that he had been fired the week before. No wonder the place was in a shambles.

    I tried to write corporate to correct the problem. I explained it and laid it all out to them as I did here. I even attached copies of my receipts from both Goodyear visits and my visit to the other garage (with the part that explained the mistake by Goodyear). The response? About what you'd expect: A letter thanking me for being a good customer a few coupons for $10 off an oil change. Like I'm ever going back to Goodyear to use those coupons!

    I think what bothers me the most is even in the end, that front desk person wouldn't admit her mistake. She wanted me to drive off in a car that was unsafe to drive, all because she refused to admit she'd been wrong. I also wish corporate had been willing to make some real effort to make up for the problem, but oh well. Goodyear has pretty much lost a customer for life as far as I'm concerned. They may overall be a good company, but it only takes one negative experience like this to put a bad taste in your mouth for dealing with them.

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      • Le
        LEDA Jan 16, 2010

        I took my car to Goodyear Master service center on Salem and Otterbein in Dayton Ohio to have a tire replaced.

        They pulled my car in the garage and told me to wait in the waiting room. I did.. Then I realized I had left my purse in my car and walked in the garage to get it out of my car.
        When the manager "Darrel" seen me in the garage he literally man handled me by the arm, and drug me back to the lobby. I was livid!

        I told him give me my F'ing keys and I am leaving! He did not want to listen to anything I had to say... I left and will never be back.

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      • Le
        LEDA Jan 16, 2010

        I can go either way.. I'll post good if good and bad if bad...

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      • As
        AshuGoel Dec 18, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        My first experience itself is like hell.
        I ordered 4 tires under mail/rebate offer, their customer representative confirmed me i can file rebate of $75 after tire installation.

        Now customer representative are saying those tires are not eligible for rebate and we cant do anything about it.

        Shame on your services.


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