Goodwill Industries Internationalmanager ellen

R Sep 01, 2019

I am a current employee of Goodwill in Stamford, almost an hr into my shift I was told I was learning to sort and once she went home I had to finish sorting merchandise, I spoke to my manager Ellen in the office and just explained to her that I didn't feel comfortable working in sorting because of bedbugs problem, she says ok I can go back in the floor to recover for the rest of the night but she had to tell another manager (Karla) that I didn't want to sort. 5 mins later I get called to the office and was told I had to go home because I didn't want to sort, that was rude, and very unprofessional it's not fair that I got sent home because I'm worried about my safety I am not the only one who complains about bed bugs and it's not fair of the way she treated me and sending me home because of the conditions the store is in.

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