Goodwill Industriesemployee


I go into the Coralville Iowa Store probably 3 times a week there is a employee I believe she's the night and weekend manager I buy a lot of clothes there in fact I usually have someone remind me I still have the tag on anyway I don't try on anything so occasionally I have to return for credit not a lot I bought some overalls the other day I got home and tried them on well the thing were the straps hook was missing therefore the strap doesn't hold I took them back two days later with receipt and guy at the register had to call her over she wouldn't return them because they were on Halloween rack she said they knew they were broke I said it wasn't marked that's a big deal it makes them useless she's done this to me before I had a stroke I slur my words I sound drunk I think she is discriminating against me and I thought you were supposed to be about people with disabilities

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