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Where do I begin? First, they sucker you into buying a membership. No where on their website do they list prices of their different memberships, and even if you call and ask them they tell you you have to make an appointment with their membership representative person. When you do that, they make you fill out all these forms about what you want/looking for, and then before you know it, they've got you paying $60/month for a membership. I specifically asked for the student membership bc I'm a student and their website says they gave a student rate. But because I signed up over the summer and had a summer job, they couldn't give be the student rate. Also, I went in to see about getting short term personal training, just something to get me started. They wanted me to pay $4400!!! For only 6 MONTHS of personal training. They wouldn't even tell me the price until I sat in the room with the trainer for an hour going over everything I wanted to accomplish, and getting my measurements. Then they pull out this form saying "If you're really committed than just sign here" FOR $4400!!! I'm not that committed, or stupid. Then I specifically asked for a SHORT TERM personal training session, maybe something less than 6 weeks (I had just seen the ad for posted outside the gym) and the trainer said "No sorry we don't have anything less than 6 months, this is the best I can do for you" Then when I confronted her about the sign outside the gym, she excused herself to "Speak with her manager" to see what she could do, then came back and said "OK, we can make an exception". And for 6 weeks, it's $750!!!. Ugh never going back to goodlife again. What's with all the secrecy and mind games!?


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      Feb 02, 2009

    Don't get mad just because you can't afford something. Try a member ambassador for some help, they're free.

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      Feb 19, 2009

    I do not work for Goodlife Fitness, nor am I afiliated with them. I've been a member now for 6 years and I'm sorry to hear such comments regarding Goodlife Fitness. I have to say, Extreme Fitness is much more aggressive and shady.

    The sales rep at the Yonge/Dundas location for Extreme was a liar. I went in as a 'guest' and my wife immediately set the tone by saying, spare him the sales pitch, he just wants to work out and check it out.

    The guy followed me into the change room after my wife left, told me that I needed a credit card and drivers license for 'insurance' purposes.

    I said 'no' of course and he kept at me. Eventually I wanted him out of my hair and just said okay thinking that he would do nothing with it.

    I finish my workout, go ask for my credit card and driver's license back and he says, 'sign here!!'. I looked over this paper and it was a contract. I repeatedly said I didn't want to sign a contract, he insisted it wasn't a contract and kept pushing and pushing.

    In the end, I didn't sign and he was upset. He even said, "I went through all this work of inputting you into the system, the least you could do is sign for now...".

    This is an absolutely true story.

    About 10 years ago I worked at CIBC VISA as a call rep. Extreme Fitness was one of the biggest violators of cardholder misuse (based on the number of complaints I got, DAILY!!!). I mean, it wasn't even close. At least 2 out of my daily incoming calls were from agitated Extreme members. I didn't sign with them because of this when I started (as a VISA rep I heard all the complaints) and listened to myself.

    Bottom line: Extreme Fitness is a suspect company. Unlike Goodlife, they are owned by a NY investment firm. So try complaining! Goodlife is Canadian owned, London based by a 'person', so someone ultimately takes accountability. Just my two cents.

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      Feb 26, 2009

    Put Jessica and Jon's post together and you have the ultimate post of ultimate truth. Goodlife has its flaws and I have heard dozens upon dozens of horror stories of Extreme Fitness and their shadiness and utter lack of moral and ethical business practices. Gymmer beware! uLTIMATELY, IF YOU WALK THROUGH gOODLIFE'S DOORS, BE PREPARED TO spend quite a bit...unfortunately. But, then again, most gyms are highly proced these days. I was mortified when I saw how much the YMCA was. I was expecting affordability. Stick with Goodlife, get out your cheque book.

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      Mar 26, 2009

    I guess it depends which area you live in, my club is a womens only in a smaller city. I agree that it is expensive for personal training but certainly not to the tune of $4400! I just bought 48 1/2hr sessions a few months ago and it was only$1680.00 roughly $35.00 a session. My membership is great, the people are friendly the classes are fun! It is definately worth the $34.00 a month. Goodlife is way better than the competeter around here which is Premeire Fitness, that was a nightmare!

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      Jun 10, 2010
    Goodlife Fitness Clubs - Horrible service
    Goodlife Fitness Clubs
    Yonge and Finch
    North York (Toronto)

    This location has horrible service with surly staff. The floor staff either ignore any questions you have or say in a defensive manner "ask at the front desk" and end it there.
    The front desk staff rarely say anything as you hand them the card and will never say goodbye as you leave, even when you say something first.

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      Feb 17, 2011

    I really dislike the way people complain about the price of personal training.
    Let me put it to you this way: when you hire a personal trainer, you are getting more than a workout buddy. That trainer is creating a program SPECIFICALLY designed for YOU and YOUR needs with all your bodily ailments accounted for. You are guaranteed success because now they are not only YOUR goals, but your trainer's as well. Your trainer is going to keep you in check and accountable for your success in the gym. Weekly-monthly weigh ins, food journals, pep talks, "lets-get-you-back-on-track" talks when needed etc. Your appointments with your trainer increase the chances of you actually making it to the gym by a ten-fold! When you walk through the doors of a gym, you are looking to improve your body/health/happiness/confidence etc. but the only thing you leave with on that first day is a membership and a new monthly fee. Working out hurts and its hard so if this is your first gym membership, then it is likely that you don't LOVE working out and don't lead an exuberantly active lifestyle. As time passes you'll likely find yourself going to the gym less and less, things come up, the gym makes you too sore, you plateau and stop seeing results, or you are eating like [censor] and are not seeing now, those good intentions of getting fit/healthy that you had when you walked in the door have are frustrated, still fat/unhealthy and on top of all of this, YOU ARE STILL PAYING FOR THE GYM!!
    This does not happen when you have a trainer. Those goals will be met, you will get your [censor] to the gym and workouts won't seem as grueling because someone is there with you, cheering you on, coaching you in all aspects of life, and giving you workouts that work for YOU (aka. not out of a magazine that caters to the GENERAL PUBLIC! Are any 2 bodies exactly alike? NO! so why would you use the same workout as someone else and expect the same results?)
    Personal training is 'expensive' yes, but so are cars, and when you find yourself at a dealership your intent is to buy a vehicle because you need a method of getting from point A to B. Nobody thinks twice when it comes to investing in material things like that, you need it so you buy it. When you walk in the doors of a gym, chances are you are unhealthy and fat. You need results because you want to get from size 14 to size 6, or you don't want to have heart attack, yet it is appalling when you hear what your need will cost. WHY? Your $5000 car is going to die in 5-8 years, but your $5000 new body is going to make the quality of your life better and last as long as you do.
    But of course, investing in YOURSELF is just unthinkable, your right, you'd better spend that 5 grand on a hunk of metal that does nothing for your well-being...fat [censor]

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      Jul 28, 2013

    Lol the last guy who posted must be a sales rep or something.

    Personal trainers are a scam. What kind of fool pays money to be spoon fed something you can learn for free online? If you're worried about form mistakes etc merely ask an experienced member if you're doing it right for free.

    Most trainers are idiots anyway and will have you wasting hours on useless exercises novices have no place touching eg Swiss ball exercises.

    They are not magically tailoring something to you. Lmao. Often they're just regurgitating something from a book.

    They are as replaceable as check out clerks at the mall.

    To be honest, if you're too lazy to spend a few hours or mins even researching for free, you won't last and don't deserve results.

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      Jul 28, 2013

    I used a personal trainer when I was recovering from surgery. He helped motivate and he helped me make sure I was doing exercises PROPERLY and not hurting myself or causing further issues.

    He wasn't an idiot! He was a great guy and I am still friends with him. He taught me a lot and his goal wasn't to be by my side for all my gym visits, just to make sure I was keeping on track and following through and to make sure I wasn't doing myself any harm.

    As for them being replaceable. That's crap. You don't always have a decent connection with the trainer. I went through 3 different trainers when mine left (he moved across the country) None of the others were a decent fit. They were nice but they didn't motivate me the same way or help me stick to my plan the same way.

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      Jul 30, 2013

    Ok? No one cares.

    You want to make sure you're doing exercises PROPERLY? Try looking in the mirror or asking another gym member. Both FREE OF CHARGE.

    So you were paying this guy MONEY and he wasn't even watching your form or workouts 24/7? Wow, you're a sad fool. Might as well have been working out ALONE for FREE.

    Them being replaceable is crap??? You went through three for god sake, all saying the same thing! Again I must say you must be a lazy fool, only they would take such an incentive to be motivated. Even after being INJURED you needed a trainer to get you on track? You're the reason McDonald's is making millions.

    Ps I can listen to a rocky training video and spend 20min researching online. Same level of motivation. Except you're dumb enough to pay for what's free.

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      Jul 30, 2013

    You obviously have your own issues to deal with.

    You don't like using a personal trainer, that's fine. No one is forcing you to do it. However, some people like having a coach to help them along. They are willing to pay for this. It isn't your place to judge or to ridicule.

    I am sure you do your own stupid things that most people wouldn't be caught dead doing, but that is your life and you can do as you please.

    As for no one caring - if that is the case, then why respond? Why take the time and be so angry about it? It seems you do care - so have a nice day and I hope you find the peace of mind you need so you can get past this.

    Peace and Light

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