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excessive money withdrawals

I joined goodlife fitness in march 2009 and when i heard of the prices, i was relived that it was so seemingly reasonable. After less than a year of membership, i now see the reality of the gym's finacial agenda and have experienced nothing but problems when it came to payment and withdrawals. I always made sure to leave enough money in my bank to pay for each months fee and was always on time - or even ahead of time, yet i continuously receive notices from goodlife stating that i have missed my paymenst, and of this moment have an outstanding balance of $109. 00. This is ridiculous as i have always payed them the required price, and after reading other complaints concerning goodlife and money managemnt, i see that i'm not the only victim of their tactics and greed. I would quit but as it has not yet been a year, i would owe them an additional 100 dollars just to cancel - at this rate however, it would be worth it, as they are already taking excess amounts from my account and claiming debt when they are taking more than i owe.
Stay away from this gym. They are very shady when it comes to fee's and will leave you regretting ever joining. I know i do.

lies and cons

I was told that i have to come in by 12:00 am the night of to be able to receive the deal of the month that...

poor management/acohol abse

I was a member of this Goodlife Club in Toronto, they have a restaurant at that location, and I got to say the management there was poor, somehow people who manage that place doesnt have any knowledge about alcohol law because I've seen people taking alcohol out of the restraurant and consume at the fitness club area any play squash, ok, I give them the benefit of doubt, they migh be licensed in other areas other than the restaurant, but I ddidn't see any servers in the club monitoring these drinks, I have a 10 year old son that I went to the club with, and the last thing I want is him getting alcohol from other members without any supervision restaurant staff while I'm working out, also I didn't think drinking and fitness goes together and I don't think this kind of environment is a good influence on my son, so we joined another gym instead. I wonder if any of those people are certified to serve alcohol...and food as a matter of fact because apparently they change the menu to like a sandwich menu instead of a restaurant menu, and have the servers making sandwiches while pouring beer, how bizzard!!!

child minding

I've been bringing my children to the Goodlife Exclusively Woman's club for quite some time now. Recently the store underwent new management, and ever since the child minding area has gone downhill. I was there the other day and there was only one staff working with 5 babies and 4 or 5 toddlers. The babies were crying, one of the toddlers injured herself and the only person working couldn't do anything to help her because she already had her hands full. I voiced a complaint and the manager didn't seem to care and was actually really rude about the whole situation. I have every intent to cancel my membership and I know a few mothers that have already done so. There should be 2 or more paid staff working in that area or the gym is about to lose a lot more then just me.

  • In
    indy May 12, 2010

    doesn't a caregiver have a maximum of 5 children they are allowed to care for at one time?? we go to the ymca in guelph, GREAT childcare and activities there. they even have swim lessons, and I know there is a discount for people who are on assistance. good luck!

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still taking money after 2 cancelations!

I signed up at goodlife fitness, my membership term expired and I stayed on. In June 2009 I called to cancel...

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retsrictive contracts - no personal service

After having spent two and-a-half years communicating with employees of Good Life Fitness, I have learned that the company operates in a predatory fashion that demands their employees, including the club managers who allegedly have veto power on the company's restrictive and one-sided contracts, to take advantage of every client to the utmost possible.

I attempted to work with Good Life after my trainer quit, probably because he recognized the bad name he was getting being linked to this outfit. I asked a minimum of six times for further contact from someone who had authority to make a decision regarding my discontent with the contract provisions for my personal training. I also needed clarification regarding the payments they demanded.

Stupidly on part, I left my membership go on, and the company took $30+ out of my bank account twice a month. I should have had the foresight to put a stop payment on the account long before I did, because it was only when they weren't receiving money from my account that I heard from them.

Actually, it was not them I heard from, but their collection officer who works at a law firm in Toronto. It is funny, I asked them numerous times to have someone get back to me so we could work together and they had my phone number all the time, but not one company representative had the courtesy to talk to me.

Apparently, it seems, and is probably true, that Good Life Fitness does not communicate by telephone, only by mail and formal requests. Doing so protects them pursuant to the one-sided contracts they make customers sign.

I am interested in finding others who have had trouble with this company and their bullying style business tactics. They have their employees gagged and harassed and run an autocratic service for themselves, not their customers. Perhaps we can formally complain to someone who can make a difference.

My contact is [protected]

  • Jd
    jdlawrence Nov 16, 2009

    Here's one for youe. I tore the patella tendon, LCL and MCL in my knee June 7 2008, after surgery I put my membership on hold. I saw someone during the week of june 15 – 21; hold should have been in place until Dec. 15 (at least). The following month I noticed they were still taking payments out of my account. After making 2 more trips, to clear the situation they finally put it on hold but did not issue a refund. My girl friend saw someone in Dec. to extend hold so it should have been in place till June (at least). I again noticed that at that time they kept billing me. After again makin a trip (the 4th about this same issue including my girl friends) it was again place on hold but again no refund, plus this time they also accured an count billing me for the time they couldn't charge me for over $250. They did wavie that but really thats not the point, I shouldn't have been charged anyway. So on to July, same issue but this time is better I again accured at $250 account with them, plus no refund from the previous issues. Remember I tore my patella, LCL and MCL year minimum recovery. The way they decided to deal with my$336.95 refund was subtract the amount accured, not refund the $80 they cost me for July and give me 5 months free (which if your doing the math I had already paid for.
    So to sum it up.
    Refund for membership and bank fees expected for period between June 15 through Dec. 31
    Any bank fees from Dec. through to June.
    7 visits, in person to Goodlife clubs.
    7 phone calls
    countless explanations about issue
    3 doctors notes
    1 bank charge for banking records
    $336.95 never refunded

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misleading sales tactics (personal training)

I am a relatively healthy 20-something year old who has never been to the gym before joining Goodlife Fitness. I decided that joining a gym would build my self-confidence and allow me to pursue a more active lifestyle. That said, when I was offered a "free" consultation to discuss my current health and general well-being after signing up for a regular membership, I was very excited.

The consultation was sales appointment in disguise, where the fitness manager did several measurements and basic cardio tests to see how fit I was physically. I found the sales tactics used were VERY aggressive. I told the salesperson I would like some time to think about the financial commitment to purchase the sessions ($2100 in total), and she kept pushing the sale. In the end, I agreed after receiving confirmation that I could cancel AT ANY TIME should my financial circumstances change, and I'm only liable for the sessions that I have used.

I thought about the transaction overnight, and muled over it with friends and family, who agreed, given my physical shape and day-to-day habits, while a personal trainer would be "nice", it was not an absolute necessity.

With the downturn of the economy and at the brink of losing my current job, I am now looking to cut whatever expenses I could to save up more cash as a cushion for the coming 3 months. Since I purchased the personal training sessions on the premise that I could cancel should my financial situation change (and I quote: "We are not going to make you pay for it if you lose your job. You only pay for what you use."), I discussed my options with the trainer, and was told that I must provide record of employment and prove that I have lost my job. That said, until I physically lose my job, $250 will still be withdrawn from my account every month, and I am committed to the sessions until they are all used up.

I called the customer service line as advertised on Goodlife, and was told by the rep there that I had 10 days to advise on a cancellation after the day of the sale. This, of course, was not communicated to me when the salesperson said "You can cancel at anytime". She must've forgotten to tell me "anytime over the next 10 days". I have been trying to contact the fitness manager there since learning of my financial uncertainties, and have not had a call back despite leaving several messages.

I felt like I've been lied to and deceived. The salesperson's verbal promises were empty and misleading. Because of my lack of experience in joining a gym, I feel like I have been taken advantage of. After reading other postings on this forum, this is just yet another incident where Goodlife is no more than a gym that could care less about its members, but what's inside their bank account.

In all fairness, I do like the personal trainer and find that she has been as accommodating and sympathetic as she possibly could given "corporate policies". I am just upset at the salesperson/fitness manager - and specifically, her tactics used to make the sale.

My only word of caution: whatever they promise you verbally, make sure you have it in writing.

  • Me
    MeaghanDF Dec 11, 2010

    I don't understand you people! All these problems would not be an issue in the first place if... if... YOU READ THE CONTRACT! All of your responsibilities as a member are outlined on it! And when you break the agreement it's all of a sudden GoodLife's fault? Are you kidding me? I understand that if.. if the was an error made on behalf of the company, then yes this would definitely need to be corrected. But if you agree to a Personal Training package... it state on the flipping contract that the session if after 10 days or so many session the remaining sessions can not be cancelled or refunded. I would know this why? Because unlike so many other people- I know better to read this before agreeing to things? You people that are wining about the mistake that you made and blaming this company are selfish and disgusting. This is why they have contracts and it gives them the power to stand behind them.

    So in closing... people- please for the love of god- READ THE CONTRACT (as you are given a copy of it- HELLO) READ IT BEFORE YOU ARE LOCKED INTO IT. Locked into it? What do you mean? YOU HAVE 10 DAYS TO READ THE STUPID THING OVER. In this time period you have the option (BY LAW :O) to cancel.

    It would save so much grief if you people would open your eyes. I don't know about you- but my parents told me to never put my name on something unless I had a complete understanding of what I was signing to. Maybe the next time you want to better yourself in the form of Personal Training- read the damn paper and see what is involved. Shocking right?

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  • Mf
    M Far Jun 27, 2012

    I signed up knowing that I had to cancel within the ten days with the sales rep and I tried several days before, several times a day to reach him to know avail. I now have to go through providing documentation of my medical reasons to cancel and if the doctors note isn't satisfactory they won't let me out. All because the sales manager refused to contact me or speak to me when I called, went there in person etc. I am more than upset and would NEVER recommend Goodlife to anyone.

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unethical behaviour

Just found out that a female personal trainer from the Goodlife in Kanata on March Road has been having an affair with one of the gym's married clients and now the guy is leaving his wife and young children... is this place a gym or a brothel?? She definitely knew he was married and had no problem moving in... watch it if your husband goes there to work out ... apparently there are no ethics or professionalism at this establishment... pathetic on all parts!!

  • My
    my two cents for you Jun 30, 2011

    It takes two to tango!! This could happen anywhere, obviously he was not committed to his family and was easily seduced. He could have said no, woman say no all the time. Woman need to stop blaming other woman for their husband/boyfriends bad behaviour.

    I trust my husband

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could care less about their clients

I am a member of GoodLife in Ottawa. Things are no different here. I spent close to 4 thousand dollars on...

suspicious business/stay away

As a recent employee of Goodlife Fitness I must tell all of you out there to beware. Money and greed, sales goals and suspicious business practices fuel this company. When you start at a new job or position it is hard to realise these facts until youve gained more experience with the company and the way they work. After working over forty hour weeks for almost two consecutive years at this company it was my time to move on to a higher level of education and better my own practices, also to better the environment for my clients too. Goodlfe took this as an attack on them that I would even think of leaving my "valuable" position to move towards a new prospective goal in my life. After giving my two weeks notice in a professional manner I was asked to leave two days later as the management would feel more "comfortable" if I just left. Even thouh it was with pay in lieu of, they denied me a letter of recommendation and went as far as sending me a threatening letter stating that if I were to contact any of my clientelle, members of Goodlife, staff and or associates I would be sued and legal proceedings taken against me. This is outrageuous coming from a company that supposedly has "core values" and apparently cares!
One quick story I must share with the public has to do with their sales team office. (the people who have nothing to do with a gym or workout facility yet are there at the front to let you know you are out of shape and its time to sign up) As if they really know who you are from a two minute meeting that I must remind you they are trained for consistently, using the same compliment strategies and uneducated fitness assessment guesses on everyone.
Regardless one fateful day I had to visit the sales team room, as one and only one of them was also my client and I had to see how her personal cardio workouts had gone on the previous weekend. The agenda for the day on their dry erase marker board stated and I quote: "Even a bum with a bank account can get a membership: lets get them in!"
Since my club was located downtown and frequented by quite a variety of people, as well surrounded by three mens homeless shelters and methadone clinics. My client who worked in this office advised me that they were instructed not to let people know of fees associated with cancelling memberships or the unability to afford one. If per say, a "bum" would sign up they would tell them they had a"special deal" for them and they didnt have to pay a startup fee! (they did this with everyone) They would then mislead them into thinking their membership was now paid for and as long as they got a bank account number no matter if there was money or not they would begin extracting it for their own greedy uses. I was very shocked at this and saddened to see quite a few actual homeless people be seduced into this trap. When they came back to let Goodlife know they couldnt pay for their membership as they didnt realise there would be all these associated fees. (they also set you up with towel service an extra 5 -6$ a month without your knowledge, you have to let them know you dont want it or they will just sign you up for it) Anyways after they came back in they would be treated poorly, left with no options from their so called "club" and left to deal with the banks and collections agencies. As if these people havent gone through enough in their lives lets destroy it a little more for a dollar. I am so happy and feel entirely free to be away from this horribly run company. I know there are many others out there like me and probably many more horrific situations. In a world where advertising and money rules all, beware what you get yourself into. Goodlife is not what it seems. It should be called Moneylife, as thats what really matters to them.


Ps. I realise I left you all without a tip or piece of advice. Check out your other options, smaller gyms do usually practice better business ethics, as they cannot hide behind a huge corporate name. Check out your local trainers who work out of their homes or come to you, check out a more private studio (usually their rates are very competitive with the market if not cheaper because you may not have to pay any overhead or membership fees) Their prices will also be very upfront and no extra associated fees will pop up in the future. Good luck to you all and train hard, whatever you do.

  • Ha
    Hansa Pataudi Jul 12, 2010

    I agree with you. GoodLife is extremely unprofessional. I was a member of the gym for 3 years. I used to pay for the whole year using my credit card. I paid $900 in the first year along with $100 as initiation fee. I went to another GoodLife club to renew my membership and they charged me $680 for the year. I paid $680 once again at the same club the following year. This year, the management at the club has changed and I have never seen managers that are so unprofessional.

    They refused to accept yearly payment. they wanted only pre-authorized payments and they also increased my fees. they told me that the fees are locked in only if I make pre-authorized payments. Since I was not making pre-authorized payments I had to pay the latest fees.

    I also signed up for 3 personal training sessions. i wanted to take 6 more sessions but the personal trainer said that they only have packages for 72 sessions or 100 sessions. If I had that kind of money I would have joined a better fitness club. Are they out of their mind? How many people can afford 72 or 100 sessions?

    The only reason that I stayed with club was because of the instructors. I like the instructors at that club and I do a lot of classes. So this is important to me. I just hope that they get rid of the managers.

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  • Ch
    chantal10 Aug 09, 2010

    I agree with you 100%. I was hoping that you might have some suggestions to help me out just because you were at one point "behind enemy lines". Me and my husband paid for $5000 worth of personal training sessions and have yet to get one (7 months later). Every trainer we book with ends up quitting before the initial sessions. We are desperately trying to get our money back but we aren't having any luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! please!

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suspicious business practices

My son (age 18) is interested in joining a new gym. The annual membership where he's been going for the...

dirty clubs and poor management

I have never been to a club so poorly managed. The manager, some BeeJay Duff, quite the unsual name, maybe...

hidden fee

I joined Goodlife Fitness in Burlington Ontario in January 2009. Cost me $104 up front to join and then I...

worst club

I worked as a personal trainer at the uptown centre Goodlife were I was terminated without cause effective...

personal trainers & corporate response

I joined Goodlife with the idea of possibly doing some personal training. I finally got in to do an assessment and talk to someone about Personal Training. It was a huge amount of money and I didn't want to commit without trying it first, so through my corporate membership I found out we had an introductory deal of 12 sessions for $230 (approx). It was a perfect way of trying out the PT and see if I like the trainer and the programme, etc. etc. I went in to sign up and get in the car and notice it says 6 sessions. I call right away and they indicate that it's not actually 12, it's 6 sessions for 1hr. Ok, whatever, I'll ignore the bait and switch and try it out (there was actually not that much of a deal really). After talking to one PT after finally contacting them (GoodLife really really really needs to get a better way of putting Personal Trainers and the customer together, like online, email, ANYTHING!) I find out that he only does mornings so I'm passed on to another trainer. We finally talk and work out a schedule. Than I go in for my first training session after 3wks of trying to set something up and I have yet another trainer because the other is "too busy". I feel like a throw away, pass along. It really doesn't inspire me to go to the gym for sure! I'm upset because I didn't even get a call from the second trainer to tell me and the third trainer didn't have time today to take me through a programme. He was than behind the counter chatting with another employee when I was on my way out. Very frustrating.

I have no idea why I filled out the forms (two forms by the way) because no one reads them obviously, just a front for looking like they care and that I will be matched appropriately! I was told that on the 4th training session I would be asked if I would like to continue. At this point of time, it's a definite NO! I'm actually rethinking keeping my membership altogether. Maybe going somewhere where someone actually cares. I've since found more dedicated businesses with 1 on 1 training and nutritional planning for less than GoodLife and they don't charge you prior to doing the sessions.

  • Ju
    just trying to be fit Jun 03, 2009

    I've been a member at Toronto's Bloor Park club for many years. When I joined, it was owned by Sports Clubs of Canada. Then Bally took it over and things deteriorated somewhat. Little did we know how bad things could get until Goodlife took it over. It's stunning how they allow things to go on forever with no attention. Example - the ladies' washroom needed to be retiled for close to a year and was actually completely closed for a number of days ("you can use the washroom in the mall downstairs'!). For weeks prior to them finally getting the work done there was one proper cubicle and one toilet surrounded by a tarp - clearly not enough for upwards of 40 women if there's a class on! Equipment takes a very long time to be repaired as well and cleaning staff has had hours reduction. The only thing they have going for them is location (can't do much about that fortunately). Would be nice if a quality organization were to purchase but it would cost a lot to bring it back up to standard.

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  • Jo
    johncb Dec 16, 2009

    I am a member of the Goodlife/Nubody's club, Portland Street, Dartmouth NS. The Nubodys chain was bought out by Goodlife in the summer. I had left Nubodys because my favorite trainer was escorted out of the building. This man was able to improve my health dramatically and helped my wife rehab from a WHEELCHAIR or WALKER due to a 15 year balance disorder to running on the treadmill, doing travelling lunges and STANDING ON A STABILITY BALL. I refused to go to a gym that treated its employees that way. It is my firm belief that the fact that this man was an African Nova Scotian, played a major part in his dismisal.
    When Goodlife bought the chain I returned to my old gym and found the same staff there. The trainer who had helped my wife and myself so much had taken a full time job as a Fire Fighter just prior to his fireing - imagine that, you would not want a hansome black fire fighter on staff at a gym, it might look too good. He was now working out at the gym and ocasionally give advise to people when they asked for it.
    I had mistakenly thought that Goodlife was a good company to work for and would run a good gym - NOT SO. Today the gentleman who was fired as a trainer was asked to leave again - THIS TIME FOR HELPING HIS AUNT USE THE EQUIPMENT PROPERLY. Not only does this gym fire people for being exceptional trainers, they kick out members for helping their relatives.
    Can you say "lawsuit on grounds of racial discrimination"?

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  • Ch
    chantal10 Aug 09, 2010

    They did the same here in Calgary too. Me and my husband bought into the sessions ($5000!!) and were passed back and forth between personal trainers. After 7 months we have yet to have a session. All the trainers quit before the first sessions ( i think the count is 3 or 4 trainers who have quit). Now we are stuck trying to sell them with Goodlife now telling us that there is an "expiry date" on the sessions and after a year we get nothing and they get our $5000! You go from being a client to just a number. Goodlife is definitely in it for the money with no concern for their "clients" aka paying customers

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automatic withdrawls

Beware of these scammers and thieves!

I cancelled my account with them within the first 10 days, and they continued to automatically withdraw from my account after that. They told me this "rarely happens" but when I mentioned it to my friends and co-workers, they instantly knew who it was -- Goodlife.
Watch your account like a hawk after dealing with these ###.

  • An
    An_Avid_GoodLife_Lover Oct 16, 2009

    Why didn't you go in with your bank statment and have it refunded? They do offer that option... In my opinion, as soon as I saw the first charge, I would be on the phone... One payment I can see, especially if there wasn't 10 business days to stop it, but 2? After doing a 10 day cancellation? I highly doubt it.

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  • Je
    Jen Nichols Nov 19, 2009

    I signed up at goodlife fitness, my membership term expired and I stayed on. In June 2009 I called to cancel my membership the manager at Deerfoot Meadows did tell me no problem your membership is canceled.
    A few months later looking at my bank statement I realized I was still paying for the membership. I called back to cancel again the lady said in September it was canceled.
    I decided to put a stop payment on my bank account just incase. Today I received a bill for $95.89 for an outstanding balance on an account I cancelled 2 times or so I was told.
    Goodlife fitness took money from my account for months with out my permission I did not cancel my membership before the term expired but actually over a year later!

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  • Je
    Jen Nichols Feb 10, 2010


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  • Li
    Lindsay Radun Jul 11, 2011

    My husband had a year membership with Goodlife fitness as far back as 2005! Well, it is now July 2011 and I just found out that Goodlife fitness is STILL withdrawing $35.00 monthly from our bank account! My husband hasn't been to that fitness centre since 2007! This means we have lost thousands of dollars!!! I called the Goodlife fitness club to complain and they told me, "Sorry, we can't do anything because your husband signed the contract and the contract makes it clear that you need to cancel your membership." Well, I am thinking to take legal action because if the contract was just for one year, then they should have automatically cancelled the payments for us! I want my money back!!!

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service fees

I was a member of goodlife for several years (and am also a university student, so being a member i...

poor management / unfairly let go from job

I had worked at the GoodLife Fitness gym in South Calgary for almost a full year when i was suddenly "Let go"...

memberships/personal training costs

Where do I begin? First, they sucker you into buying a membership. No where on their website do they list...

their word means nothing

I cancelled my membership, tried to do it by phone as I had a sister-in-law in the hospital with a life...

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