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During lunch at the Golden Corral, I received a phone call from my mother that she had just found out from my stepdad's doctor that he only had just a few months to live. My mom was upset, which made me upset..AND then the sad news was upsetting as well.

I was so upset by this unexpected news that I could not finish eating, although I had just started eating right before the phone call.

I asked the waitress if I could get a doggy bag for the food that was on my plate. She said it was against company policy. I explained what had just happened and she still said she could not give me a doggy bag. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager came to me to see what my complaint was. I told her that I was too upset to finish eating and that I really needed to leave but didn't want to just throw my food out. I had paid $10.00 for lunch. She said it was against company policy. She said that it was Buffet and I was not allowed to carry out food.

I even asked her to show me the company policy manual of where it states that a consumer cannot take their "original" plate of food home with them in a situation like I had. She would not show it to me.

By this time, I was really upset; I asked her what would happen if I got up, walked out with my biscuit in my hand and was eating it as I walked out the door.

She said "You would be stealing". I asked her "How would it be stealing when I have a receipt of where I had paid for the food". She said because it is posted that you Must eat in for buffet. I told her to just keep her biscuit and her doggy bag and that I would go to Ryans from now on.

I think this is very insensitive to consumers especially for the high price for lunch! I told a few people at Ryans about the incident a few weeks ago and they told me to make a complaint AND they also gave me a doggy bag for my leftovers!

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please hear this your employe did not serve us steak because matter he did not serve ayone not even my fiance . he wanted a piece of steak didnt get mash pototes a glove what going on with the food industry these days . another report filed agiasnt your company franchize please we want our money back and a few dinners added buffets and this employe the cook who cooks and serves verysexual talking about woman. not very nice one piece of steak all was on the grill . please all were asking from steve stewert is we want our money back and a buffets ten for me and my finance i think it fair . this is a COMPLAINT A complaint . he works at the golden corral in onfraklin rd. in bloomington indiana sincerely diana thompson

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Oct 05, 2010 2:12 pm

they are terrible, about something liek that..their management is really bad. if you take an extra piece of bread out with you- they will try to stop you and claim that you're stealing..this is how bad this restaurant is-- it's a joke...really bad place...

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