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My bf and i were tight on money and thought we had enough coming in not knowing tax was $1 etc the woman next to the lady checking us out laughed and said mhhmm wow and they got water and still couldn't afford to eat we just walked away it was very rude and embarrassing i told my family and friends about it and they were shocked to think someone would act like towards someone who is tight on money and down on there luck right now


  • Wine Is Good Apr 08, 2017

    Now that was rude. Did you speak to a manager? Or better yet, give the employee a talking to? I would have.

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  • Am
    Amanda Ally Jun 16, 2017

    I visited Golden Corrol on Inernational Dr., 11701 International Dr. . I was filling a job application while eating. I proceeded to go get some food. On my way to get my food which was paid for; I saw manager Tangela King. I thought she was the manager from the way she was dressed. I said hello. She didn't respond. Instead, she gave me the nasty look. Later she embarrassed me infront of customers; saying she didn't want me to wrk there because she heard I was arrested. My charges were dropped. When i researched her; she was arrested in 2003 with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. It was a felony charge. I felt she discriminated me

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  • Wine Is Good Jun 17, 2017

    Golden Corral is a buffet and you pay before you eat. No way to walk out without paying or ordering too much.

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