Golden Corralprice charged not true price

R Sep 02, 2018

I just looked up our local Golden Corral cost curious if it was cheaper as it is smaller than the one we had went to in June. Found it EXTREMELY less so I went to the Durham website to see what they advertise their price to be. To my SHOCK we were charged $25 each, for three adults plus drinks!! I had just finished Chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was excited about the possibility of tasting food as I wasn't able for months and having options to sample and test was exciting. I will be sure that cancer survivors and patients are aware of such atrocious acts by a company that boasts it's support for our military, and by the way my husband is MSGSGT retired from the Marines after 29years served and we will share this with our community as well. NO discounts for military or seniors, were available.

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