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B Dec 08, 2018
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I'm a single mom with 2 kids. As a treat I take my 7 year old daughter and 2 year old son to Golden corral on Saturday mornings for breakfast. My son is highly functioning, autistic and he likes the interaction with the customers and employees there. It's one of the only ways I can get him to eat well. The manager there is one of the rudest human I've ever met. We go out of our way to be nice, tip well, and clean up after ourselves because the wait staff is working so hard and always so sweet to him. This particular manager can't seem to stand for my kids to leave their seats though. Today we were lucky to sit next to a very nice family with a small child. My son was playing with the little girl and we were all giggling. He's nonverbal so interaction is rare. While they played, my daughter sat her ice cream cone on an empty table. The mngr came near us and said that we needed to move the ice cream and I should control my kids. I was embarrassed but I apologized and we moved them immediately. The other tables around us seemed shocked and began reassuring me that "that's just how he is". A few minutes later my son spilled a small bowl of m and M's on the floor. Before I could clean them up the manager said in a very loud voice "ma'am your going to HAVE to control your kids. WE CAN'T HAVE THIS" (as he pointed at the floor). Again I apologized and said I would clean it up. By that point I was mortified and hurt. Both of my kids heard him along with at least 20 customers and employees. He continued to act like I was ALLOWING my son to make messes. I finally raised my voice and said "why are you always so rude to us? He's only 2!". This manager began yelling at me, saying that I'm being rude to everyone in the restaurant. It took everything I had not to cry as he told me it wouldn't be a good idea for us not to come back and we needed to leave. I'm nice to everyone. I, nor my children deserved to be treated like this. It's not the first time he's said things that were over the line but I've tried to be understanding because the food industry can be so stressful. I made it to the car before I broke down. I'll never go to another Golden corral again. As I understand it this man has had several complaints from both customer and staff. He passed rude and was flat out mean to a 2 year old child today. Someone like that shouldn't be in customer service. And p.s... on my way out I managed to tip my waitress and the waffle/omlett guy anyways. Because they're amazing and lovely. I truly hope they have a Merry Christmas. But Scrooge needs to go.


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    anonnononononon Dec 08, 2018

    @Bradley Carter

    These kind of explosions are why you're in this position. You should have show the kids in a positive way that isnt the correct way to speak to people. You took absolutely no blame in this post for anything. You play victim.

    No matter how [censored] your world is, crying about it and calling people stupid will not make it better.

    As far as your physical abuse, my parents had an extremely messy divorce when I was a child. I saw and witnessed some of the worst things ive ever seen and ever will see. But... Neither of them ever layed a finger or me or my 3 brothers, even the one on the spectrum.

    You are throwing your children into your own mental breakdown. Please seek counseling. This is all anonymous so I have no bias. Your child will be my age and remember this. He will be hanging with his friends and out of the blue remember how his mom hit him because of her own frustrations with a golden corral manager.

    That's it.

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    Realist Review Oct 09, 2019
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    you must be the manager...

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