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My wife and I love eating at Golden Corrals across America, we were so excited when we finally got a Golden Carroll in our near-by city of Maple Grove Minnesota, we usually eat their at least once a week.we were there on 28 of July at about 2:15 pm and they were at the end of the corn-meal breaded supposed to be cat fish but it does not taste like the one in Merriville Indiana nor the one in Detroit Michigan.We have gotten use to the fish they serve even though we are not sure it is catfish. The complaint is when they ran out of the meal-breaded fish at 2:15 pm they bought out some flour breaded fish that had to have been the nastiest fish I have ever tasted. I first talked to the manager that was over the kitchen. He told me that he had been bringing this type of fish out at this time of day for months, I know this is not true I and my wife dine there at least once a week. I also talked with store manager named Bill cannot remember last name. He said that fish was suppose to have been brought out at 4:00 pm. Most of the people in the restaurant were complaining about the fish.Usually the fish doesn't stay long before it is gone. That fish nasty hard fish was still there when my wife and I left.I cannot tell them what to serve but I do know they cannot serve food like this and proclaim to be a Golden Corral .There are a lot of people like myself who know what a real Golden Coral offers its customers if this continues I and my wife will find another restaurant to dine at.I really hope they get it together at Maple Grove in Minnesota .I do not want a refund. I just want them to GET IT RIGHT so We the people in Minnesota can have a great place to eat. Thank you for your attention to this matter.Roger [protected] email [protected]

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