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GoDaddy Operating Company Customer Service


GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC

14455 North Hayden Rd, Suite 219
United States - AZ85260

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 480 505 8877(Customer Service) 18 27
+1 866 938 1119(Canada) 1 1
+44 207 084 1810(United Kingdom) 1 1
+353 16 535 976(Ireland) 1 1
+61 293 557 491(Australia) 2 1
+64 99 759 407(New Zealand) 1 0
+43 720 116 858(Austria) 1 0
+32 78 482 045(Belgium) 1 0
+45 36 927 733(Denmark) 1 0
+358 942 450 695(Finland) 1 0
+33 975 187 039(France) 1 0
+49 302 150 2952(Germany) 1 0
+39 694 806 018(Italy) 1 0
+31 858 883 143(Netherlands) 1 0
+47 85 295 488(Norway) 1 0
+48 223 074 723(Poland) 1 0
+351 308 802 068(Portugal) 1 0
+7 495 745 3367(Russia) 1 0
+34 911 980 524(Spain) 1 0
+46 775 888 023(Sweden) 1 0
+41 435 083 970(Switzerland) 1 0
+90 850 766 1490(Turkey) 1 0
+86 400 842 8288(China) 1 0
+852 30 188 600(Hong Kong) 1 0
+91 404 918 7600(India) 1 0
+62 212 975 8958(Indonesia) 1 0
+81 367 314 843(Japan) 1 0
+60 362 074 694(Malaysia) 1 0
+63 27 591 426(Philippines) 1 0
+65 63 494 240(Singapore) 1 0
+27 214 276 288(South Africa) 1 0
+82 264 339 576(South Korea) 1 0
+886 277 039 087(Taiwan) 1 0
+66 21 056 194(Thailand) 1 0
+54 115 984 0780(Argentina) 1 0
+55 40 033 329(Brazil) 1 0
+56 448 909 402(Chile) 1 0
+57 13 826 761(Colombia) 1 0
+52 554 631 2410(Mexico) 1 0
+51 17 009 337(Peru) 1 0

GoDaddy Operating Company Complaints & Reviews

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain hosting

Jenna Isaac on Feb 8, 2019

My domain expired due to the card that has been used no longer existed. The person that set up our account is no longer with our company so we did not have the pin to access the account. They refused to let me renew our domain with out the pin, since the domain was down we could not get...

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain fraud at godaddy

Taymour Matin on Jan 11, 2019

I have recently been divorced from my wife of over 30 years. Unfortunately, I had a two step verification process enabled. I could not stop the web-hosting as I could not access my account. I was on the phone for hours with my credit card company but to no avail. After many phone calls and...

GoDaddy Operating Company / bait and switch scam/ selling products that have known issues

Valerie Polychronopoulos on Dec 10, 2018

I will apologize in advance because I am very angry with GoDaddy right now. I called and spoken to Tiffany J and spoke for close to 2 hours asking every question I needed an answer to before deciding to purchase a website with Go Daddy. My customer number is 112578008, my account number i...

GoDaddy / domain

ocilo on Dec 4, 2018

Hello i had a terrible customer experience Godaddy i was searching some domain names and i added my basket all of them.Later i decided not to buy one of these domains and used remove button in their basket page (right side of the page). Then the page refreshed itself and logged me out. i again...

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain renew

Lee Pan on Nov 24, 2018

I found a domain renew coupon 15% off and I was playing around and it claimed that the coupon had 78% success rate, then I added two more of my domains to renew them, at the end of no discount applied. That I didnot complain to Godaddy and I called in, since all my domains are valid till...

Go Daddy / unauthorised sales of i.t. products

lionheart61 on Nov 13, 2018

Last Thursday 8th November I had a very disturbing incident with Go Daddy. I received an SMS on my phone stating that purchases were made on my account which I reacted to immediately by calling your Arizona office. There were purchases plainly sanctioned by your staff using a MASTERCARD belonging...

GoDaddy Operating Company / political targeting and victimization of customers

Didndu Nuffin on Oct 31, 2018

GoDaddy has joined the Liberal Gestapo in targeting by cancelling its domain registration with GoDaddy. I am not aware of GoDaddy or any other company targeting sites that host actual illegal activity such as Twitter and Facebook. (Twitter allows daily harassment and of incitement...

GoDaddy Operating Company / customer service

bradshah on Oct 11, 2018

1st Call for an issue. The rep failed to introduce. Failed to understand the issue. Did not call back after the call was dropped incomplete. 2nd Call for the same issue. Another rep this time, also failed to introduce. When asked if he requires my details, he said "no". So I asked if he ha...

GoDaddy Operating Company / company account 11162219

MJ Alley on Oct 8, 2018

Alley & Associates have owned this account for a number of years. Jon Alley and Martha Alley (Mardi Alley) are the owners. In January or February 2018 Loranda Taylor an employee stole this account, changed the password, pin number and made herself manager of the account. Also I believe she...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website

FDSdd on Oct 4, 2018

Todays Date: 4th Oct 2018 Client No: 127554082 As condensed a description as possible: We tried to restore our website. They said it couldn't be restored because it had been more than 30 days. I shared my frustration and they then miraculously said they could but it would cost! We were...

GoDaddy Operating Company / fake company cheating people

Sumit Narang on Oct 2, 2018

its shit service really suffer loss of 1 lack rs just coz of ur bad service You at 11:53, Oct 2: and fake commitments Srihari at 11:54, Oct 2: I apologies for the inconvenience. Srihari at 11:54, Oct 2: Can you please elaborate your concern ? You at 11:54, Oct 2: renew my domain one week...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website/domain manager

Yvonne Lennard on Oct 1, 2018

On September 21st I received a call from an Irish gentleman informing me that I should change my website manager from the one I was one (Business Plus) to a newer, faster, all round fabulous one (vNext). On hearing all the benefits, which made it sound amazing, I took this gentleman...

[Resolved] GoDaddy Operating Company / hosting account removed without warning

[email protected] on Sep 27, 2018

my hosting account for was removed without warning due to a failed payment. I am then told is cost $150 to restore the account. When a domain I have is about to expire I receive several warnings. But I have lost all my websites without any warning. Now I must pay a...

GoDaddy Operating Company / early domain renewal leading unauthorised charge with no option of refund

Dharam Barrett on Sep 24, 2018

My renewal was due on October 6th 2018, I had marked it on my to-do list to go through my renewal list at the end of Sept. Go Daddy unlawfully took the renewal payment without warning 2 weeks early on the 22nd September, having sent correspondence that they would do it on the 6th...

GoDaddy Operating Company / professional web service dept. and sales dept

T Boutique on Sep 21, 2018

Initially spoke with a sales rep in May 2018 and based upon what was to all be part of a package for the "Premium" package I was promised many things only to find out after paying thousands and months later the things the sales rep Connor said would include in my purchase price was not. I...

GoDaddy Operating Company / dedicated server

Ramesh Desai on Sep 19, 2018

Hi i am running dedicated server on, one day my server space was full, so i was getting no disk space error on my website, so i called godaddy customer care, i told i need to purchase more space, one girl named "BANDA" was attending my call, she told me you have to pay some 5k...

GoDaddy Operating Company / hosting


i have 2 godaddy accounts and 3 hosted domains . 1st domain is on deluxe package 2nd one is on economy and third one is wordpress managed hosing. every thing was going fine but from few days all websites loading time is reaching up to 40 seconds, even my deluxe hosting domain is taking 19...

GoDaddy Operating Company / godaddy server failure: bad customer data backup support

vedprakash102030 on Sep 3, 2018

I have started my website one month ago. And invested a lot in that efforts as well as my time. But at the date of 29 August, something went wrong or server failure 80-90% of my site data was deleted. When I called GoDaddy team support I told them about my problem and ask to provide the...

GoDaddy Operating Company / absolutely rude customer support!

jaysydney on Aug 26, 2018

26/08/2018 5:50pm After waiting 20 minutes for a support member I was introduced to the most rude customer support person I have ever en counted. I have been a godaddy customer for over 10 years (476714) I asked for a webhosting relocation from a previous hosting provider to go daddy. I...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website building by godaddy

Siri Eicher on Aug 23, 2018

I have paid to avail godaddy web designing services. Without my permission the team has made a Shabby wesite and published the same with false content and the services which are not provided by us which has affected our reputation adversely. They are disconnecting my callers or not...