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GoDaddy Operating Company Complaints & Reviews

GoDaddy Operating Company / mis-sold products

Alan Sharp on Jan 15, 2018
Go Daddy ID - 145082423 (10th January 2018) Dear Go Daddy (Justin), v_justin9383@godaddy.com I was provided your email when asked to make a formal complaint. Last week I renewed a number of my products I have with Go Daddy with me upgrading from the personal website builder to busine...

Go Daddy / website builder plan - bait & switch

tlsfes on Jan 2, 2018
I set up a domain through Go Daddy. I was later contacted by the company to tell me I had not set up the proper type of account. The rep's name was Jeanne. The rep was to cancel the improper account and set up the account that could be used for sales. The quoted cost was around...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website degrading

Rolls102@gmail.com on Dec 23, 2017
Ever since I moved my website to your hosting service. My web site ranking degraded and it does not appear for the words "ELEBATOR ACCIDENT " Your customer support do nothing. Other trying to sell me other services to rectify this issue This e-mail is a loud and clear warning message...

Go Daddy / refund

NoDaddy on Dec 15, 2017
I can not believe how horrible GoDaddy or shall we say #NoDaddy is to it's loyal customers. I was told I could have a refund for the website design at the initial stages, I was also told I would have an account manager and copywriter. Long story short I started this Journey in 1 Septt...

GoDaddy Operating Company / service

Valerie Yap on Dec 8, 2017
Godaddy service is really very bad. I have issue with verifying my email address and non of their staffs can help. Customer is very important to you? I doubt so. I waiting for 24hrs saying that I will be guaranteed that the email verification will be sent to me. However, after more than 24hr...

GoDaddy Operating Company / hosting at godaddy - telephone support was useless

TedAli on Dec 6, 2017
Just spoke to the most unhelpful and obtuse telephone agent for hosting ever. Call was approx 09:30 ACDT (Australia). Date was 7.12.17. Kept insisting that my account was hacked and was unable to comprehend what I was explaining. Agent refused to believe that an old version of the website...

GoDaddy Operating Company / credit card charge

Leng Pagna on Dec 4, 2017
Dear Goddady, We didn't do any transaction with you, please kindly check and refund below amount. Thanks, Pagna From: SreyLav-14062@email.ucb.com.kh [mailto:SreyLav-14062@email.ucb.com.kh] Sent: Monday, November 27, 2017 10:13 AM To: PHALLIN@SOPHIYATOURS.COM Cc: CardCenter@email.ucb.com.kh Subject...

GoDaddy Operating Company / the selling of my domain after I have had it for 13 years

Kevin Blessing on Nov 28, 2017
Go Daddy Complaint Department: To Whom it may concern; I recently lost access to my domain name and e-mail address that I have used as my primary for over 12 years now. I was not given proper notice of the exp date compared to the many other domain names I have owned and operated over the year...

GoDaddy Operating Company / hosting and website files

eboogie80 on Nov 26, 2017
Go daddy will not release my website files with out a payment for $150 dollars even though i paid for back up services. My credit card expired and I didn't get any notifications. The deactivated my site and now want to charge me even though I paid for back up files. I've been a loyal...

GoDaddy Operating Company / services

RobertoG on Nov 24, 2017
I called to complain about a wrong charge made to my credit card and was very badly attended by Mr Marc (and it was at 10:30pm EST Nov 24th). My card was charged for an auto-renew that was not setup for such. As he goes very arrogantly OBVIOUSLY the auto-renew was setup. I said it wasn't...

Go Daddy / web service

Helen Robbins on Nov 24, 2017
I have contacted Go Daddy three times and each time have been put on hold for over 40 minutes. The last time I spoke to an Irish chap who very kindly rang me back, but could not solve my query. I have been unable to edit my web page, I am being told it has dropped out of the system and I...

GoDaddy Operating Company / 2binvestments.com not letting me use the promo code gofdau31 to buy it at the discounted price which is $0.99 / year for the first year.

harif on Nov 23, 2017
arenMinimize Click to pop out End conversation Info at 10:20, Nov 24: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. Info at 10:20, Nov 24: You are now chatting with Karen. You at 10:20, Nov 24: hello You at 10:20, Nov 24: $0.99/yr 1st year Karen at 10:20, Nov 24: Thank you for contacting Sales and...

GoDaddy Operating Company / renewal process

14372055 on Nov 19, 2017
I tried to access my website 'carrotsandclaret.com' today and was unable to. I logged into GoDaddy and saw that my domain registration had expired. My first complaint is that I received no notification of this. I have been with GoDaddy for several years and I usually receive email...

GoDaddy Operating Company / az employee racist online post

BlackAmericanVeteran on Nov 1, 2017
I have attached the post from your AZ Employee james lewis. This post was made on 10/31 and was racist in nature. I am sending this message first before I forward this to media outlets and inform them of a godaddy representatives view of black people. Please handle this matter appropriately and...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website development

Alex Santamaria on Oct 30, 2017
Buyer beware. GO daddy website development is a complete scam. I was sold a package at approx $2, 000. Turns out half the promised functions are not actually included. Worse still, two months later and they have not provided a draft even though they promised one in 10 days from receipt of...

Go Daddy / domain management

Paul RB Kelly on Oct 13, 2017
On 4th October I received an email from the company telling me "Your registrant domain name change is pending" for my 8 domains registered with them and including the email address of the alleged new registrant with the warning "Important: If you cannot sign in to your account or someone...

GoDaddy Operating Company / unethical behaviour

Gonzalo Perez on Oct 12, 2017
I received a deactivation notice for no reason I renewed by products on time on Monday October 9th. I spent over an hour trying to call someone with no luck as I was put on hold for long time. Then a chat analyst finally tells me it was an error. This occurred today at 10:00am est my account...

GoDaddy Operating Company / domain buy

iscottb2.0 on Oct 10, 2017
I reached out to a domain seller to purchase a domain on 7/18/17. I was advised to use a domain buy service which I did on 8/30/17. Unfortunately, I choose GoDaddy. They suggested a minimal offer of $40-$100 should easily secure the domain. They reached out to the seller on my behalf...

GoDaddy Operating Company / website builder

mandy.seehra on Oct 10, 2017
hi good morning my customer id- 160932606 i have purchased website builder plan, but i thought it was auto renewal but it was not, i have lost my all data of website, now go daddy first say sorry we don’t have data you can not get it back after thats they asking me 60 usd to get data...

GoDaddy / customer support

Anthony G123 on Oct 9, 2017
Before I rant, I'd like to say that I was not a prospective customer as of now for GoDaddy. I just was researching GoDaddy for a school project. But now, for all my future websites that I was planning to go through GoDaddy, I will seek elsewhere! The customer support person, Andrew C...

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