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My website tinytreasuresandmore.com is being designed and developed by developers [protected]@gmail.com
After making all the payments fr the development charges. I have been blackmailed for more money and not giving me the host mail id and password and even the mail id support tinytreasuresandmore.com belongs t the owner sonal Agrawal she had unknowingly change the password.
Because of which now i can't track my e-commerce orders.

Attaching bellow the payment details made t the developers.


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    Sep 14, 2021

    GoDaddy — Communication

    I am 78 years old with a short term memory problem. I have not been able to communicate with Godaddy by their...

    Go Daddy/Cheap DomainsHosting

    I called your company last thursday and Friday with regards to my wife's email address which I wanted to reset her password. The only way I could do this was to pay for a new subscription which I did not want to do. In the end I paid $90.01 and reset her password. Once done your company did not acknowledge the transaction and it wasn't untill we asked apple to help us which alerted us of theis non acknowlege by your company
    For your reference case Number [protected] on email [protected]@finebuild.net and order # [protected]

    I now wish to express my concerns as to your customer service officers who have failed in every attemp to solve our problem and totally dissapointed with your company and the hours I have spent trying to sove this problem.
    I will never recommend your services to anyone.

    I now respectfully ask that you refund me the $90.10 into my credit account ending with3381 without fail

    John Rosa

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      GoDaddyDeduction of unknown Amount

      Hi team,
      As discussed on call, I have a deduction from Godaddy for the amount of 1144Rs in July and 1138Rs in August for which the reason is still undefined.
      Attaching the June, July and August Bank statement to let you know the exact transacted amount.
      Request you to kindly refund the same as I have not purchased anything from Godaddy.
      I have only purchased one domain name by the name of bakedopamine.com, I will only pay for that.
      Also request you to remove my card details from the account so that I don't have to face the same hassle from next month onwards.
      As per the executives, I am being told that I have three accounts linked on my email ID which is [protected]@gmail.com, I only want one account with which my bakedopamine domain name is linked, rest I would request you to please demolish for further convenience.
      I have had several conversations with the Godaddy customer care executives and they assured that my amount will get refunded, but besides getting the refund I am being charged up again on the 5th of august, I am attaching the chats with the executives who assured me my refund.
      Kindly take some serious and quick action on the same to reduce the amount of stress and harassment I am going through.
      Your quick response will highly be appreciated.
      Let me know if anything else I have to provide from my end.
      ThanksKaushiki Khanna9888979499

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        GoDaddyRecurring charge

        I complained over a week ago. I received an email from Complaints Board to confirm my email, which I did, and then nothing further happened. I received a $131.05 charge on my express-b105579">American Express card which I disputed. They investigated and said they found the information which concluded their investigation! What they provided me was a printing dated June 26, 2021 of the credit sale in the amount of $131.05, authorization code 125794 and that it was a recurring charge.
        I have received no invoice, notification or anything to do with this recurring charge. I don't approve it and don't want it. What I want is this recurring charge cancelled (I don't even know what it is for), my credit card information deleted and, before that is done, a credit in the amount of $131.05 put back onto my car.

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          GoDaddyWorst service from godaddy customer support

          Sir one of my web developer haked my domain details like user id and 2 step verification number the same I have complaint raised on july 16th 2021 to change support team and I got incident id is [protected] also I given request change 2sv on 19huly incident id is [protected] till now I have not got my details whenever I call support team they say the are working on it its crosses more than 360 hours still they are working please looking to the mater and resolve. My domain arevapaints.com

          Email id [protected]@gmail.com

          Contact number +[protected]

          Customernumber id [protected]

          I have submitted govt issued photo identification also.

          Worst service from godaddy customer support
          Worst service from godaddy customer support

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            GoDaddy has been nothing but awful for the multi-years I have been a so-called customer!

            Due to their continued poor service, I purposefully removed all auto-renews from my products as I intended to go to any other service provider other than GoDaddy.

            the system reestablished auto-renew and have fraudulently taken over £630.00 from me and are refusing to refund the money as I contacted them 3days after the 'cooling off' period - this does not apply to me as I should have no cooling off period.

            To compound the situation they advised that me to get an email essentials bundle which would mean that I could immediately port my current email to the new bundle - exactly the same email and immediately!

            Now I find myself without my business email for 24-48 hours and still out of pocket...

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              GoDaddyRecurring Charge

              I received a 'recurring charge' on my express-b105579">American Express Credit Card. I disputed the charge & express-b105579">American Express did an investigation. They informed me that it was a 'recurring charge' from GoDaddy in the amount of $131.05 CAD. I have no idea what this 'recurring charge' is. I would like to see an invoice for this charge & I want this 'recurring charge' cancelled, my credit card information deleted & confirmation that this has been done & that there will not be any further charges. The authorization code is 125794.

              Juanita Arthur & Robert Whyte

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                GoDaddyOverall service, website, customer service that is inexistent

                I signed in on 07.23.2021 on Go Daddy for a website set up and an email account. I ended up being billed twice and with a second email account that I didn't want. I was billed twice. I attempted on 07/24/2021 (the following day) to contact Customer service and nobody pick up the phone. Firsts I was informed through the website that I will be contacted in 31 minutes. That didn't happen. I called one of the numbers listed for Customer service and I am still on hold after one hour of holding the line open. I want a full refund and a cancellation of ALL services derived from this "Go Daddy" company, or whatever it is.

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                  GoDaddyI am complaining about an internal security problem with godaddy

                  Sunday June 27 at approx 10am
                  I contacted GoDaddy as I have for
                  20 yesrs regarding my account.
                  The tech I spoke to was big off from moment visit started.
                  I explained the problem anx was met with... "that is no problem"
                  5-6 times as I kept repeating the problem that exists even as I type this missive.
                  Finally I became very irritated as his starting off-tone got to be abusive. I record my calls as GoDaddy does. Both are angry and refuses to refer me to someone else whom I could visit with. PROBLEM is SOMEONE
                  (not me) has mixed my credit cards addresses, etc. I certainly, after 20 years, would not. So in addition to my complaint of the rude tech I certainly believe SOMEONE internally has messed with my 2228047 account. Such mistakes can cost me many dollars! Please contact me with someone with more authority than initial contact techs or refer me to your Counsel.
                  Thank you, Capt Larry Beavers
                  Acct 2228047 Bevo2, @aol.com

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                    GoDaddyJordan shoes purchase

                    The website is buyjordanshoes.com

                    I am contacting you this because I made a purchase on buyjordansole.com.
                    I did not get a shipment in. I got no verification for shipping and tracking. I have email them back for weeks. I got no refund and no product. There is no number to contact them.

                    Please help!
                    Can you contact me back at [protected]@yahoo.in.
                    Henry Cribb

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                      GoDaddyBeware of Discrimination at Godaddy

                      I ordered a website from Godaddy for the second time 11/2020. Go daddy never completed my site and refused to give me a refund.

                      I worked with a rep by the name of Alex for 3 months and made appointments with me and did not show up. He stated he would submit tickets to website design and never did. He blatantly disregarded me and my small business.

                      I requested a refund so that i can take my business elsewhere and I was discriminated against by a " customer experience" manager.

                      I received a call from a Nick O today 03/02/2021 at 4:48pm est. Nick stated he made a decision to deny a refund request because my order was restarted 11/2020 and initial order was placed 04/2019. I asked Nick was he aware of the negligence of staff member Alex, he said no we wont speak to that. I asked Nick did he do a proper investigation, and he stated no, he read notes. I asked nick did he hear the previous phone calls I regarded to all of the update promises that didn't take place he stated no, and he has done all that he was going to do and her can offer me 3 months of free hosting.

                      I asked Nick why he felt he should not complete a full proper investigation, and then make a decision. Nick responded to me and said he didn't need to. The lack of customer care that Nick a "Customer Experience Manager" had is the highest level of Unprofessionalism. Nick's lack of empathy is woeful and his "as a matter of fact" attitude was uncivil.

                      That fact that my account didn't get properly investigated for a refund due to my purchase date is discriminatory.

                      Godaddy has never made my site live. Alex has missed 4 go live dates in 2021 alone. There are multiple recorded calls that provide proof Alex negligence. And to top it off my company has lost over 250k in funding opportunities and 03/09 will be another 50k.

                      This is unacceptable and i need to be contacted amber.[protected]@live.com.

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                        Mar 15, 2021

                        GoDaddy — Technical support

                        Hi I bought a new domain from Godaddy on the 2nd March 2021 and followed the instructions to have the domain...

                        Go DaddyRefund of renewal

                        I contacted Go-Daddy as they charged my bank for another year. They issued me a refund authorization #[protected] on 02/24/2001. I have contacted my bank ( Wells Fargo) and they have not received the refund as of 03/06/2001. Visa has a five calendar days policy from the date I requested my refund. It has now been eleven calendar days. I understand "batching" but at my age of "86" and being on SSN I am frustrated as it appears someone somewhere is earning interest on my money that is floating in space. Please help this old man.

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                          GoDaddyYour chat line

                          I cannot believe nor tolerate the treatment I am receiving on your chat line. For the last 1 1/2 hr. The virtual chat has texted how many minutes until I receive support but then the process starts the clock time all over again., i.e., new window, new message "how would you like to reconnect", new estimated waiting time. It just starts over. I'm not really in a queue at all. A huge waste of my time.

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                            • Updated by Ilene Little · Feb 01, 2021

                              please contact me via my account 7203867


                            Cust No [protected]

                            Please look into my call history- it is ridiculous the amount of times I had to call

                            I have had numerous issues but the one I am really upset about is when I rang about my website - i was worried as although I had paid it said on screen 'choose plan for when free trial ends' I rang asking why it said this and was worried in case it lost all my work. The man I spoke to was talking about different plans and I told him I didnt understand - all i knew was I had paid in full for a website and email and wanted to access these. He said he needed to cancel something so I said do what you need to I just need to know the website wont disappear by the 'free trial end date' (which I wasnt on anyway as Id paid) On Wednesday I delivered a presentation and referred potential clients to the website to book my services. I went on to try and edit prices and it wouldn't let me edit!!! I cant access emails either. I am losing business here - I estimate this has cost me £140 this week and as we speak now I am on hold 22 minutes into a call trying to sort this and missing a conference I very much wanted to speak at to promote my service.

                            This is absolutely ridiculous and I hate to complain I really do but I invested in the website to try and make money as I have been struggling financially since lockdown

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                              GoDaddyMy website - www.experientautoship.com

                              I had Godaddy create a website for my business in November, and it was a terrible mistake. The website was created within about 6 weeks, and the site is STILL not working correctly. There are severe latency issues, page breaks and 503 errors. According to gtmetrix.com, my website performance has a C grade and is operating at 66%. I have reached out to Godaddy numerous times and no one knows how to fix this issue even though they are the ones who created this website. It is infuriating as I cannot effectively market my business without a working website. i am currently on hold with Godaddy as I'm typing this message.

                              PLEASE HELP!!!

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                                GoDaddyOver charges

                                Dear Sir,

                                I have domain from go daddy from the last 3 years and I have been paying 226 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirhams) every year. Mostly they deduct directly from my credit card every year. But today they deducted 1701.00 AED from my credit card which is a fraudulent transaction and even I didn't use the website and I didn't get any other service from godaddy. So please clarify me and also revert my additional charges back to my account.

                                My company website is www.pearlvisionuae.com


                                Sardar Muhammad Haroon Khan

                                Over charges
                                Over charges
                                Over charges

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                                  Dec 01, 2020

                                  GoDaddy — Customer service

                                  I had to call three days in a row to get answers for two simple questions. On sunday I had to go from tech...

                                  Nov 30, 2020

                                  GoDaddy — Access to my account

                                  I had changed my cell number which is attached to my Go Daddy account in their two step security...

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