GMC2015 yukon denali

J Aug 15, 2018

Vehicle is out of GMC warranty. 38, 900 miles. I am not at issue with this!, , ,
Visited GMC chat room, was assigned an advisor, who was no help.

Issue is that all 6 exterior window panel/overlays are loose ( at one time) and move around on the door while driving. [What are the odds of this occurring all at once and on the same vehicle?]
This has got to be due to an engineering issue or poor workmanship concern. I have had 1 GMC dealership and 2 Denali owners that have had to fix the same problem on their denali's. I am paying out of pocket to repair mine but if this is a recurring issue as it looks like, then GMC should be made to step up and cover the entire cost of replacement $600, or the cost of the new panels $400, or at least cover the labor cost$200.

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