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11:38 am EDT
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I ordered some glasses from this company and a few days later I received an email saying that the frames that I ordered were not in stock (although their website said they were and allowed me to complete the order). The email also said that my shipping would be upgraded at no cost to make up for this error. A few more days later I noticed that my checking account was charged an international transaction fee to which I discovered that their company is out of Israel (which they failed to disclose - on their website it said that they were out of New Jersey). I called to check on the status of my order and it still hasn't been processed and I am wondering if I am even going to receive these glasses at all. They took my phone number and are supposed to call me back, but I haven't received the return phone call yet. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! I think the FTC should do something to keep these companies from scamming us.

Update by Marc
Jun 04, 2009 12:41 pm EDT

I originally made this complaint and I did receive my glasses and they are very nice. My only complaint now is that they didn't let me know it would be an international transaction and the mixup with my glasses made it take a long time before I got them. They did give me a 20% refund and free express shipping. After everything is all said and done, I would order from this company again. If it wasn't for the mixup I probably wouldn't have posted this complaint.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 15, 2020 9:58 am EST

Stay away from GlassesUSA. I ordered two boxes of Acuvue prescription contact lenses, one box is correct, the other box is incorrect. It shouldn't be that difficult to put the correct prescription contact lenses in a shipping box when there are only two items. The customer support phone contacts are a complete JOKE. You get the same Philippines representatives repeatedly apologizing for the mistake, but you cannot directly reach GlassesUSA. They will tell you they understand how urgent your matter is but they will also tell you the Returns Department will get back with you in 2-3 days by email only. How many mistakes are they making if it takes them that long to get back with you on an urgent matter?

Bob I.

Mar 19, 2020 11:38 am EDT
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returned my glasses for an exchange because I could not see distance clearly. I sent several emails and called them multiple times asking one question. "were the glasses made correctly or is the prescription wrong" ? I am absolutely positive they are going to send my original glasses back to me and claim that they remade them. They didn't respond to most of my emails, when they did respond the answer was completely irrelevant to the question I asked. Customer service can not answer questions over the phone. When I call I'm told that a manager is currently unavailable to talk, a manager will return my call the same day. No one has returned my phone calls. The return policy is 100% refund on 1st returns only. If you need to return them a 2nd time you can only get a store credit. My advise to everyone is. Buy your glasses somewhere else. if you buy them from GlassesUSA and need to return them, TAKE THE REFUND! DO NOT EXCHANGE THEM!

Jan 16, 2020 2:47 pm EST

This company is a scam. They take your order online, then charge you immediately before sending you anything. Then they delay for at least 5 days and say they are having a problem with your prescription and ask you to call your doctor 3x to have him include a "brand name" on your contacts prescription. After that made-up hurdle and catching them in 2 outright lies, I'm done. Called to cancel and they said up to 30 days for a credit. Really? You charged me for something you never processed or shipped and want me to wait 30 days for my money back? Scam. BTW, their competitors 1-800CONTACTS verify prescriptions in a day and offer an eye exam online. This place puts cheap prices online to lure you in and charge you $, knowing they won't or can't deliver. FTC complaint 4 sure.

Sep 04, 2018 1:33 pm EDT

SCAMERS they aren't in the USA. if you get what you ordered you were lucky! Customer Care is a BIG JOKE they don't do anything' it has been a few months and I have called every week still I don't have my complete order.

Apr 17, 2018 12:21 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

As said before, must be located in Israel, but tracking number is from Hong Kong. Paid extra for shipping to get them 3-5 days, so gave address in Tennessee as was going to be there 10 days. Did not ship for 10 days, so called, emailed and chatted to change address. Was told they couldn't change address (btw, got 3 different answers from 3 different nationalities other than "USA"). I said I would not be here to receive, nor would anyone be here for a month. Called UPS to see if could change, no, because it comes from Hong Kong, if attempted and can't deliver, we will call shipper and ask if they want it back, or abandon. By email the answer was "if we get them back, then we will refund your money" knowing they would say no, abandon. VERY poor customer service.

Dec 01, 2017 8:54 am EST

this place is a scam and consumers should stay far away from them

Nov 02, 2017 2:24 pm EDT

The progressive glasses did not work for me. The toll free number provided does not work in Canada and no alternative is given. I had to use Google phone to get through. The service rep was very helpful and courteous and provided a refund without question. Canadians must pay for return postage and expect long delays.

Sep 18, 2017 10:41 pm EDT

I wouldn’t recommend this website to a fraudster, because white frankly Glasses USA would come out to be the bigger scam artist.

Glasses USA has a “virtual mirror" feature on their website that’s supposed to show a true representation of how the glasses will fit. I've used this feature to purchase these pair of glasses and they do not fit at all. The glasses in person doesn't fit anything like the virtual try on feature advertised. I even spoke to a supervisor Art, (Feel free to pull our phone call from
Sep 3, 09:40 PDT where he even ADMITS that they feature is not as good as advertised). Even your supervisor advertised that the virtual mirror feature wasn't as accurate as they advertised. These Michaels Kors Adrian IV glasses that fit nothing like advertised. It is huge, chunky and is practically falling off my face. The lens's prescription are also off, and is giving me massive headaches, so the glasses are unwearable. The company have refused to send me a shipping label to have it returned, and they still have not answered my 4 requests for a RMA. This is definitely a very complicated and smart scamming website. Requested a call back from a supervisor 8 hours ago, also sent an email and still no response. I've already put in 2 tickets, sent 3 emails, sent Facebook posts and face book direct messages, and still no one has gotten back to me with a response. I feel like I have to jump through hoops just to get my money back. POTENTIAL BUYERS beware of this company. If you ever have to return your product, prepare to constantly have to reach out just to get a person to help you and jump through a lot of hoops just to get your money back. Definitely not a good start when it comes to customer resolutions. I'm still waiting to have a shipping label sent out to return these glasses. Plus, you only get 2 returns until they REFUSE to have the glasses returned again. So you have a high likelihood of being stuck with a pair of glasses that you absolutely HATE.

Sep 11, 2017 1:03 pm EDT

I'm upset that I did not research about this company before buying from them. I let myself go by a friend's recomendation. I have been waiting for over a week for my order to arrive and still haven't received it, even when I paid for express shipping. Customer service doesn't know where my order is or where it was shipped. I have issued a refund request and customer service was not able to tell me when I will be contacted or how long it would take to have my money back. Also it's a lie that glasses USA offers All day 24/7 customer service, I called over the weekend several times at different hours over the phone and email and couldn't receive a response from someone. I would not recomend glassesUSA to anyone. After reading all your comments, I hope I still get my money back.

Sep 03, 2017 7:17 am EDT
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Awful! I ordered a pair of sunglasses and they sent me the wrong prescription. I sent them back and they said they fixed them but sent me the exact same wrong prescription. When I emailed them my complaint I had they took forever to email me back then told me I couldn't have a refund because the 14 day return policy was over. Never again will I be had by them and I hope people read this.

Aug 30, 2017 3:21 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Yup! No question, all bullcrap, all of the time. Called to see what lenses the were using to fulfill their progressive lens prescriptions with. I have had and loved Zeiss GT2 in the past and NOT been happy with Veralux, but that's just me and why this mattered. The brusque gentleman with the Israeli accent was not able to answer any questions about WHERE they actually make the materials that he kept claiming they make themselves, all in the USA. First he claimed it was somewhere in NY State, then he came back and said NJ, but he couldn't say where in NJ, just that he was sure that they "craft their own lenses. When I asked if it was a lab or a factory that actually made the lens material he insisted that they did it all themselves, which is of course complete and total crap.
For the dough at risk you'd be crazy to buy anything but non-Rx sunglasses from these [censor]. Don't enable them by rolling the dice. Plenty of other reputable sites that aren't located on the other side of the world and protected from any sort of prosecution.

Jul 12, 2017 3:44 pm EDT

GlassesUSA is a shady company.

I was working at their HQ in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company is not located in United States. The companies address on Lexington Ave in NY city is just a P.O. Box. Just check the google street view.
The company made us (the call center reps) take up fake names with which we will introduce ourselves to the customers. Company's higher management does not care for it's customers or the employees.
I was fired for speaking up about the way the company operates.

Company tells customer that the production facilities are located in Illinois and New Jersey. Well... they are not... One of the facilities is located in Israel and the other is located in Thailand. Thai facility is an Outsource facility (which means they make glasses for many more companies).

Company will always try and get you a store credit instead of a refund if you ask for one... because Store Credit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
I want to warn you from ordering from this company. You WILL get the glasses, although they will be a very low quality and it will probably take too long of a time to get them.

I was forced out of the company because i didn't want to lie to the customers about what they are purchasing...

Oh yeah... The company has now created another website
They say they are not affiliated but really, you are calling exactly the same people in the same call center in Israel.
Yes, when you hear that they are located in NY don't believe them, it's [censored]. Call center is located in Tel Aviv Israel, on Ha-Barzel street.

I really hope the company will be investigated and shut down. This is not the way you treat your customers. And it's not a Customer Care if you don't CARE for your customers.

Apr 27, 2017 1:56 pm EDT

I'm flabbergasted by the people who had good service from this company. I ordered frames with no prescription and they took forever to get to me - almost a month. Repeated emails were answered by a robo-email "thank you for your email" but no answer. Then they didn't fit so I went online to the "returns" page and filled out the form. The screen said a representative would contact me for the return form - which has NEVER happened. I keep emailing and leaving messages on their website but only receive the standard robo-emails or nothing in return. I went back online to look up the return form I filled out and it says "glasses have been returned!" Now I'll check with American Express to see what's what - I really don't want to have to pay my own postage plus Return Receipt Requested as insurance, but I don't wan to be charged for the glasses. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you like gambling, use this company.

Mar 21, 2017 12:55 pm EDT

1. Order glasses on Janurary 20
2. Get email saying that they can't make my prescription for the glasses I want, nor can the make them in transition lenses.
3. Choose different glasses which cost less.
4. Ask them to refund the difference from my original order. After many emails I am told that's not their policy but the difference will be refunded when my glasses ship.
5. I try to cancel my order, I am told that they have been shipped. I ask for shipping info, I am told that it hasn't been issued yet, then they haven't shipped I say. Endless circle.
6. Finally instead of shipping my glasses are sent to quality assurance (2-3 day according to their website)
7. Email - where are my glasses? They're in quality assurance and will be shipped shortly.
8. Email - where are my glasses? They're in quality assurance and will be shipped shortly.
9. Emails - Can someone please tell me where my glasses are
10. Finally get an answer that they will ship in the next couple of days? If they're only going to ship now, why couldn't I cancel them
11. Glasses ship, the difference is not refunded to my card
12. Glasses arrive, they're crap. Edges aren't polished, temples are loose . Just not good looking at all.
13. Request an RA to return them, 3 days later i get one.
14. Return glasses. Takes a week to process return and when they do they say they've given me a store credit. I requested a refund, as is their company policy posted on their website.
We will offer you: �
100% money back guarantee or store credit (note that the refund does not include the cost of any shipping that is not Standard, as mentioned in the Shipment and Delivery section above).
15. I have contested this charge with my credit card company.

Mar 15, 2017 6:56 pm EDT

We attempted to order glasses for my son online. Although I uploaded his prescription, they called the doctor and used mine instead of his. Instead of the ten days they promised, it took almost three weeks to get the glasses Once the arrived, we immediately realized they were the incorrect RX. I emailed them immediately. It had taken several days before they responded. Eventually, they responded, and we completed the return request. By the way, you can't just log into your account and see information about your order and where it is. You need the order number to access it, which just adds another step to the process. Other websites will provide all your orders once you have signed in.

They were again slow in sending me shipping information or the approval to return the glasses. We called them directly. The person on the phone pulled up the account and saw the mistake. He stated that they would remake the glasses. He said there was no need to mail back the glasses since it was more expensive to do so rather than for them to remake the glasses and send them.

We waited another few weeks for the shipment to arrive. When it did not, we called, and they had no record. We emailed again, and they stated that they could not process the new order without the return. Contradictory to what they initially said. I then said I wanted a refund since this was ridiculous. They said that now because it had been 30 days, no refund. So now I have two pairs of glasses I don't want or need, and he has none. We ordered another pair from Warbly Parker, whose service was excellent and prompt.

Jan 28, 2017 5:04 pm EST

Wow! wish I had read about this company earlier before they scammed me!
I ordered a pair of rimless glasses with all the up grades (paid a lot of money) and with in 2 months the temple piece would not stay tight and I was constantly having to tighten. I notified them that I thought the frame was defective as I seldom wear these glasses, because I wear contacts. After 2 weeks of phone calls emails and more phone calls I was informed they would give me 50% credit on another pair of glasses. Really! They think I would spend another dime with this company.
If you are reading this hopefully its before you order glasses... DON"T

Jan 09, 2017 4:19 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Created three different profiles (eyeglass frame styles) and entered my prescription, triple checking the numbers on each profile compared to the prescription that my doctor's office printed out for me. Three identical sets of prescription numbers.

Glasses arrived and the Rx is totally wrong...blurry and skewed! AND the prescription numbers on the Rx card included in the shipment are totally off! I don't even know where the numbers they have came from! I called to get help, and the person who took my call quickly shooed me toward the Help process on the site. No customer appreciation or an apology or even interest in hearing what the numbers on the card were compared to the numbers on my profile. I had to WALK him through to my profile and have him read the numbers. And guess what numbers he read back to? The correct numbers I entered on my profiles!

I go through the process and get the link for the RMA, which I am supposed to print and include in the return. Guess what? The link doesn't work. When I try to go through the process again to get an RMA to print, I get an error stating that "Order indicated has already been returned."

The glasses shipped via USPS from NY, and the box was slightly damaged, but the hard case that the glasses came in was in great shape.

Ordering was easy peasy, but customer service and return process are not only careless about me as a customer, but careless about me as a customer who is addressing and fixing an error that started with them.

Really, now, who the heck cares if they are in Israel or California. A location doesn't make the company fraudulent. A location might make the transit time for delivery longer. The company's procedures for customer service and returning products is broken.

Jan 09, 2017 4:42 pm EST
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Update: So, I phoned to get the link updated so I can return these glasses and was told that ", there is nothing to place in return package; there is only the printing label..." that needs to be printed and used so that they take care of shipping.

I don't think I heard incorrectly when I was told that I would "...need to print a label AND print a form to include inside the package..." WTH?! While only needing the shipping label is a small comfort, the Rx is still what's bugging in the world were they that far of?!

Oct 14, 2016 3:32 pm EDT
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The idea of getting glasses online sounded great; that, plus the pricing was far too tempting. In mid July 2016, I bought 3 pair (2 for distance and 1 for reading). about a week later they contacted me saying they needed another $57 per pair because of a prism lens requirement; this, though I had already been told the prism fee was only another $30 during the first order, which was paid. Reading lens was incorrect, so sent back. Received and were almost the same. One of the 2 distance pair was way off, so sent back. Have been going back and forth with them since August, 2016 and here it is mid October and zip. So, I called today and got a confused and hesitant "customer care" person who said they will get back to me.

If I were to business with them, I would buy their frames only. They do have a nice selection, . so you could save on frames and have a local optometrist take care of the lens situation.

Oh, they got an "F" from the New York Better Business Bureau.

By the way, I am an on the air consumer action reporter for a major network. Yep, they'll be hearing more from me.

Aug 17, 2016 4:10 pm EDT

This company has no clue what proper communication and customer service is! I placed two orders for four pair of glasses. One order for me and one for my wife. They shipped one pair of my order and one pair of my wife's order. I then spent the next eight weeks trying to straighten out this mess. Each time I called I was assured that it would be fixed and then I heard nothing. I have numerous emails requesting an update. I asked to speak to a manager and no one would let me speak to one. They said that "they were busy with other customers and would have to call me back". After calling 3-4 times, I finally received a call from a manager that assured me everything would be fixed. He also told me that I would be refunded my cost because at that point I was tired of waiting. Then out of the blue my wife's second pair of glasses arrives and I get an email THE NEXT DAY telling me that the glasses shipped, a day after they arrived! I still don't have my second pair of glasses so I returned the first pair and asked for a full refund. They emailed back tell me that I was out of the 14 day period. They NEVER check the notes on the account. Each time I receive an email from this company it's as if I'm talking to someone completely new that hasn't read any past communication. So avoid the hassle and outright fraud of this company and do business somewhere else. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and if you are having problems getting a resolution, you should do the same.

Jul 03, 2016 12:11 pm EDT

I feel the need to publicly share information about my most reason order from GLASSESUSA. I placed a single vision order on June 15. I never received an order confirmation email and after several days I reached out to customer service since it should have been shipped. They said they had the order and it would be shipped that day. After a week I emailed customer service again, no response for 2 days, after 2 emails. Therfore I called customer service on the 1-800 line, the customer service rep was kind and there was no wait time but she couldn't give me a tracking number and could not locate my order. I had to wait another day for the shipping department to get back in touch to give me a tracking number that wasn't valid for several more days. Clearly my order was never shipped when I was originally told it was. Finally after 17 days I received my glasses which I knew based on previous purchases from your company would be great, to finally have them to wear over the July 4th weekend.
To my major disappointment when I opened the box I found a child's size glasses in my box.
I connected customer service which gave me a shipping label and said they sell those glasses in multiple sizes and I order the wrong size. Are you kidding me, they never even apologized. Don't waste your time with this company.

Jun 24, 2016 7:29 pm EDT

So what Israel ! Who cares where they come from!

Jun 03, 2016 8:38 am EDT

I ordered glasses from this outfit on June 26, 2015 and as of August 20, 2015, I have still not received my glasses. I was repeatedly told my glasses were in production and would be shipped on such and such date and never happened. I even received about $100.00 in what they called store credits to be applied to my next purchase, yeah right. I've read reviews now and even though some indicate good product and service unfortunately I'm in with the many who got scammed. My recommendation, run away don't waste your time.

May 31, 2016 9:35 am EDT

This company has the world's worse customer service. They promise having your glasses back in a week or so, now going into three weeks and the glasses are allegedly in some additional QC area. Complained to Pay Pal and was issued a small credit but yet no shipping.

Placed a second order, like an idiot for more pairs, say they don't get the prescription although it is put in when ordered on line, first time it was didn't have phone number. You should think twice before putting yourself through these guys.

May 12, 2016 6:28 am EDT

This is the things I have email to them.
Your staff is so much rude today . He didn’t help me and I have write down what is the problem of the glasses because is to small I need a bigger frame I have sent this back to your company they just send me the same pair of glasses what is the point I send this back totally rubbish the VAT charge me extra 41 pounds again when I receive today I paid the first time of 31 pounds already and I send this back more 10 pounds bull ### of this company . I have written on the paper what need to exchange no one contact me and just send this back no new production at all . Absolutely rubbish company. although the glasses frame is absolutely fine but is too small. I won’t spend more money to send this back. Because I have send it back once. It costs me to much . Absolutely crazy people. Rude and didn’t help at all. I have written with the paper I need to change and your staff say i have to choose other frame but I don’t know no one telling me . How ridiculous with that. Stupid send the same pair of glasses. I won’t trust this company anymore,

Apr 19, 2016 8:02 am EDT

Just go to COTSCO get your lenses and glasses, they are about the same price ! you have 90 days trial of your new lenses, if you are not happy, they will refund it.
why do we have to order ONLINE, and this company (glassesUSA) is not in the US. it is some where outside the US.

Mar 26, 2016 1:15 pm EDT

Worst experience I've had in many years. 1st they'll mess up your order, then won't give full refund b/c you used coupon that's always there. They will take 3 weeks to ship, won't give you exchange for measly $20 and then rudely hang up on you like supervisor Nate did with me. Frame and lens itself is very cheap. Don't be sorry, go somewhere Else! The reviews on their website are fake. They control it so they won't and don't approve negative reviews like mine.

Mar 24, 2016 8:00 am EDT
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Anyone outside of USA, please BE CAREFUL when buying glasses from Glasses US. I live in Canada and received my glasses broken. I contacted them and they will not issue return shipping labels or pre-paid postage for me to send them back. If you live outside the USA, you are domed if you have to return your defective glasses back to them. I ask them if they will refund my postage and they said NO!
So now I am stuck with a brand new BROKEN GLASSES, and a postage bill to return it to them.


Mar 20, 2016 7:23 am EDT

I ordered two pairs of glasses 17 days ago from They were supposed to be sent out 3 business days later. I paid extra for expedited shipping so I could have them in time for vacation. When you place your order, it says that you will receive status updates every step of the way so that you know where the glasses are in terms of production and quality control. After 8 days of nothing, I checked my order status through the website, but I kept getting an error saying my order couldn't be found. So I called and the woman who took my call told me that they seem to be held up in production and she didn't know why, but would look into it and call me back the following day.

When she didn't call me for several days, I sent an email to follow-up. Again, I received no response so I called again and spoke to a gentleman this time who told me that they were in production and therefore he couldn't tell me how long they would take. He said he'd send a note to production and that I'd have to wait for them to respond to get an updated production status/timeline. He said he'd refund the expedited shipping and handling and upgrade my order to express shipping. I have yet to see the refund of shipping.

This is when I started getting suspicious about the business practices of Obviously if you're reading this, you have the same concerns or are experiencing the same issues. I wish I had done some research on the company before ordering as it's clear that many, many people have had the same problems. The company is based in Israel and claims to have an in-house lab that makes the lenses on site. I don't care where they are based, but I do care that their production timelines are a total fabrication. Just as others have said, after calling numerous times and staying on them, I received an email saying my lenses failed to meet their quality expectations and would have to be remade all over. They gave no estimate for how long that would take. It's now just open ended and I still have no idea when I will receive them. It does seem that they use the "quality control" excuse to buy more time when they can't make the deadline they promised. I feel scammed and hope I get my glasses. I will call and cancel payment if I don't have them by the end of the month.

Dec 17, 2015 7:31 pm EST

I'm trying to cancel an order I placed with this company TEN WEEKS AGO! I placed the order and charged it to my Amazon credit card. A week later, I received an email saying that they needed a scan of my prescription; they had some questions. I was traveling and couldn't get that information to them right away. I did email them what they needed as soon as I returned home (we're two weeks into the order). Every few days I would check my account to track the progress on my order. No movement--nothing. SIX weeks into the order, I get an email from Amazon Payments, canceling the order because "the item I order is not currently available". Then I get an email from GlassesUSA, saying that I have an order in my shopping cart--the same item listed on my account under orders placed. I called; they needed permission to charge my account another $30 for an additional lens feature. So we are TEN weeks into the order, Amazon has canceled the payment, Glasses USA has charged my credit card $30, still no progress on the status of my order. In the mean time, I have placed, and received, two orders from Eye Buy Direct for one-third the price and excellent customer service.

Dec 09, 2015 2:09 am EST
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I have not ordered from this company, but am curious. I looked them up on "" and found the following info:
"Glasses USA LLC is a small ophthalmic goods manufacturer in New York, New York. It opened in 2009 and now has an estimated $310, 000 in yearly revenue and approximately 3 employees.

Three employees! Obviously, the manufacturing is outsourced. Sounds like whether you get good customer service or not depends on whether one of the three people there is having a bad day or not.

Dec 04, 2015 11:46 pm EST

I think it is stupid and foolish to engage in fraudulent practices, if there is wonderful opportunity to have a successful business by just being honest. It would appear that the great number of dissatisfied customers on the reviews of GlassesUSA makes it obvious, that it is a company to be avoided.

Nov 10, 2015 3:53 pm EST

I bought glasses from and one lens was too thick, so it didn't fit in the frame properly. 25% was popping out of the frame and wouldn't fit no matter how hard I tried to push it into the lens slot. The other lens had a TON of dime-sized blurry spots embedded inside of the lens itself, so whenever my pupil would move there would be fuzzy spots all over the place. When I tried to return them for 100% refund they REFUSED saying "we have NO defective lens return policy". WTF?!?!?

This is the worst scamming company I have EVER had to deal with. Nothing can be solved on the phone- they make you email their "Returns Dept." which NEVER replies if you want a cash refund. Also, everything comes from China and is cheap crap. And when the delays from shipping from China occur, they tell you the first pair of lenses didn't pass their "Quality Control" and they are going to start over again, so 10 MORE DAYS DELAY. What I discovered later is that is simply a line of BS to cover up the fact that their lenses are made in China and they can't possibly honor the timeframes posted on their website- it is simply another scam/lie to get you to buy from them.

And while they will, eventually, issue an in-store credit, they will try to wear you down when you want a cash refund, and if you GET one, they only give 80% of the LAST cash amount you paid! Bottom line I paid over $150.00 for DEFECTIVE lenses and they said they were barely going to refund 33% of that- a lousy $50.00! They are outright THIEVES!

I ended up having to dispute this charge through MasterCard, and MasterCard agreed with me, so they deducted my FULL purchase price from and refunded it to my credit card permanently! Awesome.

I will NEVER EVER go anywhere near again, and unless you want a months long headache dealing with this POS company who will send you POS lenses and will NEVER give you a cash refund no matter how crappy their quality is DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER!

Oct 28, 2015 9:30 am EDT

I bought a pair of RX Sunglasses from this company and waited a month to receive. I could not see out of them and called customer service and was #12 in line to talk. When I finally got someone, she was rude and said to send back and sent me a return label via email. I returned the glasses the next day. My complaint is that it took me over a month to get some action for a refund to my credit card and I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge. I finally got a response from GlassesUSA but they deducted 42.00 from my 213.90 purchase saying it was an ADJUSTMENT. I got nothing from this company but a run around. I have purchased a lot online and this is the worst experience I have ever had!

Oct 24, 2015 7:09 am EDT

I am in the middle of trying to get my order cancelled. Same problem most others have experienced. Delay, delay, delay. False shipping numbers, broken promises. There is nothing at this point that would satisfy me with their lack of service, just plain disappointing experience.

Oct 02, 2015 8:46 am EDT is without doubt the worst company I have found. They make mistakes on orders. When they made a mistake, you have to call customer service to have the problem they created corrected. The first time I called customer service, I was on hold for one hour 52 minutes and had to hang up before they answered. This second time I called, I was on hold for two hours 37 minutes before they answered. This is unconscionable. Before placing an order with this company, call their customer service number [protected]) to see how long you will be on hold when you have to call to have them to correct the mistakes they make on your order. Do you really want to patronize a company that will keep you on hold for hours?

Jun 03, 2016 8:38 am EDT
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I wish I had read these reviews prior to ordering from GlassesUSA. I ordered a simple pair of glasses a few weeks ago and still have not received my glasses . Each time I call customer service I am between 5 th and 20 th in line to speak to someone, but no-one has ever picked up and I remain on hold. There is no quick service with this company . In the meantime I sent a pair of broken Maui Jim sunglasses back to the manufacturer 5 days after ordering from GlassesUSA and they have already been repaired and mailed back to me. Really? How slow can they be? Who wants to wait a month or more for their glasses? If you want to wait then order from GlassesUSA!

Sep 23, 2015 9:07 pm EDT

Placed order September 6. Received e-mail on September 11 stating production was complete and glasses going to QA before shipping - this would take 24-48 hours and I should expect an email with tracking #. 10 days later and no email with tracking #. I send email to them asking for status update, wait 2 days and no response. September 23 and I call and am put on hold, I am caller #12. 1 hour and 50 minutes later, after I put my phone on speaker and start checking reviews for this company and getting more concerned that I was duped, the recording tells me I am next in line. After another 15 minutes the phone line just disconnects. I was expecting this to happen at this point but wanted to confirm. Paid with credit card, filing claim now. Good for those of you that claim you received your merchandise, my experience says SCAM at worst, gross incompetence at best. I called back just to see where the queue was...caller 23! Enjoy the 2+ hour wait only to get disconnected! If it sounds to good to be true...

Sep 19, 2015 6:15 pm EDT
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When I originally ordered my first pair of glasses from this company, everything was processed in a timely manner. I purchased the replacement
insurance and a month after I purchased the glasses, the body of the frame separated from the ear section piece while cleaning the lenses.
I am still waiting after two weeks, for the company to agree to replace the glasses. I could tell by talking with the returns department, that there
was a communication problem. The latest request from the company required me to take photos of the broken frames, which I have complied
with. I also purchased a second pair of glasses and the company web site stated that my RX would fit in the selected frames but after four
attempts to order new RX sunglasses, they finally agreed to honor my order by supplying an alternate pair of frames that delayed the entire
transaction by several weeks. I am very frustrated at this point and will not do business with company ever again.

Sep 18, 2015 4:39 pm EDT
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Dealing with this company is like jamming a fork in my eye. 3 weeks ago placed by order. They said quality assurance was not happy with them and they are being remade. That was 8 days ago, not update. Calling them on the phone, is like calling your neighbor and asking them if they know anything about your order. You will get them same answer. They know nothing and will have to email somebody, this goes on and on. If you buy glasses from them, just don't care when you get them and you will be OK. Of course, I'm not sure if they still will show up at this point.

Aug 26, 2015 6:01 pm EDT

I ordered a pair of glasses on on last Wednesday.
They told me it would take three days for the package to be shipped, However, even after 8 days no body has sent the package and no one even hasn't replied email that I sent enquiry for 10 times.

Please note that don't purchase anything on this Website, They are absolutely liars and frauds.


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