Giant Eaglemarket district in wexford/ pizza maker

T May 22, 2019

I have placed 2 prior complaints when experiencing issues with Joe the young man who makes the pizzas, this now being the 3rd at the Wexford market district location. The two prior experiences were during Lent. I have called and placed an order twice in the previous months and neither time did he have a pizza made despite calling in ahead of time. The first excuse was "i just got a 4 pizza order and didn't have time to make yours". The second excuse was "i didn't get an order from you" after confronting the women who took my order down she said that she would push the complaint on. After 3 months, I decided today (5/22/19) to try once more and Joe told me it would be a few minutes for him to make my pizza. I waited a few minutes/walked around and he gave me a cold pizza that was made prior to me coming in. Not sure what else has to be done before something changes but i'm personally tired of being let down because Joe enjoys socializing with his co-workers rather than doing his job (spinning the pizza rake/ making jokes). Would loveto see what action might be taken after this being the 3rd complaint or if I will be changing grocery providers because there is clearly a lack of value for your customer's.

Thank you,

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