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S Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

Mark the pharmacist, could not fill my prescription two days early because that was "his rule" when this was between me and my doctor. My doctor and my insurance company approved this prescription to be filled early and there is no reason why he should say no!!! To make matters worse they said to come back in an hour and when i came back this is when they told me this information!!! They could not call me???? I am a veteran in severe pain and was waiting for my medicine to be filled!!! I had to go across town to another Giant Eagle to get proper service!!! Geneva Giant Eagle is way better at giving their customers the respect they deserve!!! I really want to know why this guy can make a decision like this??? And my lawyer would like an answer because i feel like i am being singled out and harassed and this is not the first time that i have had problems up there.


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      Nov 29, 2017

    If the prescription was for a controlled substance, then the pharmacist is allowed to do that. They can require that you wait until the absolute last day or can even refuse to fill the prescription at their location. My mother has experienced this at multiple pharmacies with multiple pharmacists (there is not a Giant Eagle where she lives which shows that it is not limited to their store).

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